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Kashif fucking naughty girl Jamila

Hi folks this is kashif khan from islamabad pakistan with my 2nd part of the true experience with my student jamila. Enough back ground now let come to the point, that evening after my return I masturbated thinking of the days to come and later in night when she called we talked for almost 3-4 hrs and she admitted that she is burning with lust and want to be with me.

as soon as possible and also that she loved our meeting earlier today. and looking forward to meet me tomorrow. then I asked her to come prepare by the next day to which she innocently asked what I meant by preparation which I skillfuly told her to prepare her body just like a bride to present to her husband on her first night. on that she laughed and sexily replied in affirmative.

next day I took leave from the institute telling them that I am not feeling well and would not come to take the class and they must tell the students when they come or give them some work to revise and practice during the class time. as planned when jamila came to the institute she also told that she would not attend the class due to no teacher but go home and practice.

then she came out and walked her way as before to the same house where I was waiting for her. I had made arrangement by putting a sheet and some pollows on the floor and took chips and coldrinks for us to have togather. she knocked on the door and took her in side immediately so no one to see her comming there.

then I asked her to sit and make her self comfortable and I must make a round outside to see if the coast is calm and clear. when I returned she was sitting on the sheet and taken off her sandels and shawl, with her upper back resting on the wall with the help of the pillow. she I stood in the door and took a deep look of her.

she was wearing a light yellow lawn shirt with little orange flowers and deep round neck and a chikken shalwar of white color. her chappals and shawl were neatly hung by the cupboard. she had kept her hair open and looked like she just took a bath befoe comming from the house. her perfume was making me loose my control.

I slowly went to her and she looked into my eyes for one second and next she lowered here face with the sexiest smile and shyness. my heart skipped a beat then and there. then I sat beside her and took her face in my hands and turned her towards me. she closed her eyes and I slowly touched her lips with mine very lightly.

then I wispered in her ears what I was feeling and told her that I have never seen a more beautiful girl then her. she immidiatly hugged me tight and hide her face in my shoulder. I started stroking her hair which smelled like peach(hair washed with organics peach shampoo, told later) then I took my other hand and hugged her keeping it on her back just below her bra strap over the thin fabric of her shirt.

then I pulled her closer and started kissing her neck which tasted sweet as honney. with my other hand I took her hair and jently pulled her head back and put my lips on her sweet wet lips with mat color lipstick. I started sucking her lower lip and took it in my mouth she also started to respond to my kiss and took my upper lip in and started to rub it with her tongue.

then she opened her mouth and I pushed my tongue in her to taste her and by god I hv never tasted any thing sweeter then that before. she was also repplying equally and our tongues started to explore each others. with us hugging each other as tight as we could.after about 10 - 15 mins for extreme kissing we both were feeling drunk and hot

and I looked in her eyes and she smiled and asked me kashif is this what u expect and am I prepared enough for you. and all I could do was node in yes and hug her once again as I was speechless by beauty. then I slowly pushed her down and came over her as she was now lying on the pillows.

but she stopped me and said that her clothes would get pressed and iron would go bad and maybe her family would ask so its better to go softly. this was a hint I was waiting for and I immidiatly took her hand and pulled her to standing position and jently started pulling her kameez up to take it off. she looked at me in shock and put her hands on mine to stop me but

I pulled her close and kept my lips on her lips and started kissing looking into her eyes and she understood my intentions and turned her face in shyness. I slowly puuled her kameez (shirt) off her and she raised her arm to assist me I took off her shirt and put it along with her shawl and she was standing in front of me like a mermaid with extremely fair skin and white bra looking at my face for reaction.

and smiled when she understood with my jaw dropped and speechless. i spread my arm and she walked to me saying "aise kiya daikh rahe hain app" and I just hugged her once again and felt her hot body rub against my cold hands and she also responded in a very passionate way. then I took her to the sheet and layed her down with me beside her keeping my one leg on her's.

she also pulled me started kissing heavily with hot breaths and raised chest. then I slowly kissed her eyes, lips, forehead, nose, and started to go down after kissing her ears and biting her earlobes. then I licked her neck and in the mean time my hands were moving towards her bra and I started to rub her boobs over her bra making her twich under me.

she was breathing heavily now and also she started to open the buttons of my shirt pulling it out from my jeanz.she was rubbing her hands on my chest hair and scratching my chest trying to maybe find my nipples with her nails. i reached her boobs and kissed her nipples and started sucking her nipple through her bra with my hand pulling her up to open the hooks from the back.

