Friday, May 31, 2013

Virgin Roopa De-Flowered

I was learning at College when I was nineteen. It had happened on a Thursday. That day I had only practical in the afternoon so that I returned home early. When I reached home it was only half past three and my sister had not arrived from school. Instead of my mother the maidservant Roopa opened the door. She told me that my mother had gone to relatives house and apologized for not hearing my bell as she was running tap water in bathroom while taking bath. It was when she turned around that I noted that her blouse was not pinned up and she had put on a towel to cover her front side and instead of a skirt she was wearing only an underskirt covering down to her knee. I could see her chest partly, without any innerwear through the gap as she was holding the two flaps of her blouse together with just one pin under the towel. She apologized for keeping me waiting and for not completely dressing up as she was taking bath when I rang the bell. She was feeling sorry for coming out before drying up to open the door for me.
I was not listening to her and was watching her body outline through the wet dress. (She is about twenty with brown complexions, five-foot tall and well-rounded figure. In fact I had tried to steal a look whenever she bent down to pick anything or while sweeping the floor and could see the outline of her breasts, which were well defined for her age). I entered my room to keep the books and after changing the dress, I came out and walked to the bathroom. Thinking she had finished up and gone, I entered the bathroom as the door was only half closed. But she had finished only dressing her lower garment and was searching for the safety pins.
She was hurrying to hook up the brassiere and the blouse was still on the dress hanger. I could see her shoulders and the upper part of her breasts. She tried to close the door, but I was standing by the side she could not. So she hurried to go to room to dress up and snatching the blouse from the hanger, stepped out passing by my side, but in that hurry her foot slipped tripping her on the step. She was straight in my arms. I helped her to get up and in the meanwhile my hand had accidentally were touching her breasts which she ignored out of pain as her ankel had hit the door step. In the melee she had unknowingly let off the bra and it gave away and the whole back became exposed. I was in a tight spot, as she remained in my arms with her eyes closed owing to pain.. She got and kept rubbing the ankel with hands. I came out of the bathroom. I too took some ice from the refrigerator and started to rub it over her ankle. I helped her to stand up but she refused. Ignoring her protest I helped her to stand up and she freed her hands to tighten her skirt. But owing to the pain on her elbow also she was not able to bring the lace of the skirt around her waist. I helped to put it around the waist and while doing so I hugged her. She said thanks and shrugged away, and went inside the storeroom to finish up her dressing.
After a few minutes as she did not come out I just knocked the storeroom door and asked whether she felt okay. She opened the door partly and asked me if I can find her a few safety pins, which I did. While handing over the pins I pushed the door and there she stood with blouse half open. She tried to cover up but I told that I had already seen her bare chest once and there is nothing wrong in seeing it once more time. I told her that I had never seen a grown up girl’s chest and was curious to have full view of her breasts. She refused at first, but on insisting, she turned her head aside and slowly opened her blouse apart. I was quite excited by her act and before her closing the flaps I caught hold of them and bent down to kiss. Even though she stepped back, I could plant a kiss on the middle of her chest. She was shocked and tried to get away but I was standing at the entrance blocking her way out. I told her to allow me kiss her tits or other wise I forcibly do it. I bent down and she did not resist much. I moved my mouth to her left side over the bra, took the erect nipple in to my lips; before she was able to push me away I sucked the other one also.
She tried to jerk off but I had put my one hand around her neck. After squeezing the nipple with my lips as if drinking milk from it, I moved on to the other side. Now she stopped resisting and instead put her hands around my neck and pressed me close to her. I repeated the action for some time and I felt she was enjoying it. I asked her to remove the bra too, but it was time for my juniors to come from school and I had to let her off.
Another day knowing my mother will not be there, I deliberately came early from college and she opened front door for me. But since I had come earlier, she
wanted to make coffee for me and while she was making coffee for me in the kitchen I hugged her from behind and entwined my hands around her waist and kissed her
on her cheeks. This she did not expect and tried to push me away but she could not. I made her turn to me and caressed her forehead with one hand and then kissed again on her cheeks and my lips moved down to her lips which she did not like. So I kissed her on neck and moved my lips on the breast over the blouse and nipped the nipples with my teeth. She remained silent for a while. I switched off the gas stove and drew her to my room holding her hand. She tried to shrug away but my hold was firm. I pulled her down to my bed and turned over her. She tried to push me off
and threatened to tell my parents. I ignored her words and kissed her. I released my hands from beneath her body and moved my head towards the stomach; but she
suddenly pushed me off and tried to walk away. But I pulled her down to sit down and hugged her from behind. She did not refuse and I slowly kissed her neck from behind and took my hands to her breasts. I caressed her breasts over the dress. Now she turned back and kissed me on my throat. I was aroused by this action and hugged her tight and planted a kiss on her forehead. I took her face in my hand and kissed her on the lips. But she did not like it and wiped the lips with her hands. I took her hands in mine and guided her to stand in the corner of the room. Then I began
to kiss all over her body over the dress, on the navel, and indeed at the crucial spot too. She seemed to shiver a little and I stood up and tried to unhook the blouse. She refused and went to the kitchen. By the time my sister had arrived outside and rang the bell and I went back to my room.
