Friday, May 31, 2013

Samina And Kameena!!

I am a 30 years old businessman, average built, 5'8? tall, with dreamy eyes. A best friend of mine had gone to USA from the last two years and his wife Samina was living alone with her two children. She is 26 years with a 6 years old son and 3 years old daughter. She is a woman of very strong character but became very sad and was restless when she heard from someone that her husband has married in USA. My wife and me helped her talk to her husband on phone to get the truth. He said that he was compelled to marry again for Green Card sake. A number of people came to her house and sympathized with her.
My wife and me used to call her regularly and talked about her husband. Slowly she overcame her anxiety and depression. She has nearly gone mental thinking always about her husband. Since she is my wife’s first cousin and a very good friends wife, my wife used to encourage her and console her.

My wife kept telling me that if men cannot live without a woman how a woman could live without a man. One day she told me that Samina is able to over come the separation but now she is thinking about sex. This is only topic on her mind, how to have god sex, since she had never thought about a sex with other men except her husband, her frustration has become more. Sine she has no way to full fill her desire for sex, she kept discussing about sex with her maidservant and my wife as to how often and how much time they got fucked in a week? Or, other questions. She started to watch blue film and read dirty magazines, which she got through her maidservant. My wife also foolishly gave her a few blue film CDs from our collection. My wife kept telling that Samina is young beautiful and how long she can wait for her husband. She kept telling me that Samina has got used to fingering herself or using vegetables. I too noticed that she used to give me hungry looks whenever we went to her house. I thought that she only in her 26th year and mother of tow young children, and is perfect looking and young. She has very slim and slender body, which she had maintain with great pleasure for her husband. She has a very beautiful white complexion and reddish cheeks with long black hairs and black eyes. She was the perfect symbol of beauty. Whenever she went to market all the people young and old gave her a stare at least once.

One day I could not resist looking at cleavage and was caught by my wife. That night while I was screwing my wife she asked me if I wanted to fuck Samina. I got a shock and my cock went cold in her cunt. I sat on her and asked her why? She told me that during our last two visits she observed me looking at her minutely and greedily. I told her that I am sorry for my conduct. She told me that it is ok for faithful men like me to act a bit naughty. I immediately pulled my cock out and asked her if she suggesting me to fuck my best friends wife. She pulled my face close to her and started to suck and bite my lower lip. I am not a fool to do it but I feel sorry for Samina that she is using her fingers and vegetables. Since I will be going for 2 months to my paternal home for delivery, and we can’t have sex till our son become 4 months I was thinking of giving your cock on loan to Samina for a few days. That way you also will have your sexual appetite satisfied. I kissed my wife and told her that I may have peeped to see her cleavage but I was never thinking of her. Now that you have suggested to me I will try my luck with her. My wife slowly started to squeeze my cock and told me to fuck her now. Once I got me Lund in she asked me to tell her as to how I am going to fuck Samina. I started an imaginary story and half way through her fantasy she had a big orgasm. She asked me to get up and took my cock in her mouth to give a nice blowjob. I came in her mouth squeezing her tits hard. She sucked my cock dry and gave me a wicked smile.

Next day I was to leave my wife in my in-laws place. She asked me to take her to Saminas home. We went in my car there and meet Samina and her children. Samina asked about my wife, as she knew that she is going to her parental home which is 100 kms away. My wife asked Samina and children to come with us so that they can come back with me in the evening. I knew now my wife is setting up Samina for me to night it self. The children jumped in to the car before my wife and Samina also got in to the car. We reached my in laws place for lunch and rested there for some time. I was with my wife in her room and she slowly unzipped my pant to give a nice blowjob. It did not take long for me to come as I kept thinking about Samina. She kissed my cock and told me to have nice fun with Samina’s hungry cunt. I asked my wife as to why she is doing this foolish thing. She told me that she is helping two friends that are hungry for sex. I kissed my wife and sucked her lower lip and bit it a bit. The mouth tasted saltish as she had just tasted my juice a few minutes back. She told me slowly in the ear that she had sucked me dry so that I can fuck Samina the whole night and don’t cum before morning. She wanted Samina to know that my wife has the best cock at her disposal and yet loaned it for a few months. It was time to drive back and the children sat in the rear as my wife asked Samina to sit in the front. My wife slowly said in my ear, she is hungry for a fuck; have her to your heart content. Don’t let her sleep tonight.

