Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ritwik having hot sex with teacher aunt

Well.....straight on.. this sexperience happened about two months ago..I'm ritwik handsome not that tall and I love sex this aunt of mine is simply plump and gorgeous fat ass deep holed navel milkywhite in complexion wears saree and is a teacher of math...shes not that much of revealing type kinda shy and strict I just only got once an golden opportunity

to get a glimpse of her navel at school sports day shes was at backstage moving benches and her pallu slipped from her shoulder showing her cleavage and that plump milkywhite belly embellished with a sexy navel I only got a glimpse before she made it out with the roll of her hand from then on I fantasised a million times eating her pussy and masterbated

a lot as she wears saree I can see the side of her belly and part of her right boob when she walks around after some days I decided to get close to her and find some way to get to taste her assets for my luck I intentionally failed in the next exam and she forced me to come to her house for tuition which shes taking for weak students and shes not financially safe her husband

had some alterations with her and he's staying at some place else comes home occasionally and then leave I guess that made her strict in class I haven't seen her smiling and all I want is to give her a good hard fuck but I'm afraid to make any day at her house during tuition I got stuck with a math problem so I can't finish it off and go home I had to stay

a bit longer in her house and it was late and my mom called to her house to ask whether I left her house I hadn't reached home which my teacher aunt replied I'm very poor at math and can't even solve a simple problem then they had a long discussion about my studies and it was raining heavily outside I'm still hooked with that math question...

my teacher aunt julie then after a long chat with my mom asked me to take a shower that I ain't going to home but staying at her house till exams are over hearing that my adrenaline just got pumped I got a chance to make all my fantasies come true...I was like a child to her she has a baby like 10 years or so then I went to the bathroom to take a shower and also get time

to think of some ideas to seduce and fuck her tonight her baby was sleeping on the bed and I silently sneaked in to the bathroom without disturbing the sleeping baby and took a bath I saw her bra hanging on there at the bathroom she forgot to take may be in her morning shower I took her white bra and smelled and chewed it made me horny my dick was just erect like a hot rod

and I can't control myself then I came out of the bathroom nude and waited for her to come that room I want her to see me nude then I pinched her child and it started crying then she came to took her child and she saw me pulling the pants up she saw my erect penis inside my underwear and I stood there dressed like nothing happened and acted cool she took her child

out to the living room I followed her and said my pants button had broken I can't wear it I asked for a safety pin to tie it...she then gave me her husbands shorts for the night and told me to study after the meal..I was disappointed that I hadn't capitalised on the moment and failed to seduce her but I know the fact that everybody loves sex and girls are a bit shy at first then I

went back to the room where I bathed and I saw her breastfeeding the baby and its time to sleep and I quickly finished the question given me to solve I went with the book silently to her she didn't notice me coming and I saw her sucking milk out of her boobies I like so child sat by her side and showed the book she was surprised to see me and initially jerked and turned

to the other side she said ok you got it correct and told me to sleep then I placed my book on the table and suddenly dived on to the bed to the other side I didn't give her an eye contact and started caressing her child who is drinking her milk inorder to keep her on bed on that position I really can't see her full breasts coz she covered it with her saree and shes comfortable too her

jacket is open and she wasn't wearing bra so the slightly transparent saree was the only thing covering her melons keeping her in that awkward position I made up some conversations going on for some time and I also tried to kiss her baby and got a close up look of her melons covered in saree I then suddenly turned off the lights only a dim zero bulb was lit I whispered in

a sexy tone that child is asleep she then laid the baby on bed the moment it happened before she got time to react I got hold of her shoulders and started sucking rest of milk from the breast she got jammed and she moaned I undressed her I threw away my dress and we had fun all night she gave me a mindblowing blowjob I pushed my dick deep in to her throat and ate

her pussy we both enjoyed ourselves whole night I fucked her 2/3 times and licked every inch of her plump and curvaceous body and had real fun...then on she simply calls me often and just suck my dick like a real bitch do...well that's how I turned on my rigid aunt to a sexy bitch....we still keep our relationship secretly though I got hitched..everybody loves sex...