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Jhaant Ki Safai - Part III

I am Manju. In first part you read that how I got my pubic hair shaved by barber and enjoyed his fondling and massaging. I desired for sex but he did not even shown lund to me. In second part ,you read that I confessed to my daughter Neetu. On next appointment date she also undressed and asked barber to clean pubic hairs. He did and fucked her, which my daughter liked much more than chudai by husband and father in law. Then barber fucked both mother & daughter daily for next 20 days. And then daughter’s father-in –law came to take her away. In order to give her opportunity to have one more chudai with barber I took daughter’s FIL for visit to Market but he stopped auto at a hotel.

“Why stopped here..?” I asked .

He paid fare to autowaala and said that he will meet a friend and then they will go to market. I believed him. He asked me to follow him. He talked at reception and then took me through lift on 3rd floor in room no. 305. He knocked , an elderly but a handsome, strong ,grey haired man opened door. He was wearing a nice looking suit with nice neck-tie. I was impressed by him. Neetu’s sasur ( I will address him as FIL in the story now onward) introduced me to that man. He was a principal in the city college. I shook hand with him. We exchanged pleasantries , he kept holding my hand, I could feel pressure of his hand. . I tried to pull hand away but now he put another hand also on my hand. He looked into my eyes and said ,

“Manju you are much more attractive and sexy than what this FIL told me.. “

I could not believe my ears. Since I grew , I never considered myself beautiful ..i was just above average …
“ohhhhh…what a lovely figure you have Manjuji.!” He complimented me again and after pressing my hand few times he freed it. I was not blushed but amazed My daughter’s FIL has discussed me with this old man of age of around 65..

“thanks , but I know that I am very ordinary..” I looked at FIL and inquired that what necessitated him to talk about his bahu’s mother with any stranger.

He told me. He said that before coming to our house, like all other occasion he visited college. While both were talking, a young lecturer , having sharp features , sexy looking eyes , long hairs , thin waist but on darker side came to principal for some work. FIL liked that attractive looking lady. After lady left office, he expressed desire to fuck that lady and to his surprise principal said that the lady is available to anyone for Rs 10000/- per chudai. Principle had already fucked her few times but only after payment. Hearing this, FIL talked to Principal that if people are giving 10000/- to fuck this lady, then they will certainly pay at least 25000/- to manju, a much more attractive and sexy looking lady, mother of two grown up child . FIL said that that my thought came in his mind just like that ..and on hearing him, principal desired to see the mother of two grown up child who can demand that much…so they are here.

I heard him silently . I smiled at his lack of knowledge about women..

“You both are fool …” I replied , “ you both might have enjoyed with many maals but you don’t know nothing about woman..”

I added , “ I know about prostitutes and fact I personally know few of them.. I talk and discuss with them frequently. Price is always more for younger .. . “

I told them that in prostitution business, it is a saying that “with growing age price of women diminishes …”
Principle countered me immediately …

“madamji, you come with me to Kolkatta… I will take you to ‘Madhuri’ , she is now 50-51 but she always have advance booking for one year. In a day she ‘fucks’ with only one man and she charges Rs one lakh for 5 hours … “

I could not stop him..he caressed my breast and said that my body is much more attractive than her. He pressed breast ..i tried to push his hand away ..FIL also put one hand on other breast and both began to press it simultaneously.

“what both of you are doing…I am not madhuri or your college girl…please let me go….”

Both blocked my lips.. they began to kiss lips and cheeks together and pushed me flat on king sized bed. I was making effort to get free ..but they were much stronger than me.. I saw but could not stop them from pulling my clothes one by one. Soon I was nude .. and flat on my back on bed …

“you want to make me randi? “ I asked FIL, “what people will say..?”

“don’t worry , your husband and son will never know..unless you herself tell them….and your daughter very well knows that we both son & father wants to fuck you desperately.

FIL caressed clean shaven choot and asked principal whether that college lady has such cunt and nice , shapely, strong thighs.. “

I could not remove my eyes from Principal’s lund. It was even thicker and longer than that of barber. It was tight and fully erect to fuck any girl.. He sat beside me on bed , pulled my head towards him and pushed tight lund in mouth. I had no option..I held it from root and began to suck and lick..I remembered an axiom,

“when rape is inevitable , lie down and enjoy….”

