Friday, May 31, 2013

My Maid Amudha

Hi everyone my name is Joe today I am going to tell you about my first sex in life which happened with my maid Amudha. Amudha was an average looking woman in her 30's that used to clean our house, wash the dishes etc. I first noticed her when accidentally one of her pallus fell and I notice her boobs the were not big but nice after that I wanted to look at her more and more. I estimated her vital stats to be around 32-24-30.

I desperately wanted to have sex with her. That day came soon. It happened that after our semester got over in December I was at home. One day when she had come to do her chores my parents were not at home they had gone out to attend a wedding. Realizing this that today it was my best opportunity and I have to use it.

Amudha came to my house at 3.30 pm and told me that she will first wash the dishes then clean the house also she will take a bath at my house as she has to go to her village to attend her brother’s wedding which is due in three days. I told her it’s ok and went out of the house to buy some condoms which will come to use later.

After I came back I noticed that there was some sound in my room quietly I looked through the door and found out that amudha was going through my purse I understood it all as she took out the Rs. 100 notes I entered in my room she was shell shocked.

She started to plead and I calmly told her that I will tell it to the police. She requested me not to call the police I told her that I will talk with her after she finishes her work. She finished her work and entered my room I told her why was she going to steal as she used to get Rs. 800 p.m from my mom she replied that she wanted some money about Rs. 200 as she wanted to present some gifts for her brother.

I told her that I will give her Rs. 300 if she allows me to fuck her at first she was shocked later she told me that whether I had fucked anybody previously or not. I told her she will the be the 1st one. She agreed she told me that she will take a bath first and then get on.

Amudha entered the bathroom wrapped in a towel her started the geyser and dropped her towel. I was surprised to see such a beautiful body of a maid servant. She had nice firm boobs, long hair, a toned body, long legs, and some hair around her pussy; she also had hair in her armpits.

She was around 5.9 tall. She told me to get naked and join in her. I removed my clothes in a hurry and went in the bathroom. She drenched herself in hot water; put soap around her body putted lots of soap around her boobs and also cleaned her clit with water and a scrubber,

She came herself in the bathroom then she put shampoo in her hair and took the bath. She came down to my knees kissed my cock and started licking after some time she started sucking it and started playing with my balls

I squeezed her boobs then she told me that she is going was give me a nice blowjob. She started sucking it rapidly and was moving her head vigorously. In minutes I came in her mouth she drank all of my cum went out of the bathroom and lied on the bed.

I went near her and started licking her cunt she was rubbing her breasts in pleasure and was saying slangs. I entered my finger in her pussy and she told me that her husband never used to give her such pleasure which I had given her.

In minutes she came and I drunked all of her lovely juices. I took a condom and she told me that she will wrap my cock with it she put the condom and covered my cock I started to feel pressure. I kissed her and put my tongue in her mouth. I licked her breasts and rotated her nipples, then I entered her pussy.

As I entered she folded her legs around my hips and we both started moving she stared screaming and gave all sorts to of gallis, I was too feeling pressure In my penis I started moving my body and playing with her breasts she told me that I was giving her more pleasure than her husband who was a vagabond.

She was screaming oooaah.aaaa.h and I was too giving some gallis in minutes I increased my speed and she told that she is cumming again we both came together. I laid on top of her and after that I removed my condom and found out that my foreskin had been teared and my penis had become longer around 7-7.5 inch in size.

Amudha told me that today I had become a man. I was not going to let her go so easily as she was getting up I caught hold of her hand and turned her over to fuck her in her asshole she pleaded that it will be too painful but I wasn’t going to give in.

I took another condom and wrapped my penis with it put some oil around it and also put some oil in her asshole and entered she was screaming with pain and was saying ooo mar gayi aaaaaaah ooaaaaah I started riding her like a horse and within minutes I came. I removed myself from her and she also putted on her clothes as

It was already 6 pm she told that it was very painful for her too take it in the back but she was very pleased with me as I would give immense pleasure to women who will have sex with me. I paid her 300 Rs. and she left also I cleaned everything up and went to sleep.