she helped me and got up on her elbow so I could open her bra hooks. but I could not with my one hand. and my mouth on her nipple. she pushed me up and her self opened the hooks and took her bra off but only to cover her pretty boobs with her arm and handed me the bra. I just smelled it and threw it to the side and took her arm away and what I saw was the most beautiful pair of boobs

perfectly round not sagging and hard like tennis balls with pink small nipples. I quickly went down and lightly licked her nipple with my tongue and then took it into my mouth and started sucking. with the other hand I started rubbing her other boob and kneading and pinching her other nipple with my finger.

she immidiatly layed down and started moaning 'uuufffff' 'aaaahhhhhh' 'aahhhhmmmmmmmm' 'yes I love it do it like this Dont stop please keep doing it like this yeeeeeeeessssssss' her sounds were making me mad and I starting sucking, licking and pressing her boobs with much force, she asked me to go soft as its paining her and she was running her fingers through my hair and her one hand was playing with my nipple.

her nipple's got hard when I touched them just like asking me for more attention. I played with her boobs for 15 - 20 minutes until her boobs were totaly red and nipples turned purple with my sucking, with bite marks clearly visible on her milky white skin. when I raised my head she looked into my eyes as if asking that did I like what I got. ofcourse I did.

then I took off my open shirt and we both were naked by the upper half. she pushed my down and started the same with my bare chest what I did with her's. after 2 - 3 minutes it was impossible for me to wait ant longer as my hard cock was paining and begging to get free from my jeanz. I pushed her to my side and started opening her shalwar.

luckily she was wearing one not with string tied to it but with elastic so I in one go pulled her shalwar off her legs. she was wearing a skin color silk panty which had laces on it sides. the panty also had a ribbon bow in the front looking damn sexy. I kissed her over her paty just once then went to her belly button. it smelled like fresh rose waiting for my exploration.

I put my tongue in her belly button holdong her hips pulling her towards me licking and rubbing my nose on her tummy. she was just moaning with pleasure as amaized for the first time pleasure she was having.then I slowly moved down again to her pany and also rubbing her lags with my hands while I kissed her over her panty making it wet with my sliva.

she was enjoying and just holding my hair and pushing my head deaper into her pussy. I slowly removed her panty and her freshly shaven cute smal pussy was waiting for me. she closed her legs in shyness. I asured her that she will not get pregnent and showed her the condoms in my pocked still she was hasitating so to make her relax I started kissing her legs from her feet going up rubbing till she gave in,

and I opened her legs wide enough to have a complete look of her wet pussy, it was small with thin pink lips but one thing I liked most was her clit which was peeking out like a pea. I jumped on her pussy as a lion would hunt and immidiatly kissed her pussy, guys the sweet taste and fresh smell of it was driving me crazy and I dove into it and started sucking it with all I was worth,

she was twisting under me just like a snake and she was screaming I little, like 'aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh' 'uuuuuffffffffff' 'ssssssssssssssss' 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh''nnnnoooooo'. I held her thighs hard so she was unable to move away and close her legs,

(later she told me she never liked the concept of sucking the pussy or cock but this totally changed her view about making love and she got so much pleasure that she never thought of before ladies I loved what it did please send comments. I kept licking and sucking her sweet pussy for next 5 minutes almost and she closed her mouth to stop her screams

when she had her orgasm and jumped up from the sheet and her pussy showered her juiced all over my face. it was also incredible experiance for me as I never saw anything like this before.
then I came up her and we starting kissing again and she was so wild this time that she started to bite my lips hard and scratch my back with her nails,

wow this was new for me as I never thought she would be like this wild. then I started to open my jeanz but she pushed my hand away layed me down and came above me sitting on my knees she opened my belt then my jeanz and pulled it down with my underwear just enough so that my 6" hard cock sprang up on 90 degree like a iron rod.

she saw it with wide eyes took a close look examining it. then she slowly touched it with her fingers lightly. I asked what is it and she told me that its her first time she saw a cock in reality but before only in pictures or xxx movies that she saw on internet. I asked her to kiss it and she slowly kissed the tip of my cock which was shihing with the drop of pre cum.