We stopped in between to have some soft drinks and hot somas’s. The children were very happy. As we were reaching her home she touched my hand which on the gear rod and thanked for the trip. The children never had so much fun after their father has gone to US. I told her not to worry and put my hand on her soft silky hand. The children were sleeping and she did not full her hand from mine. She closed her eyes and I kept holding her till we reached her house. I carried the children to their bedroom. She asked for my mobile phone number and said that it will be a great help if I can help her in these tough days. I didn’t want to drive to my home and I was waiting for her to stop me. Innocently I asked her if I might go now. She replied how can you go like this, you should have dinner or at least take a cup of coffee. I said no thank you I have some work to do and we will have it some other day. She replied who saw other day. She caught my hand and nearly dragged me in to the sofa. A fragrance mixed with her body perfume stuck my nostrils and stunned me. She was very close to me and I could not resist looking at her breasts, which were up right like as arrogant mountains. She came back from the kitchen with a tray of tea; I noted that she has opened one hook of her blouse reveling her white milky breasts, which are clearly visible now. When she bent before me and asked for the tea I kept staring at her lovely boobs. I was not taking tea and she immediately kept the try on the center table and sat in front of me. She slowly started to unhook her blouse and bent in to me asking me to unhook her bra. She gave me the teacup in my hand. She was looking voluptuous and was giving me difficult time. I took one sip lifting the cup with my left hand and she took my right hand and stuck it on to her chest. I felt hand go for my crouch and her finger-started to measure & rub my cock to life.

She gave a naughty smile and came and sat next to me. I took another sip from the cup and she put the cup down and pulled my head to her erect nipple. I started to suck her tits as if I was hungry for milk. I started to squeeze her other tit slowly and in few seconds I started to squeeze them violently. She pulled my mouth off and put my both hands on her boobs. She kept begging me for destroying them with out any mercy. I squeezed them real hard, which I never did for my wife.

Suddenly I started to feel that she is my best friends wife and also my wife’s cousin. May be I should not do it with her. She asked me why you are looking so up set and nervous. I said no no I am all right, there is nothing wrong. Then she slid very close to me and she took my head in her hands and put her hot lips on mine. I was still in trance. Now I tried to become normal because I couldn’t control my self any more.
She was licking my lips with her tongue and she inserted her tongue in to my mouth. I started to reciprocate. After some time she took my tongue in her mouth and sucked it very passionately. She was totally lost her senses by now and was sucking, licking all my face. I became very exited and aroused. I throw my shyness and started to kiss her face, neck, ears, and eye and even kissed her nose. Now my hands are on her both boobs and were rubbing and squeezing them at will. I started to takes her sari and petticoat of. She said let us go in to my bedroom. I picked her blouse and bra. I held her around closely with my arm holding her tit.

The tits were neither too big nor small but a desirable breast. Her breasts were white like milk on which the lights brown areola and a small brown pap. As we were walking I tried to suck the breast close to while I was squeezing the other. I wildly put one in my mouth and sucked it hard. She tried to get it of my mouth and I had even bit one so hard that Samina screamed but she didn’t stop me.

It did not take me long to get her rid of her other clothing. She went for my belt while I removed the shirt. I was quickly out of my clothes and it was air that was separating us. I pulled her hard in to me and hugged her close to me while her hot boobs were piercing my chest my cock slowly started to go up like the railway signal. It found its way between her thighs and she put her hand around her ass to feel the tip of my cock with her fingers. She could the feel the pre cum at the tip and took as much possible on her fore finger. She slowly got the finger in front my eyes and quickly pulled her toung out to like it. She did it one more and got out my arms to kneel before me. She gave me a smile and took my cock to her mouth. Her toung started to lick the precum while her red lips circled around my cock to suck out more precum.

She got me close to the dressing table, which had a big mirror. She fished out a cherry red lipstick and dressed her lips and made a popping noise to get it right. She said this wouldn’t leave color on you cock my husband brought it last time when he came.

She took the cock slowly in and stated to deep throat her self with my 71/2-inch cock. She took it out and started to lick the underside of my cock. She started to lick by balls and sucked them alternately. She made me lay on the bed and kept sucking my cock and was asking me to enjoy the red lips sucking my manhood. I pulled her and turned her on my belly so that we can do a perfect 69. She was hot like a roadside bitch and was dripping sweet juice. Since my wife had given me a blowjob before our return my cock kept becoming more long and hard, as I was not ready to cum any time soon. Now I wrapped my hand around her ass and pushed her pussy towards my mouth and put my mouth on her pussy lips. I kissed and sucked her pussy lips and inserted my tongue in her hole. My tongue was moving in and out of her sweet hole. She was moaning highly saying ahh my god I am going to die. She was moaning louder and was sobbing. Now she asked me to stop these and said I need you in me. I opened her pussy and I rubbed and squeezed her clit. The clean-shaven pussy was nice to watch. It looked fresh, as she was not fucked for well over two year. I inserted one of my fingers in her cunt hole. She asked me to take it in me I cannot wait more I am dying.
I made her lay on her back and with out my asking she spread her legs wide to give way to my cock. She kissed it then she sucked its head and suddenly she took all in her mouth. My prick reached to her throat, she sucked it for a while

