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Hot neighbourhood Bowdi Aparna fucked

he incident I will be narrating happened some 2 months back and had been an eye opener. Friends I am Rahul and for last few years I am putting up in Delhi. I am a happily married man having a beautiful wife ( Nisha ) and we have a child aged 6months. About a year ago we had shifted to our own new flat near Noida.

In our floor there are total 4 flats of which 1 has been rented by the owner to 3 software professionals and one is owned by a bengali dada and one is occupied by a elderly couple whose son is in U.S.A. My wife very soon became close friend of bowdi (Aparna, Bengali dada's wife ) and a loving aunt of their 6 year old daughter.

The elderly couple also liked us and software professionals had good time watching Nisha and Aparna. Aparna was a bit extrovert type and even in saree her curvaceous body revealed a lot rather than hiding her assets. I ,too, often used to seceretly glance at her assets and used to have wild sex with Nisha imagining she was Aparna though in reality was afraid to make any adavnces.

Dada ( Shekhar ) was a bit possessive of Aparna with respect to those software professionals and she had disclosed this to Nisha. Shekhar's main problem was with those software professionals and he never liked them.My first verbal communication started with Aparna during anniversary get together function of the elderly couple.

She was complaining about the male species to Nisha when I ventured there and as a birth right tried unsuccessfully to defend our speci. Aparna was defining looks that a female has to withstand by us. I started joking with her and was thoroughly enjoying her remarks. After a while Nisha left us to feed our son then Aparna dropped the bomb in hushed tone saying she does'nt mind my glares at her for those are appreciative type.

The neighbourhood boys see her like as if they are raping her. I defended myself saying she is too concious and that she can rest assured that I don't oogle at her. Shekhar was approaching us and she hurriedly told me that we can continue with this discussion later. Shekhar was in happy mood and informed me that those boys will be leaving the flat and that now he can live in peace.

Just few days after this incident myself and Aparna were in lift alone and she again raked up the issue of appreciative glances. I smiled and said bowdi it is not like that but today you give me permission to appreciate you. She said Rahul I have already told you that those looks does'nt bother me for I know every human should appreciate but within limits.

I could not fully make out any sense of her statement and politely said of course ! and bowdi you are really very good looking. She seemed to be happy with my comment but said nothing. We went our way but I still thought of Aparna and as the day progressed gradually got engrossed in work.

After few days I began to notice that Aparna is almost everyday seeing me off in the lift and our topics of discussion was getting wider and wider but I was almost daily complimenting her. That day I told her that her skin glows and radiates and she should help Nisha by sharing her secret. She seemed to be very pleased with this.

Coincidently that day myself and Shekhar returned from work at the same time. Shekhar invited me for a dinner at his place and I agreed. When I reached my flat I saw Nisha was chatting with someone over intercom ( for building people ) and without disconnecting went to kitchen to fetch me tea. I informed her that we will be having dinner at Shekhar's place.

We went to Shekhars place in casuals Me wearing my T - shirt and bermuda and Nisha was in 3/4ths and T - shirt. On seeing Aparna at first Nisha exclaimed " Bowdi u people going out ". No was Aparna's reply then she asked why ? To this I replied that bowdi you are dressed as if u are going to a party.

She laughed heartily and said no no don't be afraid , I will serve dinner and as regards to dress ask Shekhar. I said bowdi you scared hell out of nisha for she thought that now she will have to cook. Shekhar joined our little joke and both of us proceeded towards living room to have a drink. Aparna was looking great and I should say that sari is one of the most sexiest dress.

I stole few glances and tried to imagine the curves. After 2 rounds of drinks Shekhar had a bit opened up and Aparna complained to Shekhar that he does'nt allow her to wear all the stuff that I allow Nisha. She then asked me to make my friend understand... I and Nisha asked Shekhar for any reason for acting like this.

Shekhar was red faced and said he does'nt like women wearing such dresses. Nisha protested and asked him " Bhaiya do I look vulgar or cheap in what I wear ". Shekhar was trapped and he had to say no. I then said cum' mon Shekhar let us give the ladies the right to wear anything they want except micromini's.... Is it o.k with ladies. Both the ladies agreed and Shekhar too had to agree.

Dinner was served and we were having third round of drinks when Shekhar opened up more and said he is not sure wether Aparna will be able to carry herself in these modern outfits. This was the starting point and he uttered so many things negative about Aparna like she is not fluent in English and she has lower middle class background she is not computer savvy and spends

most of the time doing nothing other than to take care of her beauty.................. I saw from the corner of my eyes that Aparna's lovely face was grim and felt embarassed. I quickly got over it and said Well I prefer Nisha doing nothing for I earn enough and so do you Shekhar. Why the hell they should do anything other that marketing and gossiping.

We quickly had our dinner and left almost immediately. We felt sorry for Aparna and Nisha even condemned Male for this bully attitude. That night I had to virtually beg Nisha for sex and as usual I again pretended Nisha to be Aparna and had a great orgasm. The next few days I was not able to see Aparna and Shekhar too seemed to be in pensive mood.

