Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Anal sex with wife on her birthday

Hi, i'd like to relate my latest experience with my wife. We've been married for 3 years and my wife was brought up in a strict family and never knew much about sex and over the 3 years of marriage I thought her a lot but she was reluctant to anal sex!

It was her 25th birthday and I decided to treat her to a nice restaurant meal where we both had a few alcoholic drinks, I made sure she had more. When we got home, I laid out a special gift for her, a sexy outfit, stockings, thong and peek-a-boo bra! I asked her to dress in it while I prepared a massage oil.

I started to massage her and she was really enjoying, I then started to move higher and rub her pussy, the alcohol was now taking effect & driving her horny. she asked me to stop massage & fuck her. I told her to get in doggystyle position. I got behind her & started sucking her pussy - she was wet as a monsoon!

I then tounged her bum hole and she shuddered and moaned in extasy. I took some of the massage oil and rubbed it on my cock & her bum hole. she moaned nooo not there, but I just said 'shhhh! enjoy your birthday' she was too horny & drunk to fight me so I lined up my cock to her ass and slowly inch by inch slid in, she was saying 'ooh' and ''aahh' and 'ouch' no it pains.

I just carried on with slow strokes. I took a vibrator from our side table and swithed it on high and placed it on her clit. she was now enjoying the vibrator but still complained about the ass fuck paining! I just carried on...she soon had an orgasm and even squirted a little.

As her orgasm subsided she tried to move forward & get away from my cock in her ass but I held her hips tightly & just kept fucking her tight hole. her moans turned to sobs and she was crying. I could see her face in the mirror & tears were rolling down her cheeks. I was about to come and started thrusting harder and she sobbed even more pleading with me to stop!

with one last thrust I flooded her hole with my cum! she just collapsed on her stomach and rolled onto her side & curled up & kept sobbing. I went to the bathroom & jot a warm wash cloth and came and cleaned her up. I then started kissing her thighs and asshole saying i'll kiss away the pain! soon she was fine & was getting wet again.

she then got up and started kissing me moving slowly down to my cock she gave light kisses and then took my cock in her warm mouth. she asked me to lay down and she got between my legs. she kept blowing me while her fingers played with my balls. her saliva was running down my pole over my balls to my asshole.

she then put 1 finger in my anus, I moaned and my cock twitched in her mouth, this encouraged her to put another finger in, & then three. the blowjob was so good that I didn't realise that she was now using the vibrator in my ass. only now did I understand the pain she went thru. the vibrator is only half as thick as I am.

I told her it's sore & she just smiled & said enjoy my birthday treat!! I was now jerking my pelvis to meet her mouth & just when she knew I was going to cum she stopped everything leaving my cock & ass without any satisfaction.

I tried to masturbate to finish myself off but she took both my hands and wrapped it around her & held it & turn around to sleep. I told her I really need to cum but she said save it. for what ? I asked & she said with a smile, my ass needs more cream tomorrow.