Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sexy Aunt In Kerala

I had a function back home were i was requested to stay back in my aunts house. Most of my relatives were there in the house. My aunt was a little fat and had propper features were ever required her ass was tight and thick. I used to touch hwer ass while when ever i got a chance to while moving around. Her ass moves while she walks so atractively. She used to were a nighty at home with buttons in front. She was a mother of two and the younger was brest feeded.

The function was next day.All the rooms were packed except my aunts room.My uncle used to be moving around due to business purpose
.I was lying on the sofa since all rooms were packed and i can also watch tv while going to sleep. My aunt came out of the room while she was going to take some water from the kitchen and saw me lying on the sofa.She had her hair untied wearing a red nighty. I think she just had shower. She was just looking hot. her boobs were jumping out since she had milk in it.

She called me as asked me why am i lying on the sofa and why dont i sleep in her room.I just got exited hearing that.I sed its fine here and iam just watching tv and im not sleepy too.She told me that there is too much of mosqitos here and there is a/c in my room and you can sleep there well.i sed ill b there in some time.My full body just got heated.After around half an hour i went to her room and saw her lying there on one side of the bed.I just stood shocked seeing her.She was sleeping on her left side were her cleveges was clearley shown and her dress was lifted up just above her knee.She had a black beticoat beneath.Bed room light was on so that i could see her clearly.

The other side of the bed was kept empty for me.I went to the toilet washed my face and came back to the room.I asw her elder son moved to the other side of the bed were i have the place ithween him and the little kid were the aunty was next to that little kis.I slept in that place and was looking my aunt.She was soo beautiful like any man could get irected seeing her like that. i was too.To make sure she is sleeping i kept one of my hand on her hip with my eyes closed.I loooked at her and found no movement.I slowly moved my hand around her hip and i felt she was too soft.I could feel that folds on her hip.slowly m=i mkoved my hand to her ass and felt was too thick and big that my hand was not enough to catch it.I felt like eating her.with my eyeas closed i moved her dress and beticote up to her thies.Slowly i kept my hand on her thies.It was tooo hot.Soo smooth and soft.I sqweezed it slowly and moved my hand to her inner thighs.I was just bearning then.At that time her kid cried and she woke up.

I immediately moved my hands and closed my eyes.When i oppened my eyes i just got stucked seeing that she have oppened the buttons and have taken her left boobs out and her eyes was closed.Her baby was sucking her boobs.She have not lovered her dress.She might have not notised that coz of her sleep.The kid slept soon and i saw her dark brown fat thick nipples.It had a drop of milk on the tip.I looked at it for a long time and slowly moved the kid and sucked brest without holding it.It tasted like ....... i cant explain.I got up from the bed and walked to her side.

I kissed her thies and boobs I slowly kept my hand on her ather boob and sqwwzed it slowly.It was like sqweezing a baloon filled with water.It was warm too.I kissed her thies and moved her dress a little more higher were i could see her ass.I was too thick and her ass crack just invited me. I smelled it and kissed it.i sqweezed it slowly and tried to put my fingure in it.It was too tight .She did not have her panty.She immediately turned and lay on her back.I just moved.She never oppened her eyes.After around 10min i saw her pussy that had a little hairs.That was just taking me off.She might have trimmed them a week before.

It was the first time that i saw a bare pussy.I kept my hand over it and feft it.It was too fat and thick.i just incerted my fingure into it and smelled it.It was just too much.I licked it with the tip of my tongue and felt too salty and oily.I licked it from top to bottom with the tip of my tongue and i went to her boobs and sucked it.I couldint told longer that i gave a soft kiss on ther lips and took my dik and touched the tip of it on ther lips.By looking her i jurked off.The time was 4am and the family would wake up soon. I had less time and kept ker cloth back as it was.and i sed in my mind that i will fuck her once. Will be contined in part two.