I held her head with my hands and my fingers in her hair and pushed her down, signaling her to take it in her mouth, she moved her head in no but I said "janu I gave u every pleasure that it could, will u now deny me' she hasitatingly open her lips and licked my rod like a lollypop and then took the tip in her mouth, wow it was great feeling her wet and warm sfot lips over my dick.

then I pushed her head down so half of my dick got in, she withdrew and I pushed again, this way she started sucking my dick taking it in and out of her cure mouth. then I told her to suck it so the vacume feeling in her mouth gave me more pleasure, after a few minutes of sucking she got the hang of it and started doing it properly and trying to take it more deep.

I was felling the touch of her throat on the tip and I was in heaven. I some times hissed sssssss,, aaaaahhhhh when her teeth scratched my sensitive cock head. she did it for next 5 minutes and I almost cummed in her mouth but I stopped her and pulled her up and we started kissing wirh full lust and passion. so that I could relax and not cum so soon.

then I took off my jeanz completely and we both were complete nude, then I put a pillow under her back and layed her down, then open her legs and came between her, her pussy was wet with her juices but I wet it with my sliva more and put my cock on its entrence she asked me to wear a condom which I said in a minute dont worry cause I want to feel her pussy before I put on the condom.

and told her to relax I know what I am doing. then she pushed my cock and gave it a thrust but it was tight and not going in easily, she was also feeling some pain but I ignored her expressions and made a powerfull thrust and my whole dick went inside her completely. she screamed a little dew to pain but I kissed her to stop her sound. I stayed still for a minute so she could relax.

then she herself started small movements and I got the idea that pain is over, and I also started moving slowly, it was most pleasureable moment for me as I was feeling in heaven. then after few strokes I took out my dick and she was shocked asking why and I opened a condom from its packet so she smiled when she saw it and closed her eyes.

I put on the condom a pushed my dick back in her slippry pussy, it went in easily this time and she just moaned with pleasure, I then started to make full movement going deep in her and coming full out then going back in deep. she was moaning with pleasure and we were kissing each other every where. guys it was not lust but love at that time.

then I increased my speed and she got her second orgazm moaning loudly and digging her nails in my back and teeth in my shoulder. I was also ready to cum and also released my cum deep in her. I fell on her and she gave a one long satified moan with the cutest smile I could die for. she was relaxed and happy, and we layed there in each others arms just kissing lightly.

then I asked her was she a virgin to which she told me I a way that it was her first time with any man but she masturbated regularly with candle or pen after watching porn on internet. thats why there was no blood because her hymen was broken due to masturbation. but pussy was tight as by dick was far more in diameter then a pen or a candle.

to which I kissed her once again and got up to clean my self. then when I returned from the toilet she was also wearing her clothes, it was one hr since she came here and we had little time to we just sat on the sheet and she freshed her self and we ate chips and coldrinks while talking sweet nothing to each other,

then she got up to leave I went out to see if there was any one but the coast was clear and I signaled her to go and she went home giving me a small peck on my cheek behind the door. later I will tell u my how I fucked her ass hole also....we were friendz and sex partners for almost the next 2 years and I fucked her every possible style and all holes and she use to enjoy it to max.

until I came to isb and said good bye to her and she also understood. but she told me that I was the best and she will never forget me. friends its been 5 years since I last saw her and I hope she will be fine and living a happy life. I am also married and living a normal life in islamabad but I still miss those days...waiting for your comments.

Jeet fucking wild cat Anjali

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself first. I name is Jeetu 27 years old, 5.8.I am from Bangalore and work for a MNC Co. From the age of 20 I have been working out and as a result of each which have developed quite a decent physique. So let’s get started with my story. This happened in my office some three years ago her name was Anjali,

she used to work in a different process and just a common friend’s friend, her assets were amazing and till date her frame is stuck in my brain. Her figure was 38-28-34. Just quite voluptuous and the way I like it to be. Because of my passion for bodybuilding I joined a reputed gym as trainer along with my regular office work.

So one day Anjali came upto me and said she need tone up a little bit and needs some guidance around diet and workouts. First thing I said to her “ your already perfect so why you wanna tone ?” she blushed and said just around her waist area. So I gave her a complete diet chart and some home based workouts which she can do at home.

I asked her to check her weight before she starts these workouts and keep me updated about the results after a month. Then I got busy between both my jobs and used to work like 17 h ours a day. After one month got completed she came back to me and said she lost 4 Kgs overall and was very happy about it.