I wanted to continue with the expedition so that I tried to access her at all possible occasions. And one day there was strike by the college students and father and mother had gone to visit doctor. So I had a full day for my self. When I came home I could see her putting the washed dresses on the terrace and after doing it she came down and opened the door for me. After changing my clothes I approached the kitchen. She was cutting some vegetables sitting on a stool. I took a stand by her side and put my hand around her shoulder. She warned me that the front door has not been closed. I went and bolted the front door knowing pretty well that my parents will not be back by another couple of hours. When I returned I could not see her in the kitchen. I saw her taking some grains from the storeroom. I immediately stepped in and closed the doors. To this she got angry with me and asked what my intention was. I told her that I want to see her fully nude. She replied that this was not good habit and threatened me that she will tell my mother. Then I told in that case I would tell her mother also about the incidents that happened between her and me. Finally she told that only if I undress fully she will be prepared for that, thinking that I will desist and also that I should not touch her body. I agreed and stripped of lungie and shirt. My penis was getting harder and it bulged out of the underwear. She did not look at me and continued with her work. Now I told her that she should begin. She turned back and looked at me unbelievably. With reluctance she slowly unhooked her blouse and put it down. I could see the shoulders and the marvelous design of her breasts despite the bra. Then I went forward and hugged her tightly. She
jerked and reminded my promise not to touch her body. I steeped back and scanned her head to toe. She untied her skirt, which fell down to the floor. The panty she
wore was black in colour. I hugged her but she tried to free herself. I took my hands behind her and tried to unhook the bra, which I could not. She stepped back
and stood as if refusing but I again tried and the bra slid into my hands. I put it aside and looked on to her breasts. It was wheatish in colour with black nipples. I asked her to pull down her panties, which she at first refused but I reminded her the agreement and pulled down my underwear. She was shocked to see the erect penis and tried to turn around but I caught hold of her hand and pulled to my side. Holding from the back, I fondled her breast with one hand and meanwhile sliding down my hands inside her panties. I could sense the hair over there and I twisted and
pulled the hair follicles and she mourned at this action. I made her to lie down and began to explore her body with my lips. When I reached the navel I stopped there putting my tongue inside and twisting and turning it. This took her to a sea of pleasure and she caught hold of my head and dragged me to the top of her. I squeezed her breasts one by one and took the nipples in my mouth and began to suck it like a child, which she too enjoyed. I moved my mouth downward and
put a kiss right on her vagina over the panties. I caressed the split of the vagina with my finger and tried to insert it over the panties right at the hole. But it did not go in and I withdrew. I again kissed on her navel and slowly dragged my head below and while doing so I suddenly pulled down her panties, which she did not expect. But before she could react I planted a kiss on the vagina this time touching the area with my lips. She jolted up her hips and again pulled me up. But I wanted to explore it completely that I pulled her thighs apart and got a full view of the slit which continued down far beneath. Meanwhile she shrugged and got up. I wanted to caress her vagina with my fingers and again approached her, but she told that I should
not do anything more…. But I was hot and could not turn back and I asked her to show me putting her finger inside the vagina but she disagreed as she wanted to remain a virgin till marriage. Instead she told me that she knew how boys feel and said without an ejaculation you will not cool down. She said she can help me and she took hold of my erect penis and began to fondle it with her finger. The touch of her finger on the soft tip drove me to skies. She continued to move her hands up and down over the penis looking at it and told me that it is becoming hot, red and bigger. She took the bottle of coconut oil from the rack and smeared some on my cock. At this act I almost ejaculated. But she told me to close my eyes and lie down and enjoy for some more time meanwhile she will entertain me. Very slowly she began to move the hands forward and back holding the cock tight. This really worked out and I was getting a unique pleasure. She lied by my side and inserted the nipple of her breast into my mouth and asked to suck it kissing on my forehead meanwhile fondling my cock. I was taken to heaven by this act. She continued this for less than a minute slowly increasing the speed of her hands. I sucked her breasts harder and I felt my eyes drooping and nerves on my face tightening and within a minute my semen flowed out and cock slowly drooped to original position. There was semen spilt on her hands, stomach and legs, which she wiped off with my lungie. She kissed me once more and told me that this will be enough for now and that she will help to relieve me like this if at all required later and should not go to any other woman as it was risky. I thanked her and helped her to put on her bra, blouse
and skirt.