Then gradually Aparna came back to normalcy and I again started complimenting her in private. But now she would just smile. A major development took place after about a month when I was taking a day off and Nisha had gone to meet her friends. Aparna invited me to her flat for a cup of tea and I agreed. After talking a while Aparna began to tell me how suffocated she feels with Shekhar.

I tried to console her but in vain. Then she went a bit further and asked me " How do I look ? " Greaaaaat ! was my spontaneous reply. Then she asked me then why Shekhar never appreciates her. He has never appreciated me in anything in these last 8 years. I said after a while " maybe because he does'nt have that aptitude ".

She smiled and said she has been missing my compliments. I too smiled and said bowdi I can write a poem complimenting you. She laughed heartily and said she would love to hear a few lines. I cleared my throat and said " Your eyes express the desire, your lips are like rose full of nectar waiting for honeybee, teeths are like pearls to only those who touch your heart"

She laughed and was visibly was delighted by my compliments. Then she said any thing more !!! I shot back saying I have complimented what I have seen and can not go any further as rest of the things are always well covered. She returned my naughty looks and said soo you want total inspiration. I said only a fool will say no. She came very near to me and said and you are not a fool.

I only smiled at this. This was getting hot and Aparna suddenly asked me when Nisha will be back. I looked at the watch and said maybe 3-4 hours. Aparna said Shreya (their daughter) will be back from school by the same time and all of a sudden she got up and said " So Mr. poet in which dress you want to see me. I was dumbfounded but was enjoying it thorougly.

So to be in the game I said " your pink chiffon saree with pink lipstick and backless blouse. She said she does'nt have backless blouse and went out of the room. I felt my tool had began to reacting to all this and a small tent like formation was there. After quite some time Aparna came back and wow ! what a beauty.

Her hairs were stuck together in bun like formation with two strands on each side falling on her beautiful face. The pink lipstick gave an open invitation and her transparent sari made my day. She was wearing sleeveless blouse. My tool almost instantaneously shot up and with my mouth open I rose from my seat and went near Aparna.

I turned her from shoulder and her flawless glowing skin made me horny.. She was breathing heavy and I fell to my knees and holding her waist again turned her towards me. I exclaimed Bowdi you are a stunner. You are not only beautiful but sexy also. I was able to see her oval naval thru the transparent pink chiffon.

I could not control my urge and kissed her naval, she shivered and held my head and I went on kissing the whole area. As I regained my senses I stood up and apologised " Bowdi I could not control myself ". She naughtily smiled and said I do'nt mind but Mr. Poet you have to complete the poem you were essaying.

I too got naughty and said well you are not wearing backless and that is hindering my inspiration. She sexily bit her lips and said then make this blouse backless. She went and brought back scissors and I continued to play along. I took the scissors and began to cut open the back of her blouse. The blouse was meaningless now.

She was not wearing any bra and her back was great. She whispered " Mr. poet continue the poem ". I hushed her and kissed her shoulder and gradually slid down kissing her entire back. Then I proceeded my upward journey licking her back. She just shivered and held on. Slowly I held her from backside and the left over piece of blouse was removed.

I grabbed her melons and with a feather touched her nipples. They were already erect. Bowdi rested her head on my chest and slowly lifted her hands and held my neck. She then angled her face upward towards me and her lips were inviting me. I accepted her invitation and kissed her lips and then invited her tongue in my mouth. She too accepted my invitation and very soon we were exploring each other.

The sound coming out of our exploration was further making both of us horny and desiring more. I kept on kissing her and my hands continued to play softly with her nipples with my fingers and her melons were just fitting into my palm with a little portion every now and then moving out of it. The scent of her body was making me do more and more with her beautiful body.

After we kissed each other to our hearts content I started nibbling her ear lobes and my hands started opening her sari . She still had the pallu covering her beautiful round boobs and I did'nt do anything till I did away with her peticot. Her back was now completely bare except the panty. I then slid her pallu also and squeezed her boobs softly.

She moaned and rolled her tongue over her lips to make them wet. I kissed her again and took off my T - shirt and 3/4 th. I again held her now my bare body was in direct contact with her bare body and the feel was electrifying.I then slid my hands inside her panty and could feel a trimmed pubic hairs welcoming me.

Her wetness at right place was giving me the authority to explore further and I explored her pussy lips. She pressed her body with me and enjoyed my play and kept on moaning very softly. I then whispered into her ears " Poet cannot do justice with words only a sculpture can, bowdi I seek your permission to explore you ". She said Rahul I am all yours explore all my peaks and depths.

I want to feel this. I lifted her in my arms and proceeded towards bedroom. I gently lowered her on bed and she rolled out herself like a carpet. I found one peacock feather on the wall and took it. I pulled down my jockey and my tool was expression in itself. While she was facing down I slowly got into the bed and with feather gave her a feather touch on her neck and in slow circular movement gradually brought it down upto her panty.

