Friday, May 31, 2013

Vijaya aunty in Kanyakumari Express

I want to share real incident happened in 2T AC of Kanyakumari Exp during last summer. I was returning from Coimbatore and was on WL. Luckily I got RAC and boarded the train at 8pm. My co passenger Mrs. Vijaya 50 also boarded with lot of luggage. I helped her to put big suitcases under berths and locked with chains. She thanked me a lot. Since we were given seats i.e. two seats on on one side berth, it was not possible to sleep.

The TTE came and checked tks. The coach was full. There was no chance of getting full berth. I told the lady that normally I slept late so she can sleep and I will sit and wait. She was 5feet 6-inch tall fair lady but looked younger. She wore nice Sari and sleeveless blouse. Her breasts were large may be 40 inch and big buttocks about 44 inch. She agreed and around 8.30 she slept and covered her under blanket and cotton sheet given by the attendant. I was reading a novel and light was on. I was fed up and kept the novel in the bag. The lady asked me about my job and residential place. I also asked her.

She lived in Basavangudi in Bangalore with her son who was studying in college. Her hubby was an engineer and worked in large company on overseas projects who was presently in Dubai since 6 months. She was talkative and asked me many questions about my hobbies and interests. She had occupied almost 90% space on berth and I was left with small space. I went to toilet and changed to lunge which is common in South India. Now I could sit comfortably on the seat. It was natural that my body touched her legs, which she did not mind. She told me in gratitude
That I could spread my legs and sit more comfortably.

I was not getting sleep but I pretended to sleep keep my eyes closed. My hands were touching her thighs but I was afraid. It so happened that she turned side and her front side was touching my hand. She made her legs half folded… She told me again to make myself comfortable. In the process, my hand was between her thighs. I touched her naked thighs and waited for her response. She moved more closer to me and it was green signal for me. I moved my hands little further. She was not wearing
Any panty but my hand touched her thick pubic hair. Now she guided my hand to her cunt. After getting clear intention, I boldly searched for her cunt and inserted my finger inside her cunt. She silently moaned and hinted me to go ahead. It was 10.30 pm and train had reached Erode. No new passenger came but TTE told us that by 1 am the entire 4 berths would be vacant so told us to wait till 1 am.
I went to toilet again. The lady also got up and changed her dress to nigh tie. Now she did not speak but indicated by gesture to resume. This time her head was near me as the changed direction. I tried to touch her boobs under the blanked. I found that she had unbuttoned her bra and I could directly touch and feel her breasts. I pressed her nipples. And pressed her breasts in full circle. We continued in the same position.

After half an hour her hands were raised and she touched my thighs. I was waiting for her to touch my cock, which has risen to 7 inch. Her hand went in to my lunge and caught it. She handled it slowly and suddenly raised her head and started sucking it. I continued to press and play with her boobs and nipples, which were hardened. I could not control any longer, I held her close to my cock and I ejaculated in her mouth. She cleaned my cock with her tong. She went to toilet cleaned her face and mouth. We sat quietly till 1 am.
All 4 passengers got down and I shifted to another berth and slept for 2 hrs. Vijay aunty also shifted to my opposite berth. I helped her to get her bed sheet and blanket. She pulled me to her berth. I clearly understood that she wanted a fuck. My cock had again risen after some rest. This time she was lying down and I got on top of her. We were covered under blanket and she guided my cock in to her wet cunt. It was small but hot and wet. The entry was smooth but my cock was too big to go inside fully. I kept pushing it and once it is fully in I started to increase the speed slowly. I tried to stop once a while to suck her boobs hard so that I can prolong the screw. I fucked her for 20 minutes and she also appeared to cum begging me to bang her hard, I could not sustain the speed any longer and finally exploded in the cunt. I kissed her intimately several times and kept laying on her. After 15 mins I rolled over and slept with her till train reached outer skirts of Bangalore. It was around 5 am when I woke up. My right hand was on her breast, I did not want to let it go, I slowly started to play with it and she turned her to my side and we started to kiss. I was squeezing her boobs alternately and she was playing with my cock. She said come let us do it one last time. I got on her and the pussy readily obliged my hard cock with out any effort. I kept banging her slowly and increased the speed to catch up with the train rhythm. She kept pushing her buts up and we both exploded at the same time.
We got up as if nothing happened. I gave her my visiting card, took her in my arms and gave her long kiss sucking her lower lip, she too sucked mine.
Two days gone by and I got a call from her.