Suddenly she held my hand and placed it on her stomach I just gently squeezed it over her t-shirt and it felt really amazing such soft skin just in the right quantity. She asked me where I workout, I said after my shift in office gym she said she wants to join me and then we decided to workout together.

This was on a Friday and she asked me if I can join for shopping as she wanted to pick up some workout cloths. I was not doing anything so I said “ I will join you but you have to wear what I select.?” She said fine and I was kind of getting attracted towards her by now. I picked her in the morning and we decided to go to mall. She wore a tight white t-shirt and blue jeans.

As soon as she sat on my bike I said u look awesome in this outfit she smiled and then we went along. once we reached the mall we went into a big store where we can find all these outfits and asked her to try some of it. Later I picked up a lycra tights and some V-neck t-shirt for her, she went in the changing room and said its little tight.

I asked her to come out, after a few moments she came out. The cloths figure hugging and I could imagine how big her mounds were. I decided to take chance and asked to come close. I said “ the other day I could not exactly feel how toned you were let me check now ?.” went close to her and put both my hands on her waist. I gently squeezed it and said still little big work is there.

She said “that’s why I wanna workout with you so you can keep a close watch on me”. Then on Monday we hit the gym together and I changed into my sleeveless t-shirt and shorts. This is the first time she is seeing my physique as we only were formals in office. There is big barbwire tattoo on my arm, she came close to me said

“I must say you have quite a good physique you don’t show if off” and was touching my tattoo. When it comes to workout I am quite serious and I said let’s start. We got on the threadmill together and there is hugh mirror in the front. As we started to jog her mounds were bouncing in the air.

Oh what a sight it was, then I said its time for streaching workouts and got her sit down on the floor, she was breathing heavy because of the workout. I was just standing in front of her and it was clear view of her cleavage, just some sweat drops all the way down. I got back to my sense and she said now what.

I said we will do some abs exercise’s and was touching her waist and back area more than often, those figure hugging cloths and she so close me was driving me crazy. She caught me couple of times doing it intensionally but she just played along with me. I totally forgot about my workout and was busy trying to touch her every part as I could.

After close to an hour she said she is tired now. I said ok fine you might get some mild body pain and its better you take a body massage at home with some hot water. Then she left the gym and I started my workout. I had already spent my daily time so I just hurried up some biceps curls and left the gym. I was still in my tracks and wore a jacket and went to the parking area.

She was standing there I said she has missed her cab and it will take another hour for her to get the next cab. I said “ It would be my pleasure to drop such lovely girl home “ she just ok and hopped on my bike. I was pretty cold I was applying brakes deliberately she said “ I see no traffic around so why brakes huh “ I said “ I am trying to generate some heat to avoid the cold.”

We both started laughing and to my luck she just slid her hand under my tracks and got hold my tool. Man I could not believe what was happening. “here you go this should easily increase the heat “. She was giving me a hand job open road cold breeze. Just one amazing feeling it was. I said “I think I should return this favour and give you that body massage I was talking about”.

She said she has to get back home today as she has not informed at home, I was little disappointed but she said may be tomorrow I can go home late. Still her hands were inside my tracks and she was jerking me off. I was totally in heaven. Then I dropped her at her place and went home. Once I reached home I gave her a call and we had some amazing phone sex.

Next day I arranged my friends placed for the night picked up a bottle up olive oil and a packed of condoms. Once our shift got over I picked her up from the basement and she said “you know what I need that massage badly as my whole body is aching “ I said “ your wish is my command” I rode my bike like never before and we reached my friends place in 15 mins.

Once we went inside and locked the door she said is it safe out here. I said my friend works in a complete night shift and will be back only after 9 in the morning. I asked her if she wants to freshen up and she went into the bathroom, my friend has a double cott and kept tow pillows for her one for her head and another one for her waist.

She came out of the bathroom and asked her to lay on her back, she got on the bed and asked her to take off her salwar. She removed her top and my heart skipped a couple of beats she was wearing a maroon bra and her boobs were popping out it. I said “ I have never seen anything better than this”. I told her I got some oil and started to rub her back.