She lifted her hips as if asking me to remove that piece of cloth. I obliged her and then continued with that feather spending more time on ass cheeks and entry point to heaven. She started squeezing her her ass and moaned a bit loudly. I continued my journey downwards and she turned. Her beautiful round boobs with erect nipples.

My mouth went over her nipples and slowly sucked her and my hands were on her pussy. She was very horny and was now moaning loudly. Rahulll aaaa bitt harderrr yeesss ohhhh god rahuuuul uuuuu rrrrr myyy sweeeeeeeeeet uhhhhhh yesssssssss. Her moaning was giving me more pleasure and to tease her I then started to nibble her nipples and inserted my finger and gave it circular movement like a drill.

She jerked her head left and right in pleasure and cried in joy oooooh raaaahul I was noooooooooooooot getttttting thissssss myyyyyy whoole booooodyyyyyyyyy is yoooooooooooooorrs yeeeeeeesssssssssss gggggggggggooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddd. I whispered how do u feeeeel bowdii plsssss teeeeel me.

She replied iiii aaam iiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn hhhhhhhhhhheeeeeaaaaven raaaaahul jjjjjjjjjjuuuustt doooooo ittt yeesssss a littttle hhhhhharrrrrder. I then moved towards her naval and started circling my tongue around it and increased my pace of fingering. The very fact that she was oozing out gallons of juices drove me crazy and I wanted to fuck her real hard.

As I rose she grabbed my tool and jerked it. It was divine pleasure Aparna holding my tool. She smiled and took it into her mouth and licked it. She kept on licking the head of my pennis for quite some time and then all of a sudden my whole pennis disappeared into her mouth. I cried out in pleasure " AAAApppaarna uuuuuu rrrrr gooooddd " Ddddddddddddoooooooooo it sweeethearrrrrt.

She was not in position to reply but the expressions of her eyes were so sexy that it gave me further kick and my whole body was feeling the pleasure. I took out my pennis and decided that it is time to do the act. I came on top of her and she spread her legs wide and I asked her Aparna can I fuck you to my hearts content. She bit her lips and shot back every time anytime darlingggggg.

Letsss dooo it. I then entered her and it was a feeling beyond reach of any word. As my pennis was going deeper and deeper Aparna smiled and closed her eyes licked her own lips and lifted her ass to greedily greet my pennis. We made slow movements and I was all over her kissing her lips, nibbling her ear, licking her neck and chin.

She was doing the same with me and were just breathing heavy over each other. Both of us were not talking but were communicating thru' our body movement. I knew instinctly what she wanted and did it and vice versa. Like she spread out her arms and I instinctly started kissing her armpit and then licked it. While doing so my left ear was near her mouth and she licked my ear.

The sensations were building up at a franatic pace and mild moaning by both of us was acting as a radical. Aparna was doing everything to give me pleasure and me doing the same. Very soon her boobs, neck, face was full of my saliva and mine with hers. The pleasure of fucking was now at apex and I needed to give the few last strokes that would give me the orgasm.

She too perhaps realised it and both of us disengaged and she came on her four giving me acess to rear entry. I held her slender waist and entered her from rear. The pace of my fucking almost instantly went to top gear and out of pleasure I moaned loudly "Aaaaappppppparrrrna I aaaaaammmmm commmmmming I wwwant it innnnssssdeeee uuuuuuuuu tellllll meeeeeee.

She was grinding her ass on my croatch area and replied jjjjust dooo it yessss harderrrrr rrrrahul. The last few thrust literally were to tear her apart as I angled my stokes and she matched it by making circular hip movement at equal pace. As I started to cum I was at franatic pace and we made sure that our cum was at the deepest point inside her.

With both of us squeezing our asses to the maximum for maximum pleasure we came almost together but our greed for little more forced us to go that extra mile and we rammed each other and then slumped to no action. The pleasure we got was great and we felt satisfied. The wall clock told me that we made it in time and I got up from bed.

Aparna moaned " Rahul pls don't go ". I said Its time now Aparna. She looked at the watch and almost instantaneously rose from the bed. Her nipples were swollen but to my continuous sucking and nibbling. I noticed her curvaceous body and felt desire building up once again. As she stood up I embraced her and again kissed her.

She held my wet pennis and jerked it violently and the result was there. It started to get erection and as soon as Aparna felt it she took it in her mouth and began sucking it very hard. All our juices were sucked in by her and within few minutes my tool was ready. As we were standing near bed I turned her and asked her to bend.

I then rubbed the pennis over her vagina and with a single go entered her fully and began to ram her. She too responded well and then all of a sudden I withdrew and looked for her ass hole and was quick enough to enter her annus. Aparna cried but I was already partially inside her and few more deep thrust And I was totally inside her.

I gave her a moment to accomodate and when I felt she is now comfortable I started ramming her. Initially she made uuuh uuuh uuuh oooh uuh sound but then pleasure crept in and she began liking it. I kept on ramming her like a crazy and I spurted out.

She was a bit disappointed as she had not cum. To fulfill her desire I then sucked her pussy till she too spurted out her juices. Now no time was left and I quickly dressed up and kissed her goodbye. since then we had sex only once.