Friday, May 31, 2013

My Godavari Aunty

Hi friends I'm Marc nick name this is my first story ..This incident happened when I was 23 years old. I was doing my MBA final year by correspondence after completing my exams I planed to go to my aunts house in nungambakkam (Chennai).
Then I reached my aunts house . my aunt welcomed me and made me sit on the sofa, then she called her maid Godavari and asked her to bring drinks for me . I didn’t see Godavari as she is standing behind the sofa .then my aunt started asking about my parents and my studies and I asked my aunt where is
Suresh (my cousin) she told that he went to kerala for official meeting after some times the maid Godavari came with cool drinks for me , now I noticed her she was a typical south Indian lady not so fair but she looks pretty and huge ,I already have feelings for this kind of fat ladies, while she placed the cool drinks on the table
I got a chance to see her big pumpkin boobs (moolai) form the side view .while she turn around after placing the cool drinks I seen her big huge round ass (soothu) I was totally exhausted by her appearance I calculated her size by guess first it was 40 38 44 .

She was 46 years old her husband left her 10 years before she got two daughters both were married .These information I got from her after our relationship . now let us get in to the real picture how I seduced this busty big ass maid.
First day I used to see her where ever she goes , I use to see her shaking ass (aadum soothu) when she walks and bends down . I wanted to go to kitchen to drink water by that time I use to see her fat ass (peariya soothu) very clearly, she didn’t get any attention by my behavior .
By evening I asked her to prepare snacks for me she said ok and asked what u want to have (i said you in my mind) I said any thing crispy , then she went to kitchen after some time I went to kitchen to see what she is doing . she looked at me and said im preparing finger chips.
I went near to see that, now I was standing behind her my cock (pool) is straight to her busty ass (kozutha soothu). While putting the potato slices into the frying pan she came backwards because of the bust in the frying pan by her action her busty ass rubbed my cock (aval kozutha soothu en pool meala urasiyadhu)
I feel her ass crack at that time.then she suddenly jerked and asked sorry with smile in her face .i said its ok godavari ma.Godavari is staying in our house and working, in night she use to sleep in the hall, one day passed like this seeing her and brushing her ass(soothu). Next day after completing my breakfast I was watching TV ,
My aunt came and said im going to shopping r u coming with me , I said no aunty I feel so tired I need to take rest you go , then she said ok after finishing shopping im going to ladies club I’ll be back in the evening u take rest, by saying this she called godavari and said the same to her and asked her to take care of me.
Godavari said ok ma you don’t worry I’ll take care fo him. Then my aunt went . after that an idea struck in my mind , that is to seduce godavari, godavari went to bath room to have bath .then I took hair oil and poured it nearth door step of the bathroom after that I wiped it gently then poured some water there to hide it.
Then godavari opened the door and placed her leg in the oiled place and she fell down , by hearing the sound I ran over there , I was shocked to to see Godavari because of her dress . she is wearing only (petticoat )pavadai like mallu ladies.
Then I ran near her and helped her to stand , her smooth thunder thies (vazu vazupan peareya thodai) were clearly visible . now she placed her hands on my shoulder this made me easy to press her big boobs with my face, I hold big hips with one hand and took her to hall and made her to sit on the sofa, then I went into the kitchen and boil the oil in a bowl and brought it to give her a massage. I asked where u feel pain ,she said hips,foot and knees . then I made her to lay on the floor .
Now I started apply oil on her feet she closed her eyes tightly because for pain(after that only I came to she closed eyes because of pleasure), then I passed on to her knees I how u feel now she said much better . then she roll over now her ass (soothu) facing me . then she adjusted her pavadi brought it down and asked me to massage her hips now her back (mudhugu)is fully visible .