Her bra strap was coming in the way and she asked me to take it off. I sat on her buttock and my dick was just touching her ass entrance. I could not take it and started to apply oil all over her back and now the ball was in my court she could not take it and was mouning “ hmmm hmmmm so that feels so good Jeetu, please press more harder.. ahhh aahhhh “

I made her turn around, her nipples were already erect and just started to suck on her left nipple and started to apply oil on her navel. She kept pulling me hair and said “ ohh please don stop pleaseee don stop…” I kept sucking her breasts taking turns, then I held her waist and pulled her lower in one shot, she had worn a matching maroon panty and I could see a big wet patch.

I poured some oil on her inner thigh and started to rub it, I was intentionally avoiding her genital area and this was making her go crazy. She said “ Jeetu please stop playing and lets make love” I said “wait a minute baby I want you to remember this for a long time” I just put my tongue over her panty and started to suck it. She was getting wilder and wilder.

I then I decided to go for the kill. I slid the panty down and her cunt was so wet and clean shaved, I said “ Just the way I like” I dived into the love hole. I opened her pussy lips and put my tongue as deep as I could. She started to raise her hips and I held her ass and was sucking her in middle air.

I put her down and she held my hair and was pushing me towards her pussy “more jeetu more… I felt this pleasure in my life.. oh god I need fuck badly”. She started to shiver and I think she got her biggest orgasm ever. Her love juice was all over my face and she looked to satisfied. I still dint remove my cloths and she said now its your turn baby and wildly kissed and started to jerk me off.

I took off t-shirt and pants in a jiffy and she was quite happy to see my physique she said “just the way I like it “ we started to kissing again and she held my tool in her hand and went down on me she held my balls in her hand and said “ I want all of that in my pussy “, she was sucking my like hell and I was already wet pre come and could not hold it any longer…

I said “oh god anjali I cant hold it any longer I will burst” but she dint listen and I shot my cum in her mouth. She said “ you told me that U don come easily” I said a hot girl like you could not hold for long sweetheart. Then I went to the fridge to get some water and saw some ice cream in the fridge. I got some ideas again.

I put some ice cream on her nipples and started to lick them and giving her love bites all over her boobs. I put some on her pussy and what a taste it was her love juice mixed with ice cream. she said “ Jeetu please enough is enough I want that dick inside me right now.” I was also ready for round two and said “ now lets see how soon U make me come “.

She sat on me and started to ride me. her boobs were jumping all over my face and I got hold of them and started to chew them badly. She kept riding me for about ten mins and got her second orgasm and wanted to relax. I said “I said no baby U cant relax” and put on the edge of the bed and entered her hole from behind in doggy style, I kept humping her and her ass was wiggling for my each thrust.

I put my hand from the front and started to rub her clitoris “ jeetu wat r u doing, its making me mad. Please fuck please fuck me ah ah more ah aha ha ahhhhhh” I kept humping her for another ten mins and she got her third orgasm, I lifted her and put on the bed again took both her legs and placed them on my shoulders and started to fuck her again.

The whole bed was with her love juice… I held both her breasts and was humping her with all my might. Suddenly I stopped in between and pulled my dick out and started to eat her pussy again “ hhmmm hmmmm hmmmmmm more jeetu more”. She got her 4th orgasm again I put my dick back in her pussy and was going deeper and deeper.

I said “ I cant hold it any longer baby” she nodded and said she is virtually in some safe period as she got her chums some 3 days back. I just shot my whole load in her pussy and hugged her tightly. She said “ u fuck like a horse jeetu” I said “I’ll take that as a compliment” and kissed her and we both naked slept for an hour.

I had never proposed her or she did the same to me. but I guess we were just compatable for sex. Me and Anjali had loads of fun after this day. But will post those stories if you guys like this one.

Shashi getting gangbanged in Jaipur

Dear friends, this is again shashi from bangalore who gets fucked by my boss day in and day out with true episode what happened last week on the jaipur highway. me and my hubby had gone to jaipur for a holiday, off course which was fully sponsored by my boss due to my closest proximity with him,

all said and done he is the best fucker I have experienced that too at the age of 54 he satisfies me to the core, really guys you should learn with him the art to treat a womans body. its very hard for me to put this together what went like a night mare and hard to accept it, our holiday was for 4 days,

first two days went around sight seeing on the third day the hotel satff told us to visit ajmir a muslim dargha which was famous, it was a saturday and we set out togo there by taxi which we booked from the hotel, it was the same driver who had picked us up from the airport as a part of free trasfers from the hotel side.

