Friday, May 31, 2013

My Aunty Nirmala

Hi, I am Ram 22 years and living in Gujarat. I used to visit Mumbai very frequently as my aunt (Sister of my Dad) is living there. My Aunt Nirmala (Nimu Aunty) is 47 years old and widow for last 5 years. She is having one daughter Bhargavi of 26 and son Keyur of my age. Bhargavi got married 2 years back and settled in Bangalore with her husband. As my cousin Keyur is having same age we are very good friends. Whenever I used to go to Mumbai. Both of us were enjoying a lot.

We used to roam in Mumbai, watch movies, tease girls and at evening we used to have couples of pegs. Every time Nimu aunty was restricting us to drink, but we used to convince her by hook or crook. At last aunty was giving us permission to have not more that two pegs and she also used to join us for a single peg. She never used to have more than one peg. This way we were enjoying a lot during my visit to Mumbai. As Mumbai was only 5-6 hours journey from Surat, I used to go there every month. Those were our golden days. But in last Feb.,2005 Keyur left Mumbai for further study in Australia.

I had been to Mumbai one week before his departure and when we went to Airport to leave him I cried a lot. Same was the situation of Keyur. Our Golden days were ending now. Nimu Aunty was also very disturbed. My parents were also there. Bhargavi didi and her husband were also there. Next day they left for Bangalore and after two days stay I also prepared to move to Surat with my parents.

Nimu aunty could not stop crying as she was left alone now in entire Mumbai. Bhargavi Didi as well as my papa told her to visit Bangalore or Surat for few days but she could not leave Mumbai because of her job. She was trying to control herself but she was heavily disturbed as five years back she lost her husband, than her daughter got married and gone away and now her son Keyur gone away for further study.

After 3 weeks of Keyur’s departure I decided to go to Mumbai to see Nimu Aunty thinking that she might be feeling loneliness. So I took a midnight train on Friday and reached to her home on Saturday morning. She got really happy watching me on her doorstep. I didn’t informed to her in advance to just give her a surprise visit. She hugged me and took me inside. She was preparing to leave for her job. But she took a seat besides me and we started chatting.

After about half an hour when I reminded her for her job, she told me that she will take leave today. Again we started chatting. From our chatting I could clearly make out that she was feeling a lot off loneliness and she got delighted on my surprise visit. Than we finished our morning activities and got ready taking a bath. Aunt prepared a breakfast which we had together. At around 11 o’clock aunt asked me that what I would like to have in my lunch. I suggested to go out. At 12.30 we gone out and had our lunch. In afternoon aunt asked me to bring a CD of any new Hindi movie from library. I brought a CD of Hungama.

We watched it together and laughed a lot as it was a comedy movie. I was observing that aunt was coming out of her loneliness and getting normal. At about 5 aunt told me that she is going out to have some vegetables and stuff. I offered to join her but she told me to stay at home only. She returned with two shopping beg. One beg was full of vegetables while another beg was containing a packet of bread, few eggs and a bottle of Bacardi white rum. Watching a bottle of my favorite drink I raised an eyes with an aunt. In response she told me that “ Beta, abhi keyur to hai nahi to aaj mai tuje company dungi”

Ohh aunty you are a great, really taking care of me” I said and lightly hugged to her. In reply she kissed on my forehead and said “As you are taking lot off care of me, why should not I?” than we departed and she brought two glasses from kitchen. I helped her in bringing snacks and ice. I prepared two pegs and we took our seat saying a “Cheers” to each other. While drinking, aunty was cutting vegetables and I was helping her to prepare a dinner. After finishing her one peg she entered into kitchen to prepare some rotis and fry the vegetables.

I prepared our second pegs and entered into kitchen behind her. She didn’t said no to second peg. She was preparing a food and taking sips from her glass. We finished our second pegs in kitchen only while aunt was preparing a dinner. Than again we rested in drawing room and I asked her for more peg. She smiled at me and told “Let us have one more peg each and than our dinner.” I said ok and refilled empty glasses. Now aunt was talking freely and she was enjoying my company. Aunt has rested her head on my shoulder and she was telling me about her golden days she passed with her husband.

By the time we finished two more pegs before we took our dinner. We chatted for few more times and then we entered into bedroom. Both of us were drunk heavily. Aunt asked me to sleep on her bed and she took bedroll, placed it on floor and slept over there. She got fast asleep soon and within few more minutes I also got asleep.In the morning when my eyes open, there was still dark in the room. So I decided to sleep again for some more time. But before I close my eyes again my sight gone to aunt. I shocked watching at her.