I started massage her hips with two hands I couldn’t massage it properly she understood that and asked me to sit on her big ass(peareya soothu) I was wearing lungi and I'm not wearing underwear, now I started shevaring and I managed myself and sat on her ass(soothu) my goodness it was so smooth like cusion then started to massage her hips she said not here go little bit down and she pulled her pavadi down my god her ass clevage(soothu pelavu) is visible now ,
My cock (pool)got raised and started pounding her ass I looked her face she is smiling and eyes are closed, now I got encouraged and started to massage her lower hips. And now she started to react for my action and said hmmmmm, i like that ,do it over their .now from her ass slipped down to thies (soothil irundhu vazuki thoodaiku vandhean) then I started to pull her pavadi down , she suddenly hold her pavadi and said not here sweet heart (inga veanam da chellam) lets go to bed room.
Then I followed her to the bed room while going I slapped shaking ass(aadum soothai adithean) has many times she made me sit no the bed and asked me whether I had sex before or not.i said no this was my first time. Now she got up and gathered her loosened hair and tied it in a bun behind her head. she looked at me teasingly.
She smiled a gentle smile and studied the expression on my face. She watched me gulp. i stroked my penis almost absent-minded. She was a big woman and, the manner in which she was holding her petticoat, all of her big belly and some pubic hair showing, her big boobs gently pendulating with her movements, she looked a very sexy dish.
She started to turn around on her knees, the cot creaking, her tits swinging wildly. She positioned herself with her back to me. Then she turned her head to looked at me. I gulped again. Now, pushing her massive, but shapely ass (azagana soothu) towards me, she started lowering her petticoat. Slowly. No hurry at all. Down and down went her petticoat until her big, sexy ass(peareya soothu) was finally fully exposed for me to see. Oh my god! It was so large, and so round.
And, since she was pushing her ass(soothu) towards me, so that the two cheeks were slightly parted, I could make out her dark anus from where I lay. Oh, she was really a sex-goddess!.
She eyed at me, smiling teasingly, and watched the effect the sight of her bare ass (soothu) was having on me. i had already started stroking his big cock gently. Now, the sight of her bare ass (soothu) made the movements of my stroking hand vigorous. i studied her ass. It was big, and round. It was wheat-colored, like the rest of her.
Actually, it was brownish, and its cheeks were the color of apples. Never stopping to the stroking of my cock, i leaned over and gave her ass a quick pinch."Aaahhh..." she cried out and rubbed her arse with her fingers where it hurt. She looked at me. "I have wanted to do it ever since I put my eyes on you," i told her. She smiled. "
Now you can do it whenever you want to," she said slowly, looking straight into my eyes. "Whenever I want?" "Yes...but only when nobody is watching," she said shyly. "Shake your ass(soothu) a little."She gave him a spicy look. Then she started swinging her big buttocks (soothu) for me to see. She swung gently, as if she was dancing.
I could not hold myself back any longer.i lunged forward and placed my eager hands upon her magnificent bottom. i moved my palms in wide circles all over it, feeling its warmth, its enormity, and its rotundity. my whole body was shaking now.
With a feverish movement, i positioned myself close behind her and, pushing one cheek of her great bottom to the side, i brought the tip of my tongue in contact with her hot anus. "Aiyo, Marc...what are you doing?" she said. i had taken her completely by surprise. I was pushing her so hard that she was thrown forward, and to regain her balance she caught hold of the table.
But she did not move her ass away from my tongue. Clutching the edge of the table tightly, she whispered, "Marc, idu venda...aiyo..." i had once again become deaf to her protests, which had been gradually becoming weaker and weaker. Standing on one knee, i twisted my wrist, moving my tongue this way and that in order to squeeze it into her ass hole. But the wall of her anus was not seeming to budge.
Then she moved away and asked me to lay on the bed and she started to suck my cock vigorously, after a hard sucking session she said ur cock Is too hard,my cock is 6.5 inch length and 4.5 inch thick. Then I made her lay on the bed now her belly facing up wards, I started to suck her boobs , I pinched her nipples “

Haaaa Marc suck it she said, then I started to lick her pussy (koothi)it was so hairy I spread the hair and run my tongue in her “issshhhhhh ahhhhh Marc fuck my pussy (koothi)with your tongue I fucked it with my tongue after that I took my cock (pool)and placed it near the entrance of her pussy(koothi)”shhhhhhh Marc fuck me plzzzzzz ..i started inserting my hard cock(pool) in her pussy(koothi) “yesssss
Marc like that put it in my pussy(koothi) now my cock is fully in her pussy(koothi)”Marc go ahead fuck me like a animal(mirugam madire enna oothu thallu),I started fucking her slowly she was screaming do it fast please fuck me harder, then I started to fuck her harder and harder like a freak, she was screaming by action “aahh like that fuck fuck (appadi dhan kuthu kuthu da) then she ejaculated after that I ejaculated in her pussy then I hugged her tightly.
She kissed me and said I can do any thing for you, then the devil in me aroused I said her I want fuck you in your ass hole, she was shocked and said I never did this before I said don’t worry I know how to do I have seen many pron movies."Do you have oil here?" i asked now, impatiently.
She looked at me questioningly for a while, but then she understood. There was a medium-sized bottle of coconut oil placed upon the table. She picked it up and handed it to me. i unscrewed the cap of the bottle and poured a large amount of the oil over my cock, spreading the oil all over it with my free hand. I made her lay on the bed her ass(soothu) is facing me
I asked her spread her ass(sooths virichu kattu) for me then I applied oil in her ass hole(soothu ootai). Now i moved a little closer to her started to poke my penis into her ass-hole(soothu ootai) .i met with only little resistance. The cock slid in quite smoothly. In, in it went. i kept on pushing gently until it was inside her to the hilt. I watched her face. Her eyes were shut and she was wincing a little.

A slow moan escaped her lips. my cock finally in position, I studied the manner in which his cock was swallowed up by her anus. She said,"Marc...please...idu venda." i did not say anything. i shut my eyes. I was enjoying the warm sensation of the walls of her anus tightening around my cock. "Aiyo...what are we doing..." Said godavari as if to herself.
I got ready to fuck her arse.i placed my palms on both sides of her waist and started moving my pelvis back and forth. "Aiyo...uummm..." She tightened her grip on the bed and bit her lips. Back and forth, back and forth. The cot began to creak. Back and forth, back and forth. i moved slowly, but rhythmically.
I could see my oil-stained cock going in and out of her anus. my cock was probably a little more that six inches long and with every thrust of my pelvis i was making it go all the way in. And everything i thrust, my heavy balls would slap noisily against her arise. And a moan would escape her lips.
This went on for I don't know how long, but after some time i suddenly slowed down and cum in her ass_hole (soothu ootai) .i was literally bathing in sweat. I wiped my brow with the back of my hand and announced, "I am tired." i carefully disengaged my penis from her arise with a plop sound and my cum oozing out from her ass(soothu). She hughed me tightly and kissed me I my lips and said I never enjoyed this kid of pleasure thanks u for this and she said “I love you” Marc.