Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Renuka first fuck with Raj - II

Hi Guys, this is Renuka again to present you the concluding part of my first experience with Raj. Let me recap what has happened so far in short. I decided to have my first sex on the last day of second semester in computer lab. Raj and I was in lab alone and I literally seduced him by showing my thighs and transparent panty.

Finally we both landed up doing it in most typical Indian style. As this was first time for me and as per his words for him also, he came a bit early and we were lying there on the carpet of lab both in birthday suite. I was laying to his side and playing with his nipples and just moving my hand over his hairy chest. He was enjoying this.

I asked him – Raj what were you waiting for after opening my skirts? Raj – Oh.. so you were not sleeping. I – Are you fool my baby, what do you think you will make a girl almost naked and she will not come to know.. of course I was awake by that time. But tell me what you were waiting for. Raj – Actually, juice were coming out of your Pussey and your panty was getting wet with that.

I could see the panty getting wetter and wetter. So I was thinking whether it is possible that a sleeping girl juice is dripping out from her cunt. Then I thought if you were really sleeping and I did something than you may go mad at me. Finally I concluded that you were not sleeping and inviting me for doing it. Then I searched for your milk booths.

I giggled and said so you are also naughty I thought you were saint and will not do all this. But anyway have you enjoyed. He said yes. “So now what next” – I asked. He replied – “Let me correct your program now”. But I was having something else in my mind. I told him to wash ourselves before doing anything further. He said ok and started to wear his cloths.

I again said – yaar, bathroom is just across the corridor so let go there as it is otherwise out cloths will get wet. After a bit of hesitation he agreed and both of us totally naked were roaming in the corridor. When inside bathroom, I told him that I want to clean his penis and without waiting for his answer I took his penis in my hand and started pouring water in it.

Just by my touching, it started to get hard again. I cleaned it thoroughly and then asked him that now it’s his turn to clean me. I sat down on shit pot and he cleaned me like a mother cleans potty of his child. His finger going in and put of my pussey lips and touching my clitoris with cold water flowing was giving me sensations.

He also cleaned my tummy where his cum was dropped. So he almost made me bath from my waist down. After getting properly washed, we started back for lab. I was looking at his dick which was swinging while walking. It was not fully erected but I suppose not fully limp also. I hold his penis while walking and it started swelling in my hand. I was amazed by the sensitivity of his dick.

By the time we reached lab, his dick was 75% erected. I locked the lab door from inside and started kissing him on lips in standing position itself. By now he was also aroused enough and responded properly. We were lip locked for few minutes. Our tongues interacted with each other like snakes. We had each and every corner of others mouth explored.

Our saliva was mixed like milk and water. His hand started moving on my back and I was creasing his back right from shoulder to the crack of his hips. After kissing his all over his face and literally making his face wet with our mixed saliva, I started kissing his neck then to shoulder and then his nipples.

I thought that as I get very much sensations when he kissed my nipples he should be getting the same but I think boys does not enjoy kissing their nipples as much as girls do. Any ways after kissing his both nipples and playing with them with my tongues, I gave him a hard kiss on his neck. Kiss was so hard and long that he got a kissing mark there.

While I was kissing his tool was getting hard and hard and it was pushing against my pussey mound as if it want to touch my clit. When his dick was hard enough, I made him lie on his back on the carpet and started kissing his navel then surrounding area and then his thighs. While kissing, I was just touching the tip of his penis and just by touching it was jumping like spring.

Every time I touched it pulled my hand it tried to reach my hand as far as possible. This was looking amazing and great. I asked him whether he is controlling his penis moments. He told me not much was in his control and all was happening just by touch. After touching it with my finger tip many times, I touched it my cheek. It bounced back again.

I did it with both my cheeks for 2-3 times and then touched the tip with my lips. He moaned and his tool jerked so hard as if it was trying to go inside my mouth. I giggled and told him - baby your this little naughty thing wants to go inside my mouth. Raj also giggled and said now it is not in my control and this is it’s own wish.

I looked into his eyes and said - oh.. my poor baby.. iskee ichchaa ko bhee poora karma chahiye ( we should fulfill his wish also) after all he has given so much pleasure to us. As I had cleaned it myself, I was sure of hygiene and all so felt no hesitation in kissing it. With this I kissed properly on his tool tip. He moaned. I touched it with my tongue all over his tip including the cut (hole) on the tip.

When I touched the hole of his penis with my tongue, he almost screamed with pleasure. I immediately pulled out as I did not want him to ejaculate so early. I kissed on his balls and thighs for few seconds so that his urge is subside. While doing all this slowly and slowly I was positioning myself so that my legs were towards his mouth and he could see my clean shaven Pussey just in front of his eyes.

He was touching my hips and pussey with his hands and squeezing my hips in between. I again started kissing his now fully erected dick right from bottom of the rod. I licked it from bottom to top like a dog with my tongue. I pulled it’s foreskin back and licked the circle joining the foreskin to the hard rod inside.

Then I took it completely in my mouth and slowly started moving up and down. His precum was coming out of penis drop by drop and I was licking it clean to make way for more. First time I tasted the precum of a man and it tasted slightly salty but tasty. I think after seeing and feeling so much action on his dick by my mouth, he also felt the urge or may be just to reciprocate, he kissed the mound of my pussey.