the drivers name was aman and must be around 40 well built and mannered ferried us to ajmir we went around the darga and all and started back to jaipur by 5 pm which is about 200 kms. on the way we saw lot of marble shops with lot of staues and curios, and when we were going had planned to stop while returning so that we can pick up few things for our house which is under construction at bangalore.

aman stopped at a marble place which was quite secluded and told us he was the best in the area, and we went around the open site where all these things were placed, at that time I heard some one say good evening maam, turned to see it was man must be 50s introduced himself as kabir partner of the shop and shook hands with my hubby venky,

he showed us around for a while and called out to one by name arun and another boy krishna to show us more around. sun had started to set as it was around 6 and we had spent nearly an hour without selecting anything, jst about that time kabir came back again and told arun and krishna to take us to the godown little further inside to show few more things

and we followed them without evening thinking what was about to come, they opened the locked doors of the godown and we followed arun and krishna inside. lot of marble things were there, one small cot like to sit was there and the whole place was lit with only small bulb, me and my hubby got busy seeing things may be 10 mts have passed I felt something cold

near my neck to realise arun was holding a knife at my throat and pulled me aside and krishna threatened of dire consequences if they scream or do foolish things and arun was at my back had his right hand with knife at my throat and with left hand around my waist and slowly pulling me away from my hubby, and he stood motionless seeing at the things happening.

i was wearing a saree and aruns hand were gripping on my stomach tight and my full body was against him, and he slowly moved his hand up and under the my saree pullo he reached for my right breast and started to squeez and rubbing his groin on my ass, I struggled to get free but the sharp knife started to hurt me,

jst then we heard a loud voice asking us to obey or get killed and burried of in the desert behind it was none other than kabir himself, he brought in a folding chair and made my hubby sit on it and told us in stern words that they wanted sex as they have starved for it, and would not hurt if they cooperate or else we will do the hard way which will hurt and slapped very hard on my hubbys face and told him to tell me to cooperate,

he jst looked at me shockingly, his eyes told me to jst cooperate with them. krishna who was standing gaurd started to tie my hubbys leg and hands to the chair, while kabir watched, by the time all this went arun had unbuttoned my blouse and without opening the bra had pulled my breasts out, he had placed the knife aside and was massaging both my breasts from behind,

I could feel his hard cock over his pants rubbing on my ass, and he kept necking me with his mouth and all his saliva on my neck, I was jst feeling like fainting. jst then in the dim light I could see kabir and krishna coming towards me, he shouted at arun bastard thats my prey and you are already mauling her and slapped him, arun and krishna held my both hands so that I dont move and kabir hugged me,

his fat stomach was coming in the way and closed in and lip locked to me, with one hand he held my jaws with pressure so that I would open my mouth and I could feel his toung going in me, I could get that sick taste of his cigarette tobacco taste from his saliva, he kept on drooling like a dog and pushed all his saliva into my mouth and all over my face,

as he did this he caught both my breasts and violently kneaded them, with one hand he started to lift my saree up and told arun and krishna to hold the saree and he knelt down and he forcible separated my legs apart and burried his face on my panty and bit me all over, as he started to maon with exitement started to lower my panty arun and krishna started to suck both my breasts,

I knew it was a waste to resist and jst stood still and my hubby kept on watching their act motionless, both of them were chewing my nipples was making me more wet and I could feel kabir enjoying my wetness,i could hear kabir slurping all my juices with that exitement I was loosing my strength to stand, realising that he ordered krishna and arun to strip me naked, and they didnt take much time to do it.

i was shamelessly standing amongst 3 strange men fully nude, breathig heavily, they dragged me towards the small cot and made me lie down on my backwith both hands held by these two for his master to have the prey, I saw kabir undressing himself and was nude in no time, jst then I heard the door creak and flet some saviour has come to see that our car driver aman had come,

and they all had a good laugh for me to realise that he was also a part of this team, but he didnt come near me, intead he went towards my hubby and held his shoulder, he jst lifted my hubby head up and lip locked with him, oh god he was a gay he wanted my hubby, here kabir started to fist my pussy with his right hand and with his left hand he was stroking his cock to get more and more hard,

he came sat on my breast and pushed his cock into my mouth, it was already ozzing with his precum and he ordered me to suck it properly and pushed his cock till I chocked, he was desperate, he was wild and he was like a animal, his cock was not fully hard but still went down and lay on me like a monster and with one hand was guiding it inside me,

as he guided he was talking all filthy things in my ears and I could feel him enter me hardly he must have stroked me twice he spurted his semen inside me, and pulled out his cock his 2nd and 3 rd jerks of semen was all outside my pussy and belly and he grunted and moved out to a side,as he had failed to attain that satifaction of fucking me.