I sat between her thighs and rubbed my cock on her clit. She lifted her hips a little and readying her self to take my cock. I inserted my cock in her sweet hole and with big giant stroke slid it inside her cunt, as she made a loud scream. I put my lips on he mouth and stayed in her pussy for a while. Then I started to move my cock to and fro. She has now put her hands on my hips and was trying to push me towards her cunt wanting more of my cock in to her. This made me more exited and I asked her Samina do you need a longer cock than this. Like a fool I asked her is my cock bigger than your husbands. Oh no it is enough for me. You have a real big cock than my husband.

Oh Samina this was the reason that he left you in your blooming youth. She laughs and said he left me in blooming youth for you. Now fuck me like you never fucked any one not even your wife. I increased my speed due to all the dirty talking. She is in her bloom and kept shaking her hot ass! I said fuck you fuck you! She jerked her hands from my ass and doubled her arms up near her shoulders. She closed her eyes, her expression intense. She was jerking her ass up and down, with my every stroke to get my cock deep inside her. She said please do it fast and fuck me harder and harder. I was moving like a well-oiled machine. I am now eating her boobs her nipples and biting them making love marks. I asked her if she wants to change posture to be in doggy style, she refused and said no fuck me like this I cannot move nor I can afford to put out your cock for a second from my cunt.

I am thirsty for a cock for the last two years. You first fuck me like this and after that I will do as you wish, I will allow you use my every hole and with this she increased jerks. She was jumping up and down. She has caught my hips and was shaking them ruddily. She was swooping by now. I was now sucking her boobs and was near to cum; suddenly her ass went up taking few more millimeters of cock. My finger went in to her ass hole and kept going deep inside Samina ass She suddenly shrieked. “Oh, God! I’m coming, darling!
I tried to bang her harder and she pushed me of her saying that you are like a donkey with a long big cock and are never tired. Your wife must have given you a blowjob after lunch. The cock came out of her wet hole and was steaming. She was exhausted but got up to see the cock and devoured it in to his mouth. The balls were all wet with her juice and she liked them clean. She went in to the kitchen to get some hot choc let. We enjoyed the refreshing hot drink while she spiced it with my cock.
The site of her hot lips sucking my cock was really thrilling. I was cursing my friend for leaving her and going after ABCD in US for green card. I was thankful to him and my wife for providing me with hot, saucy and sexy Samina. I did not fuck my wife this hard ever since she became pregnant. A blowjob once a while and some handwork from her with an occasional screw had kept me sex starved.

I asked her to let me in her ass hole but she avoided it rather by one or other pretext. I told her that I would never come here if she doesn’t allow me to fuck in her ass at least one time. She said she is afraid of ass fucking and had never done it with her husband also. She said that it would be really painful due to the size of my Cock. I was not listening to her and she reluctantly agreed and said please don’t fuck the way you did with my cunt.

She kept telling me, do with me what ever you want, except ass fucking. I have never got fucked in the ass”. I said you promised me that I could use any of your holes. I said there would be a little pain in starting and even you have pain first time in the pussy. She finally agreed and asked me to lubricate my cock and along her ass hole. She insisted me to take much care not to hurt her; she looked to me with tear in her eyes. She slowly turned around on her knees in doggy style with her ass ready for getting fucked. Her ass was little wide and milky. I bent over her ass and kissed her ass licking those two arrogant mountains. I moved my tongue in the crack of her ass hole and licked it. I slid my tongue in her ass hole. You have a pretty ass. I kissed her creamy ass cheeks, and She giggled with delight. She made an Oh when I probed her asshole with the tip of my tongue. She hissed and mewled and squirmed into my face. “Ohhh, darling, shove your tongue up!” Shaking her ass into my face. The tongue stiffened pushing at her tight asshole. As my tongue slipped past the ring, she cried out softly. I was now ready to insert my cock in her ass I then lubricated her asshole and my own cock with lots of jelly. I know your cock is very hard, She finally whispered. It’s hard as hell. I put the swollen head of my cock on Samina flesh. I rubbed my dick up and down her thighs, over the cheeks of her ass. She shook and trembled with the feeling, shoving her ass back eagerly. I placed the head of my cock upon her asshole, and gasped with the steaming heat of it. Oh, that feels huge she held her breath as she felt. She murmured as she felt the pressure against her asshole. I increased the pressure of my cock, staring down, seeing the ring of Samina ass hole giving way. Then more I pushed then more her asshole stretched. She was holding her breath; She cupped the cheeks of her ass, pulling them wide open to loosen her hole. It was strange, a very strange feeling, to have cock pushing at her asshole, but once she found it exciting and delicious. She moved her naked ass back, urging me to push my cock in. I pressed harder, and the swollen head of my cock penetrated the tight ring of Saminas asshole. “Ha,” She cried out. “You’re in me. She was now feeling that wonderful pressure and sensation. I stared down, seeing the ring of Samina asshole stretched around the head of my cock. Her ass was very tight, very hot. I gasped with pleasure as Samina’s asshole squeezed my prick, gripping it deliciously. She sobbed with rapture, finding my cock in her ass to feel very good. And after some strong strokes I felt that I could not stay more so I increased my speed to pumping her ass and fingering her pussy.

