Friday, May 31, 2013

Hot Wife's Business Trip

My company had put me up in the Wentworth Hotel for my course, very
nice of them I thought. My course was just round the corner, twenty of
us being introduced to a new computer program that was supposed to be
the best in the world at that time. The majority of my peers were just
not my type their life seemed to revolve round their job, I enjoyed my
work but I had other interests. At the end of the first week I was
missing Peter my husband, I was also missing sex being highly sexed it
was something I found hard to do without.
Saturday I spent doing a bit of remedial shopping and sightseeing, one
thing I did not want to do was hang around with the rest of the crew
from the course. That evening I put on a new dress that I had bought
that day, black, low cut, short and it clung to me like another skin. I
didn't bother with stockings my tan looked good enough on its own, just
some nice high heeled court shoes to finish the look. I had dinner in
the hotel restaurant before moving into the cocktail bar, it must have
been popular as it was quite crowded. I sat at the bar and ordered
myself a daiquiri, looking round the room I noticed one or two
attractive guys that quite appealed to me. There were one or two other
women as well, well dressed obviously with their husbands or
boyfriends, I appeared to be the only one on their own.
I was considering finishing my drink and leaving when the barman put
another daquari in front of me.
'Compliments of the two gentlemen at that table over there'
I looked over to where he pointed; it was a couple of the guys that I
had noticed earlier. I raised my glass and smiled at them, wondering
what they were after, as if I didn't know.
One of the guys stood up and approached me.
"My friend and I just wondered if you weren't doing anything or waiting
for some one if you would care to join us at our table. We are in town
on business and we would appreciate it, we wont bite, honest".
I know I should have said no, but what the hell I was bored and didn't
fancy spending the evening in my room alone. So I said yes and joined
Tony and his friend Greg at their table. They were nice guys kind of
cute, didn't spend all their time looking down my cleavage when talking
to me, something I hate. We chatted about ourselves, me being married
and away from home, them being single and tired of chasing young girls
that didn't seem to have a brain. A couple more drinks and we seemed to
be getting on extremely well I was flirting with them they were
flirting back (okay it was the alcohol)we were having a great time. I'm
not sure who suggested we leave the bar and head up to my room, it
could have been me.
We had another drink in my room, Greg was nibbling my ear while Tony
was running his hand up and down my thigh. I was getting hot and horny,
without looking I knew my nipples would be standing out a lack of a bra
making them very obvious. I knew also my panties would be showing a
damp patch as I became more and more aroused. Greg finally tired of
nibbling my ear turning his attention to my breasts, when I didn't
resist he took it as an open invitation as did Tony, his hand sliding
up the inside of my thigh to my panties.
Shit I was hot, two nice attractive younger guys all to myself, I
decided I was going to enjoy my evening. My hands reached out to the
crotches of the guys, through their trousers I could feel their cocks
straining at the fabric as I stroked them. I know that average length
was six inches but I prefer them bigger, neither Greg or Tony seemed to
fall in the average size I am happy to say. We didn't waste anymore
time, why should we, being all consenting adults.
I got Greg to unzip my dress, I shrugged it off stepping out of it and
my panties at the same time leaving them were they lay I headed to the
bed, King size courtesy of my company. The guys stripped in a hurry
thir clothes going anywhere as they hurried to joim me, their cocks
bobbing up and down as they moved.
Tony dived towards me on the bed his head heading between my thighs,
his mouth searching for and finding my pussy his tongue delving for my
clitoris. Oh what a beautifull intelligent tongue it was, strong long
and flexible. He had me orgasming within seconds, seeming to be
everywhere at once deep indide me then on my clitoris it probed every
crack and cranny. Greg knelt astide my head his mouth concentrating for
a time on my breasts and nipples, his beautifull cut cock bobbing above
my head I could see evry vein as it stood out his shaft like a marble
column the head a deep purple as it was engorged with blood. I reached
out a hand to enclose it feeling that vevet hardness there was not a
hair to be seen on his cock or his balls and what balls they were large
and heavy no doubt filled with his cum that were soon to be emptied. I
gently pulled on Gregs shaft guiding him to where I was able to engulf
the head with my mouth, I tasted the sticky saltiness of his pre cum.
I'm glad to say his personal hygeine was up to scratch a slight odour
of soap being the only smell. I slowly ran my tongue round the head my
saliva lubricating it, I tilted my neck slightly to allow a little more
of the shaft to enter.
God, I was shaken by a very intense orgasm, I had to try hard not to
clench my teeth on the cock in my mouth. Tony pulled away from me I
felt like locking my thighs round his head to keep him there. There was
a coolness as the air reached the moistness of my pussy but not for
long, Tonys tongue was replaced by the probing head of his cock it had
looked fairly big as I saw him approaching the bed but it felt huge as
it pushed against the muscles as it probed my depths. I felt spitted,
filled with his solid shaft the head almost creating a vacuum as he
rammed it deep and withdrew. The cock in my mouth was showing it
appreciated the attention it was getting the pre cum flowing freely
coating the inside of my mouth and causing me to swallow, my hands
worked on the shaft and balls. Tony was now working his cock very
slowly in and out of me I could feel my own fluids lubricating it the
muscles now relaxed welcoming its intrusion, I was coming time after
time. I had no idea of time I was wondering if the boys were going to
change positions when Gregs cock started to twitch thickening slightly
in my mouth, his balls tightened in my hand and I knew I was going to
have to either pull away or start swallowing. 'Whoops too late' I was
going to have to start swallowing, not enough though his cum filled my
mouth forcing its way back past his shaft. I pushed him back as I
gasped for air his next load spattering on my upturned face and down as
far as my breasts. I think this was the sight that sent Tony over the
edge his stroke quickened and he drove his beautifull big cock harder
into me I felt a throbbing as his cock unloaded his cum deep, deep
inside me. I was in that warm satisfied place that sexual fulfilment
leaves me in at times, not as often as I would have liked. When I got
to look at the clock it was one o'clock, I needed my beauty sleep so I
urged the guys to get dressed and leave telling them that if they were
around the pool tomorrow afternoon to say hello and we might take over
where we left off. I ushered them out of the room and took a shower
cleaning off their spent semen before going to bed for a deep satisfied