The next week I got a chance to be with her alone. She readily undressed without much fuss and asked me to lay with her on the bed like last time. I told her that I want to help her come this time. She agreed and I started to finger her G-Spot while sucking and squeezing her tits alternately. She pulled me close to her and gave a loud cry and said this is the first time she had an orgasm. I kept stroking her pubic hair while she played with my cock. I told her that she should have a hair free cunt and made her run her hand around my hair free cock. She said she wanted to shave her hair but had no razor or blade. I immediately got a razor and spread her legs apart and started to shave her pubic hair. She was scared to allow me so I shaved her arm pits first and when she saw clean hair free arm pits, she agreed to spread her legs and I quickly got rid of all the hair. The cunt looked clean and she was very happy to see her hair less cunt in the mirror. I asked her to spread her legs one more time and started to apply some cold cream on it. She liked it and applied some in to her armpits. I slowly reached for her clit and started to suck it and stroked it with my tong. She resisted by pushing my head but I stated to suck her clit hard and she slowly started to pull my head in to her hole. I gave her a nice licking session till she exploded in to my face. She pulled my head up and started to clean up the mess she did. I sucked her my lips and bit the lower lip. She quickly with drew it but gave in to allow me bite it harder.
She made me lay flat and straight went for my erect cock. She kissed it and slowly took it in to her mouth. It did not take me long, in less than ten sucks I was all over in to her mouth. She said the juice is nice I will not let even a drop go waste. I went out to get some lunch and came with a blue film CD. After lunch and a nice sweet pawn I took out a porn CD and we started to watch a blue film with two girls and a boy fucking them. She liked watching the film and kept playing with my cock. I was squeezing and sucking her tits. We kept kissing while the pawn kept moving from one mouth to the other. She said I can’t keep my virginity for my husband. you are my guru and my lover, please fuck me to your heart content today. I want you to open my seal and deflower me forever I want to get fucked by you now.
I said you would have pain but let us make it fast and quick so that in future we can fuck each other to our heart content. She said you have a big cock will it fit in my small hole. I said don’t worry choots are elastic and can take real big cocks. Mine is not very big. I decided to under ply.
We got in to 69 for 10 mins with her on the top. I slowly asked her to turn and take my cock inside her wet hole while I was squeezing and sucking her boobs. She was slow but was able to get the tip of my cock in. I clasped her waist with my legs and stared to hug her hard. One big jerk with simultaneous bite of the nipple did the trick, before she realized where the pain is the cock went in deep in to her hole. She was trying to get her nipple out my biting mouth and did not realize the cock going in.
She took the nipple out and gave me the other to suck. She said you are a nice guy and I thank you for breaking in to my virgin cunt. You bit me hard and while I was worrying about my tit you got in nicely in. She started to move slowly, trying to Asses the damage to her virgin cunt.
Once she was moving comfortably I hugged her and rolled over her. I started with slow and small jerks and it did not take her long to move her bottom up to get the cock deep and fast. I lost count of the speed and she came like a volcano. I too jerked of my love juice in to her virgin hole.
She asked me to pull my cock out and was lit up to see my cock drenched in blood. I went to my dressing cupboard and pulled out a brand new white silk scarf. I made her wipe my cock with it and took her to the dressing table. She sat with her legs wide open, I cleaned her blood and cum oozing cunt with the scarf.
She pulled my head down and kissed me on my lips. My semi erect cock was touching her boobs. She said this guy is very good and started to suck it till it became hard.
I said not now and took her to kitchen. I heated two cups of milk and started to suck her boobs with hot milk in my mouth. She said that the bruised nipple is feeling better with each hot suck by me.
She then slowly started to suck my cock with hot milk still in her mouth. I was feeling that I am in heaven. I asked her if it is ok to fuck her one more time today.
She put the cup aside and laying flat on the bed called me with open arms to come on her.
She helped my erect cock to go in to her wet cunt. I asked her if it is paining. She said yes my tit is sore you did bite it hard. I started to increase the speed and she asked me slowed to down. One more time I lost count of time and the number of strokes. She started to say hundred, hundred one and said thousand. We both came one more time. She asked me to see if there is any blood this time. She cleaned my cock with the white silk scarf and I offered to clean her cunt. She refused my help and cleaned her cunt. She slowly spread the scarf in the air it was like a modern art. She threw it on me and said preserve it babu you will remember today for ever !