went to see aman the driver had almost pulled the pants down of my hubby and was kneeling and sucking my hubby cock which he had managed to get it hard, jst then I realised that arun who had knife at me was almost nude and came on top of me, one hand krishna was holding and the other hand he guided down and told in hindhi bitch guide my cock into your hole,

dont lie down like a vegetable, I will show you now whats fucking, I reached for his cock which was hard like a steel rod and pulsating with vigour, I guided it and in a jiffy he had mouted on me as it was already wet with kabirs semen, he started his pounding in slow rhythm, I could hear kabir and aman talk to my hubby but it was not clear as arun was fully on me like animal and driving his shaft in and out of me,

I really had awild orgasm while I dug my nails on his back and he kept pounding me, krishna also had left me free and gone far and I was mercilessly shafted by arun, no doubt he had the capacity to control and pound me, in no time I was climaxing he grunted and loaded his sperms deep in my well and slept on me few minutes,

when he slipped out of me he slept next to me to see the horror that aman had sucked my hubby clean and in the doggy style he was lubricating his ass with saliva, I could hear my hubby say please do in my mouth anynumber of time but not my back which went unheard and I could see aman enetering into my hubbys ass and from the front krishna

was fucking in my hubby mouth while kabir shot the sexcapade on his mobile phone, I could hear krishna order my hubby bastard dont waste a drop of my cum drink it full and cummed in his mouth and aman kept shafting in his ass and he too finished in the next few minues.

now kabir came towards me everyone was nude and horny around, I never had any energy left, he spread my thighs apart and spread my pussy lips and fingered my clitoris, he was exiting me more and more and my pussy stated to oozee all my juices, I never had a piece of cloth to wipe myself, my pussy was well mixed with my juice kabirs and aruns semen,

he slowly started to finger fuck me, I was very much aroused and lifted my lips to get more, now he inserted 2 fingers and I was really exited and now slowly he lubricated my ass with all the juices and inserted in my ass. in my ass I was not a virgin as my boss had fucked me innumerable times in my ass, but I pretended to be hurting,

he was shafting his cock with the left hand which had grown to full size, arun and krishna came from both sides and lifted my ass up in the air and kabir moved in to shaft my ass, I was in full lust for sex and wnated more now, I look on my eyes was turning kabir more and more horny and with one push his almost 6 inch shaft was in my ass, and he started moving in and out in rhythm,

since this was his second round I new he is going to pound my ass to his hearts content, he kept on admiring my body while fucking and krishna and arun bend on me and sucked my nipples, every single minute felt like hours and aman too came and stood near my head, and spread his legs apart and asked me to suck his genitals and his cock had become limp fucking my hubby in the ass.

I was so teased up I became their whore I sucked his balls gently and put all my saliva on it, I was having multyple organms and I gave such a nice sucking he would remember throughout his life. i could hear kabir say I am coming, I am coming and loaded his semen deep inside my ass,

as he pulled his cock out krishna and arun lowered my ass to the cot without wasting any time krishna jumped over me and inserted his cock in a jiffy in my pussy and pounded with such speed like its the end of the world in any minute, he slept on me fully lip locking, fucking my mouth with his toung and my pussy with his cock,

I was too exhausted to give him any reaction for his action instead I lay like dead woman for him to unload his semen into me and get down which he did in about 5 mts. it took me more than hour to regain my condition slowly got up krishna and arun brought a bucket of water and helped me wash, in the name of washing my pussy arun was finger fucking me,

but I had no reaction, got dressed up hubby also helped me, kabir promissed to give the memory stick of the mobile at the airport, and gave a tight hug and sorry but enjoyed, aman came hugged my hubby and lip locked for a while I could see even my hubby seems to be enjoying it as both caressed each other passionataely.

we came bk to hotel had a good hot water bath, hubby wnet down got I pill in case of emergency and both of us had 2 drinks and slept, morning as I woke my hubby fingered me got me wet and mounted on me and had a nice long fuck passionately and never spoke abt the incident till today and we returned back to bangalore.

Dear readers waiting for your sincere comments on the narration which I have takes pains to explain in detail. Loving Shashi.