So I also thought of enjoying two cocks on same bed. Principal kept lund pressed in mouth, he pulled his bag up and took out bundle of notes .

“rani, it is 30000/- ,but I am sure you can fetch better price. “

I took money in hand and kept it on other side. It was my first paid sex. He now began kneading breast and said that , he knows a school teacher who pimps for school & college girls and has good connection with top people. He said that young boys of rich family would not mind giving even a lakh for such an lovely, attractive motherly type sexy lady… but he advised me that I should enjoy sex like a bitch..

By this time FIL was also nude..but as my daughter had told ,his lund was at least 2” shorter and thinner than lund of principal.. he also sat beside me ..and I had to fondle & suck both lund together .. After cock sucking for 15-20 minutes , first principal fucked me.. and FIL watched. Even at that age principal had very good stamina.. I enjoyed chudai and moaned . Principal got very happy with my scream and moan..he fucked even harder and then after about 20-25 minutes he discharged and filled cunt..

“thanks dear, you made me satisfied …” he expressed satisfaction…

“so I am…” I replied and kissed him. He remained on my body for another few minutes then lay on beside me. Immediately ,FIL placed cock on cunt ..but I pushed cock away….

“first give my money….” I demanded .

“from me also? I brought you here..” he want me for free..

“a randi is a randi…she will not give free even to father. “ I told him and turned towards principal.

FIL really did not have that much money. He said that he will pay me at home ..but I insisted and told him that I will also fuck only in night.

He looked unhappy. Then principal came to his rescue. He took out another 30000/- from his bag..

“see these are fees money ..i have to deposit it in bank tomorrow…so you must pay me back tomorrow positively . “

FIL took that money and in turn gave me. Then he fucked me …By the time he filled cunt , principal was ready again …he tried to lay over me…I told that . as this is first time as randi for me, I will let them fuck me once more but next time onward , one fee , one fuck

Both had me once again and both were nice.. We dressed and principal who had booked room ordered for some drink and eatables . We talked , I gave my address and number to principal and he promised to phone me number & name of agent. Principal wanted me at least once every week and I agreed .i suggested that every time we should meet at different place , he agreed.

After some time waiter came with ordered thing and a man in early 40s. After waiter left , he introduced himself . He was manager of the hotel . he said that he has seen me in hotel for first time. I nodded . I pleased to hear when he said that very often young boys even in their teens come in search of motherly women like me.. . He said that many young randis visit this hotel on regular basis but sexy and attractive woman like me are rare. He advised me to be permanent visitor of this hotel and he demanded my rate .

I looked my both men. I lifted money what they gave me. I told manager ,

“ok , I have different rates .. for boys below 18 , I will charge only 10000/- per head for two hours , and if there are more than one person then another 5000/- per head…but time only two hours.. “

I added , “ and for others it is 25000/- and another 15000/- for per extra person.. for two hours ..but some one wants me longer then it is 50000/- and additional 30000/- for 6 hours …”

I have not yet finished “and if some one wants me for night ,it is one lakh & additional 50000/- for extra person…”
Manager looked at me keenly ..

“madam..these are on higher side….if ..”

But I cut him short..”that is my rate …write it down …and if you have customer ,give me a call. “ I smiled at him and said , “no bargaining and all money in advance “

I gave him number ..i began to eat .He went away . FIL asked ,

“Manju ,how you could quote your rates so easily ….?”

“I told you, I know few randis very intimately and some of them have such variables rates but off course much lower ..”
I smiled & added “ I do not want to become a randi for public so I quoted such high rates and you people only said how much my body deserve. I know , no one would pay that much for an matured lady , mother of two grown up child ..” I pulled his hand on my breast and said that I would love to have occasional sex with people like him…
“if you want , share me with your friends and relatives …I liked you, your lund and your chudai… “

“darling ,I will call you soon…”

Principal hugged & kissed me… “Rani, you are wrong…. Be ready to receive a call from me and as well from manager soon….” He pushed hand inside saree
…palmed cunt and said,

“soon I am going to enjoy this mast cunt with one of my student whole night at my home.. “

“in that case keep one lakh fifty thousand ready …” I pulled away, went to toilet, pissed and then came out of room. I smiled at manager standing at reception and came out of hotel. It was past six and husband would have come back home. Soon FIL came out alone and in another 25 minutes we are home. We did not do any marketing..
Daughter opened door for us. She was still in bikini …

we came in and smiled at barber who was seated near my husband holding kid of daughter. She asked about marketing and I said that we moved around but did not like any thing. Daughter followed me to bed room… I removed saari and blouse and daughter asked ..