Even though there was a dark in the room, I could clearly see that Aunt was busy in masturbating. She pulled up her petticoat and lifted her legs up in the air. She was pumping her pussy with two fingers. Her two fingers were moving in and out of her pussy while with another hand she was squeezing her boobs. Her boobs were also bare naked as she opened out her blouse and bra. My eyes fixed on aunty. I could not believe the scene that my poor but sweet aunty is masturbating that is also in presence of me. When I thought calmly,

I could understand that she is not having her husband since last five years so what else she can do to satisfy her urges and she is might not have anticipated that I will wake up. But watching her in this situation my body became hot, I got instant hard on and felt very horny for some sex. A thought came into my mind to join my aunt and take advantage of the situation but second thought came in to my mind that she is having lot off love for me like her son and I too have a lot of regards for her.

Also we are keen relatives. I should not break the taboo. So I decided to change my side closing an eyes and do not disturb to her in her self enjoyment process. Soon after I changed my position, I felt that aunt was now making some movements. I felt her warm hand on my chicks and her soft voice also “ Hey, Manu, why are you sleeping again, when you already wake up?” I got up from the bed finding Nimu aunty on bed and could not decide what to speak me murmured “humm ,what what aunty?” She laughed and told “ I know that you have watched me masturbating, but what else can I do tell me?”

“Yahhh, Yahh,” I gave short reply. My sight gone to auntie’s breasts. Her boobs were still bare open. When she looked that my sight fixed on her boobs, she smiled at me and told “ Come on Manu, Play with them” then she told me tightly in her arms and rested her head on my shoulder. She got emotional and with very soft and weak voice said to me “Manu my son, Since death of your uncle, I am fulfilling my physical desires by masturbating only . I have not touched any male.

I feel very lonely now and last evening you gave me feelings of my expired husband. My ever lost desire for man wake up again. Now, please help me Manu, please help me to make me feel like a woman, feel like your woman, Manu please don’t say me know.” She hugged me tightly ten. Ohh I was feeling hot for her watching her masturbating and aunty herself was begging me to be her man. I stopped to think any further and wrapped my both hand around her.

Her both bare open boobs pressed to my chest. I kissed her on her lips. She took my lip between her teeth and chewed it for some time. Than we inserted our tongue in to each others mouth and lost into heavenly pleasure. Both of us fall down on bed and rolled over each other pressing our bodies tightly. After 15-20 minutes of wrestling, kissing and caressing we started putting off each others garments. Soon both of us were completely nude.

Aunty had a marvelous body at her this age also. Her skin was very soft and body curves were very sexy. Her big boobs were crowned with hard erect nipples of dark brown color. Her thighs were just like banana tree and rounded butts were not less sexy than her boobs. Her pussy mound was puffy and surrounded by dark black curly bush. Her pussy lips were long and thick. When I Inserted my index finger into it I could feel the warmth of it. Her pussy was very pink and moist inside.

Aunt suggested me to play with her pussy so I inserted my finger little more inside and played with her. Aunty was moaning slowly and guiding me to touch her sensitive points. When I rubbed my finger heavily on her clit aunt started moaning heavily and begged me to put my cock inside. Aunt was playing with my 7 inch long cock , she released it from her hand and pulled me above her. She widened her legs and pushed my cock between her pussy lips. I never fucked any girl before,

As it was my first time I was highly excited and hot. It was now not possible for me to control myself. I inserted my cock heavily in pussy of aunt. Aunt cried out “Ohhh…” then she guided me properly and I started pumping my cock in and out of aunt’s pussy taking a proper position between her legs.
Aunty was moaning heavily and begging me to fuck her hard. Her pussy was very hot and lot off liquid was coming out of it. My cock movement became extremely free and I speed up my pumping.

Aunty was holding me tightly and biting me here and there. Than I lost my sense and shoot my load into hot cunt of my sweet Nimu aunty. Aunty had also lost her sense. We rested in the same position like a log for few minutes. Then we stood up. Aunty has started kissing my entire face. She was thanking me for the utmost orgasm I had given to her. It was now 6 am. Aunty asked me for one more round. Which we finished by 8 am after very long foreplay and sexual talks.

Than we took bath together, had our breakfast, chatted for few times and again we were ready for our third session at 11 o clock. This time aunty gave me very exciting blow job and then I fucked her into ass hole. We skipped our lunch and stayed in bedroom only till 7 pm. We had a very wild sex sessions. Both of us exhausted heavily. Then we again took bath and took our dinner outside at 9 pm.

I had to catch my train for Surat at 11.00 . When I left aunt, she was crying again. I assured her to visit soon. Since than I am visiting Mumbai regularly at every 2 weeks. Our golden days have came again. Anybody would like to share their incest story can mail me at and wanna strong man for fuck also can invite me.