Friday, May 31, 2013

Enjoy With Aunty On Bed

Hi, my name is Ravi. I am 24 years old.

I live in a joint family. This incident i am going to share is when i was 20 years old and this incidence happened with me.We are three brothers and we all three brother live together.1st of all let me tell about my brothers(Me(raj I am elder brother and good looking and I can set any girl in first sight and I also have fair color), Raj (Middle Brother) and Mahindra(small brother)),

And my home town is Dewas but I was doing study in Indore (there was only single room) and I was doing M.Sc from one of the Indore College.My life was going smoothly but one day I was not feeling well because of fever and when I checked up doctor then he admitted me in hospital so I as I told you in Indore, no one family member is there rather than brother so I called at home and asked them to send any ladies who can take care of me.

Next day my aunt came to help us and at that time I was in hospital. 1st I tell you about my aunt(she is so hot and sexy lady with fair color and long black hair and her age was approximately 32 years but so was look like 28 years. She always try to get chance to say hot comments and she usually ware sare ).so she helped me a lot when I was in hospital and after 2-3 days I discharged from hospital and back to my room.Now I would like write story in Hindi..

Tab tak mera middle brother(Raj) ko bhi fever start ho gaya or usko bhi admit karma pada tab may discharge ho kar ghar par aa chukka tha or who hospital may tha or mera sabse chota brother bhi uske karan hospital may tha or may or aunt ghar par the. Kariban raat k 10:00 baj rahe the tab mane aunty se milk liya or medicine khaye or kuch time tak computer par chating kiya or fir soone ko kaha. Hamne niche ek hi bistar bhichaya or separate blanket se apne apne body dhak liya.

Par kuch time baad mane feel kiya ki aunty ne mere blanket may haath daal diya or mere fever check karne k bahane pucha ki abhi fever hai kya mane kaha ki nahi hai fir aunty ne unka haath mere seene par rakh diya. Tab mera lund erotic (bada ho gaya) fir mane bhi kuch time baad unke blanket may haath daal kar unke upar rakh diya or edhar or udhar ghumane laga or fir aunty bhi aaisa hi karne lage.kuch time baad muzhe laga ki shayad mane mera pant gila ho gaya hai.

Fir mane mera haath unke patikot(jo niche pahnte hai) rakh diya or unke blanket may aa jaya or kiss karne laga or fir aunty ke bhi response sayne suru kiya. Or apna haath mane unke patikot may dalna suru kiya to aunty bahane banane lage or kahne lage ki yah galat hai or response bhi de rahe the or mana bhi kar rahe the. Fir mane apna haath unke dal diya or underwear may haath dalna suru kiya (us raat ko mere bhai kyoe nahi tha who to hospital may mare bhai k saath tha es liye muzhe tension nahi the).

Or pahle ek finger unke pussy may dal kar hilane laga.pussy kafi chode the shayad uncle unhe rooz chodte the. Fir dusre finger bhi insert kar de or hilane lag or unhe bhi maza aane laga or aawaj karne lag fir mane apne speed bhi fast kar de. Or fir mane unks pura patikot remove kar diya or unke par chad gaya or kiss karne laga fir dekha ki who khakh(bagal) k baal(hair) nahi banate hai to pure sarir par ko kiss karne laga or boobs ko bhi chusne

Laga jaise baby justa hai to fir aunty neb hi apne aawaj karma suru kar diya or aunty ne apne aap ko pura muzhe soop diya. Or mere saath co operate karne lage or blue movie suru kar hum ek dusre ko kiss karne lage or mere three finger unke pussy may undar bhahar karne laga or speed bhi badane laga. Fir muzhe pee aaye to mane aunty se bola to aunty ne mouth may karne ko bola or mane pura mouth may kar diya or aunty ne pura pee pi liya.

Or fir mane apna lund aunty may dal diya to in-out karne laga. Aunty ki pussy kafi chode hai es liye jayada pain nahi ho raha tha or mera lund undar bhahar jane laga or aunty bhi enjoy karne lage or speed badane ko bola kyuki I think woh experience holder hai or mane apne speed bada di. Or who aunty bhi enjoy karne lage or “I said to aunty that I am going to cumming” to aunty ne unke pussy may karne ko bola or mane pura seman(juice) unke pussy may dat diya.

Or fir 1 min wait kar mane apna lund unke Ass may dalne ko bola par who mana karne lage fir kafi bolne par who maan jaye or dalene ko bola or jaise hi may dalne laga to kafi kashis ki par nahi gaya fir aunty ne oil lagane ko bola fir mane coconut oil laga or fir try kiya tab thoda undar gaya or undi chikh pade (jor se chelaye) or dhire dhire dalne ko bola fir mane or oil liya to mare lund mar lagane laga or fir dalane ki koshis ki or fir ek jahtaka mara to mara half lund aunty ki pussy may ghus jaya to to chikhne lage or fie ek or

Jatake mara to mera pura lund aunty k undar tha par kuch blood bhi aunty ki ass se nikalne laga par mane dhire dhire apne speed badaye or aunty bhi enjoy karne lage. Mere speed fast karne ko bolne lage or may waise hi karne laga or kuch time baad may unke ass may apna pura juice dal diya. Or fir kuch time tak hum aise hi padae rahe. Or us din hame raat ko 3-4 baar sex kiya.

Or us din se hum aaye din ek saath enjoy karte hai or bed may ek saath soone ka moka search karte hai or bed par husband or wife ki tarah behave karte hai.waise abhi or bhi hai batane ko kyuki mane mere ghar may sister, cousin sister and girl friend k saath bhi enjoy kiya hai par fir kabhi may tumhe wih bhi batau ga.