“how is he ? could he satisfy you…” she wanted to know whether FIL fucked & satisfied me.

“Neetu, he is good ..but not like our barber .” I told daughter that FIL fucked me twice and I am satisfied. In fact I was more satisfied with principal.

I wanted to wear house gown but Neetu , untied petticoat and pulled me out only in bra and panty. I saw smile even on my husband. I sat with them and Neetu said that she will get tea . I chatted with legs crossed. I did not see any anger on my husband’s face. He was talking laughingly . Barber also chatted. FIL appreciated barber that he does very good massage ..

“saab , my bahu and son are trained massager …” he never told me this.. “next time when you come , I will get you massaged by my daughter –in-law.. “

Hearing this I got an idea ..why not let barber’s bahu massage and fuck my husband so that I can fuck freely with barber even in presence of husband.

Neetu came with tea and snacks.. we all had .After tea got finished ,barber wanted to go, but Neetu held his hand and requested him to stay for dinner . After lot of persuasion he agreed to stay.. We both cooked and in kitchen daughter told about her experience . Barber came immediately we left ..he first licked, massaged and sucked her each and every pore .then he fucked her in ass ,it was her first ass-fucking , it was painful initially but then she enjoyed it and finally had a long and satisfying chudai…

“maa, he stayed inside for more than one hour … “ she pushed hand in panty and said that she is going to have one more round of fuck both in cunt and ass in night with barber .

“I will fuck your FIL once more ..” I said ..

We cooked and served food . By the time dinner got over ,it was over 11 of night. Barber wanted to go but I insisted him to stay overnight on pretext that it is already very late . my husband supported me. He agreed .he knew what he will get in night again… choot and gaand of 21 yr young girl Neetu. He knew that from tomorrow onward he can have me whole day.. We had 3 bed room ..I went to husband, Neetu went to sleep with kid in her allotted room & FIL had third room. Neetu made good cozy bed for barber on verandah.

On the bed I asked husband to forgive me for staying semi-nude with FIL and barber around. I told him that I did not want but his daughter insisted me to remain only in bra & panty. By that time husband has already penetrated me..

“Manju, in fact I liked you in bra & panty more than Neetu, you have such a rich figure , no extra flesh , you look more wanting than your daughter .In fact I wanted them to see that how beautiful and sexy my wife is. I responded , moaned and screamed . And that day, fifth time my cunt was filled by sperm. While discharging my husband said ,
“in morning before they go, let them have glimpse of your juicy tight nipples and cunt slit .”

“you are a dirty husband .” I smiled ..Both has already fucked me. We hugged and I closed eyes.. After ,about half and hour I heard snoring of husband . I came out and saw that barber was not on his bed. I put ears on door of daughter’s room and moan of daughter was clearly audible . I walked to third room, pushed door , it was open. I bolted it from inside ..

FIL was asleep…I switched on light and saw him nude, lund was limped …I began sucking lund …and bit by bit caressed thighs and his chest.. he opened eyes. He smiled at me . I reminded him about paying back to principal. He said that he will pay him in morning while on way out. He again expressed love and lust for me .he said that chudai with me was much more pleasant and satisfying than chudai of Neetu.. I thanked him and told him to suck each and every pore of my body.. He was a good sucker. He sucked front and back for around one hour then penetrated me. While pumping me he said that Neetu is also very fond of sucking & licking ..

“darling, she is my daughter only..” he fucked and I gave soft moan. This fuck was much better than two time he fucked me in hotel.. he also filled my cunt.. We slept .. but sub-consciously I was afraid that my husband should not know that barber is fucking his daughter. This , he will certainly not like.. I woke up with this fear…I looked at time was 5 of morning , our normal waking up time was 7 . I walked out of room nude ..barber was still not on bed .. he must be with my daughter. I knocked at door softly and after few knock door got opened . it was barber .. he held and kissed me. I woke daughter up and said that it is almost 5 and in no case either father or FIL should know that she is fucking with barber . Without telling a word , daughter kissed barber, she sucked lund for couple of minutes and said that she will miss this lund desperately . she went out of room.

