Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sexy Hot Wedding Reception

This incident happened a few years ago & I feel I just have to let you know. I had been having an affair with my stepmother since highscool & after I left for college we never did anything sexual. Now 3 years later I was getting married. after the wedding we had a reception & I was really looking forward to my honeymoon & my new wife knew this also.

she felt bad that the honeymoon was delayed due to the reception & she told me she will make it up to me. After a few dances and seeing my bride in her sexy skirt & stockings & high heels drove me nuts. she noticed I was getting hard & suggested we go sit down. when we sat at a table at the back of the room, she started rubbing my cock thru my pants while kissing me and biting my neck.

she then went under the table and unzipped me. she took my cock in her mouth and gave me a slow blowjob. my wife never knew about blowjobs etc. but I guess she learned well from her cousins & friends at her bridal party. A few moments later my stepmother touched my shoulder & asked where my wife was, I could not answer cos of two reasons,

I couldn't say she was under the table giving me a bj & also the bj was so good I couldn't speak. My stepmother sat down next to me and held my hand, she started talking about our affair & this meant trouble as my wife never knew. my stepmother wished me luck in our marriage & told me our affair can't go on as I have a wife now but she told me she will miss my cock

and then she put her hand down to my cock for one last feel & was surprised to find a mouth there. this was too much for me and I shot my sperms into my wifes mouth. She then came up from under the table with a little cum dripping from her lips, my stepmother took one look at me, smiled and then kissed my wife passionately.

they both exchanged my cum and savoured it on their tongues. my wife was even bold enough to grab my stepmother's ass and squeeze it while they kissed. I quickly zipped up and looked around to see if anybody was looking. the girl's quickly broke off their kiss & my wife told my stepmother that although a guy may marry but it's the wife who joins the family & she is glad to be part of the family.

they both had smiles on their faces when my mother in law tapped my stepmother on the shoulder & said we are all family now so secrets like this should be shared! we were all shocked that my mother in law saw everything!! A few months later my dad and father in law went fishing over a weekend leaving me with my wife, mother in law & stepmother alone!