And suddenly she shouted I am Cumming and with this I filled her ass hole with my cream. Her ream was also coming out to her pussy as she was still in doggy style and my cock was in her ass hole. When we cleaned ourselves she was looking me with a naughty smile and asked you will not come here? No I am not foolish like your husband to leave this blooming youthful Samina. I will keep coming and will return even when my wife comes back. We fucked daily, and after my wife’s coming back with our first child we kept meeting at least once a weak.

One day Samina came to our house and I was to leave her back at home. My wife came to me and asked if she can see me fucking Samina. I readily said yes and ordered Samina to sleep with kids at our place as I am having a headache.

I went to the guest room and arranged my sons monitor camera in the guest room. I was pretending to sleep there as my wife went to feed my son. Samina came to me with balm in her hand. She bolted the door and started to rub my fore head with her fingers. While she was massaging my head I kept squeezing her breasts and slowly removed her blouse. She went to see what my wife was doing and told me that we have 15 mins to have a nice fuck as your son is having milk from your wife. She knows I liked sex with out clothes and got her self-undressed quickly. I too got undressed and she kept sucking giving me a nice blowjob. I requested her for 69 set up and she readily agreed as I am doing her while my wife is in the house. I slowly got on her and started to put my cock in to her hole. I pulled it out a few times to show my wife so that she can enjoy it. I then quickly put my cock in Samina’s mouth. Samina enjoyed licking my wet cock, which was pulled out of her pussy. I asked Samina to get on top of me so that my wife can see.

I did not expect some thing like this to happen.

Suddenly the guest room door opened and my wife was standing naked near the door with the room key hanging in her hand. Samina tried jumping of me. My wife came and put her hand on Samina’s shoulder and asked her to continue. Samina was hiding her boobs with her hands and my wife slowly removed her hand. She said fuck my husband you bitch fuck him hard or I will ask him to come on top of you and puck you till you die. Samina slowly started to move her ass. My wife asked me to squeeze Samina’s boobs. She slowly got her cunt in to my face and I kept lapping her cunt like a schoolboy eating an ice cone. Both the girls are on me one has her cunt on my cock and the other has her cunt in to my face. This is the first day my wife is getting to fuck after the delivery and she was leaking in drums. The live sex show and the 5 months of absence of sex had their effect on her.

I slowly pulled my hand of Samina’s breasts and shifted my hands on to my wife’s tits. I took some courage to put my wife’s hands on Saminas breasts. She rubbed her cunt hard on my face and slowly started to squeeze Saminas breasts. The excitement was too much for my wife and she came heavily on me as if the monsoon has started.

She kept squeezing Saminas breast hard as she can. I slowly pulled Saminas face in to my wife chest and Saminas started to suck my wife’s breasts for milk. While the ladies were wrestling with their tits I started to pump my cock in Saminas cunt. She had gone cold when she saw my wife and she recovered to reciprocate to my pumping. My wife was slowly rubbing her cunt asking me for another round of cunt licking.

The ladies came one more time and I said I couldn’t have you both sit on me like this for the rest of the night. Samina and my wife got up. I asked them to sit on the side by side. I pushed my cock in to my wife’s face. It was all wet with Samina’s cum. She looked at Samina and the cock slowly disappeared in to her mouth. Both the ladies alternately sucked my cock. Since I was taking time to come Samina went in to the kitchen and returned with three mugs of hot milk. I gave the ladies two red lipsticks with which they decorated their lips and both of them started to suck my cock with their hot mouths. It was time to come and I asked if it is ok for me to come in my wife’s mouth as she had been with out my juice for a while. My wife asked Samina to pump my cock so that she can enjoy my juice. I kept squeezing each of their breasts with my both hands and my wife had a mouth full of juice.

Samina moved to my house as the children went to my best friends parents. I kept fucking the gorgeous women for the rest of my life.