I bolted door from inside and asked him what he did. He also sucked , licked and chewed for about and hour, then first ass fucked ..then they rested ..and now only they had finished chudai…

I twisted limped lund and said that now this lund has no energy left to fuck and satisfy this kutia..

“maalkin ..kal se ye lawda buss aapka hai….aaj aapki beti ne saara ras chus liyaa..” he said that from tomorrow onward his lund will give exclusive service to my body ..tonight my daughter has sucked all his energy.. I also had lot of sex today…so I did not try to arouse him . We hugged and closed our eyes.

I woke up at my normal /routine time at 6.45 am. I woke him up and sent him out with his dress fully on. I told him to pretend to sleep on his bed . I had my bra & panty in my room. I looked around and found bra and panty of daughter thrown on floor . I put it on .Bra fitted well but panty was very tight. It hardly covered my cunt pad.
I walked to main door. Opened it and found four milk packets . while I was picking milk packet one servant passed through corridor . I knew him . he wished me and looked at me ..

“madam , you are really very attractive …no one in building is like you.. “ he came near me.. I did not try to cover any thing ..

I smiled at him and asked about his maalkin. I told him to tell Sudha ( his maalkin) that I was remembering her .
I came in and bolted door . I went to kitchen , washed face and prepared tea. I carried tray with tea cups out. I first went to FIL’s room . He was still asleep. I kissed him & woke him up .. I put tea on table and told him to dress up. I then gave tea to barber and told him to come at 2 in afternoon. He nodded .

Then I took tea to my room. Neetu was sleeping nude with father. He was also nude. I woke them up..

“so you fucked your daughter ..!” I asked husband but daughter replied ..

“maa , I am proud of my father..I remained nude for over 2 hours but he did not even squeezed breast… “ She kissed father and said ,

“papa, I am really proud of you…you are a real man…. “
“and your papa, never leaves any chance to fondle and fuck your mother God , I want some rest from your papa’s lund.. “ I advised them to dress up fast..

I gave my bra & panty to her ..she wore it. Like me , my bra fitted her well but panty was loose on her . When she sat I could see cunt slit from side of panty. I smiled and that time both barber & FIL also came in bed room. Barber sat on floor and had her tea..but FIL sat just beside me.. He could easily see cunt slit of bahu..

After tea got finished barber got up and took permission to leave . Neetu came down from bed and asked barber to follow her. Barber took all empty cups and went behind her. Both returned after 10 minutes and barber thanked us for nice hospitality . he again said to FIL that when next time he will come, he will make her bahu give him full body oil massage ..

My husband listened and said ,

“bhai… pahle meri maalish to karwa do..apni bahu se..” my husband wished to have massage by barber’s bahu and barber replied that she will bring her any day he say so..

He went out .. in another one hour Neetu was ready to go with FIL . I cried while she left with Kid and requested her to come back soon. Taxi had come. I put on house gown and whispered to FIL to pay back to principal. He nodded ..Neetu hugged us once again and whispered ..”maa keep him (barber ) happy so that he can give more pleasure to us..”

They left .. we both came in and were sad that daughter and grand son has gone. But husband had another idea. He pulled house gown from body and requested that I must remain nude in house . he unhooked bra ..

“what you are doing ..maid will come any minute …”
“so what? ..let her see and tell entire world that how sexy and attractive my wife is… “ he pulled bra off ..and I was top less ..

And maid entered house….she turned her head , “ should I come after some time..”

“no Maya..come in …my husband has turned mad.. “ I said , “he wants me to remain nude in house …”

Maya came forward and smilingly said ,.. “ it is not your husband only… most of the time he makes me remain nude in house …even in day time.. “

She walked towards kitchen. My husband went office at 9,00 and immediately after he left , Maya came near me, caressed my breast and said that she herself likes and enjoy staying nude .

“then why all these ?” I pulled her saari, petticoat , blouse, bra and panty ..and she remained and worked nude for another one hour ..

“from tomorrow , you will work nude at my house .. and for this your salary is doubled …” I told her that from tomorrow she will remain nude even when my husband is around..
She did not agree. She said that she will not mind staying nude in my presence but no male around for time being .

“didi , we two can have some fun also…” she said smilingly.
Till then I had not experienced any lesbian sex..
I also agreed for ‘no male in between us till we become mad for lund .”

She nodded , " but one lund and two cunts"

. We did not have any lesbian act that day…..

More in next part……