I was literally jumped with excitement. He kissed 2-3 times there and then parted my legs slightly with his hand to push his finger to the hole of heaven. I took the advantage of this and crossed one my leg over his chest and lay over him in 69 position now with full view of my sweet cute cunt in front of his eyes giving a good close-up view.

I do not know why but after some foreplay with his hand on my cunt, he licked the juice coming out of my pussey with the tip of his tongue. I felt the touch of his tongue and was sent shivering in my body. After that he kissed my pussey in full and licking it with his tongue. This was a amazing experience and cannot be described in words.

Now we were in perfect 69 position he was licking and sucking my cunt and I was kissing and licking his tower. I was going slow and avoiding the tip of his dick because I did not want him to come too early. At the same time I was requesting him to for hard kissing on my cunt. Suddenly Raj took both of my pussey lips in his mount and started sucking them as lemon slices.

This felt awesome and now electric shocks waves are hitting my brain and body was shivering. I asked Raj to repeat this action again and again. By this time he also knew that I was getting most pleasure with this action and he also was after every few seconds repeating this action.

After few minutes, I felt that I will reach orgasm just by licking and sucking by Raj. I was on the seventh heaven and do not remember whether I was licking and sucking raj’s penis or simply enjoying the pleasure he was giving me but Raj did not stop and his action was continued. Once I thought that I should stop him but then I decided otherwise and let Raj continued his licking and tongue fucking me.

After few moments, I reach to my orgasm and came with Raj’s head between my legs and his tongue between my pussey’s lips. I grip his head tight with my thighs so that he could not move his head even a millimeter and my full cum was all over his face. He was licking and sucking it quickly with his tongue. This was again going me wild and more cum was dripping out.

When I realized that this way he will not stop licking and I may go faint with multiple orgasm, I loosened my grip on him and simply rolled over to the side. He asked what happened. I was just trying to catch my breath so I indicated him to wait and bring water bottle from my bag. After taking water and when I got my breath back, I said nothing just I was feeling thirsty.

He asked whether I am comfortable and this has nothing to do with me licking and kissing his dick. I did not tell him that it was not because me kissing his dick but because of he kissing and licking my pussey. I simply said no I am ok now and again started kissing his dick taking full of it in my mouth. This action assured him a bit and he also tried to kiss my back.

We were both lying again on the carpet and kissing and licking each other again. This time I lay over him started kissing from his balls to his dick then to his navel and then nipples and then to his mouth. His lips, chin and nose all were dipped in my cum and smelling with the scent of my cum. I kissed full on his lips. In this way I tasted my cum and pussey juice also which also tasted good.

So I licked his face and again kissed his by taking his tongue in my mouth and inserting my in his. I kissed on his forehead and went slightly more up so that now my boobs were on his mouth and he took them in his mouth one by one. He was sucking them like a mango and I was again feeling like electric shivers through my spine.

After sucking and almost chewing my boobs and nipples, I along with him rolled over on the carpet and now he was on top of me sucking my boobs. I reached to his dick and started stroking his penis with my hand slowly and slowly. This goes on for 30-40 seconds and by this time I was again ready for next orgasm. So I stopped him and told him to insert his fully erect dick inside me.

He sat between my legs placed his dick at the right place. I pull both my legs up in the air to give him better view of the playing field. He placed his dick and then slowly inserted it inside. This time my vagina was totally wet and slippery so it went in like a knife on cake and I also enjoyed without any pain this time.

I lay on top of me kissing and sucking my boobs and simultaneously pumping his dick. I had my legs crossed over his hips and supporting him. He continued to do so for some time. I was also aroused so much that I also going closure to my orgasm. His action on my boobs with his mouth and on my pussey with his dick was driving me crazy.

As I was going to reach orgasm, I tighten my grip on his hips just because of reflex action. I felt that at the he tried to pull out form may vagina but as I was going into orgasm and wanted him to continue till I reach full orgasm, I tighten my grip more and I this pull and push forces, I felt the jerks of his penis inside me. I also reached orgasm by this time and just moaned loudly and my body arched.

With this I loosened my grip but now he was not pulling his tool out instead he just lay on top of me without any action. I understood that ha has also climaxed and came inside me. I was too busy enjoying my multiple orgasms so I did not care for anything and just lay there with Raj over me. I do not remember how long we were like this as I think I had taken a short nap also after so satisfying first experience.

Anyways, when I regain my senses, I just shake him and he rolled over to my side. I asked him how it was. He said this is his lifetime experience and he will remember this forever. I looked at the clock, it was 2.30AM. We started around 11.30PM so we enjoyed our first session for complete two hours. I started wearing my undergarments and so was he.

After getting fully dressed I look around and saw everything is under control and no sign is left in the lab for the hot and sexy session. Finally we left the lab holding hand of each other and having satisfying smile on our face. This was my first experience and I remember each and every details of this even after 18 years and having many sexual encounters.

That’s why it is said first love is very difficult to forget. I hope you have enjoyed the narration. Not even a word of this narration is fake. Even names are original. I hope that Raj must be reading this blog so may be he endorse this with his comments. So till next time, have a good day and nights with mountains and deep valleys…