Friday, May 31, 2013

My Aunt Taught Me Everything

I lay in bed, and I could hear the shower in the
bathroom down the hall. I knew that my Aunt Tasha
was in the shower. Just the thought of her being
there naked, the water splashing over her, turned
me on. I stoked my cock slowly, gently, thinking
of my aunt. I wondered what she would do if she
knew that I had been watching her for hours that
day, wondering what her pussy looked like every
time she bent over.
She had moved in with us a few weeks ago, the
result of a pretty nasty little divorce between
her and Uncle Bob. I guess all divorces can get
The water stopped in the bathroom. My bedroom door
was open, and I knew that she would pass by my
room in her short robe before going to bed. She
had done that every night. That was what made me
start paying attention to her in the first place.
Her room was next to mine, and she passed by every
night in a short little bath robe. Thinking about
it, I stroked my cock, moving my hand up and down
the shaft slowly. I closed my eyes, thinking I
should cover up and pretend I was reading or
something. The sound of the bathroom door opening
would let me know if she was coming or not.
I stroked the head of my dick, running my thumb
over it, feeling the sticky liquid moistening the
tip. I lay there with my eyes closed, thinking of
my aunt.
"Well!" The voice was Aunt Tasha's. I hadn't heard
the bathroom door open. I hadn't planned to give
her a show. I moved, trying to cover myself.
"You would think that you would at least close the
door," she said. But, it was interesting that she
was smiling, not shocked or anything like that.
I didn't know what to say. "Sorry, Aunt Tasha, I
got carried away, thinking about you and all."
"About me?"
I hadn't realized that my admission was going to
be so blunt. Damn, was I a dummy. Aunt Natasha had
been a fantasy of mine for a long time. Everyone
called her Tasha, though, making her name sound
somehow a little sexy.
"Uh, nothing, sorry."
I covered myself.
"You were thinking of me?"
I lay there, afraid to look at her. "Yeah, Aunt
Tasha, I was thinking of you, about how you look
when you pass by the door, you know, with all that
flesh showing.
"Well," she said, "that's a nice thing to say."
She stood there, then added: "I think it is,
"Do you really?"
"Sure. It's nice to know someone likes your body,
especially at my age." She took a step into the
room, looking at the bulge my throbbing cock made
under the sheets.
"Well, it certainly looks like you think my body
looks nice," she said. Then she smiled and added,
"Either that, or there's someone besides you under
that sheet."
I pulled my legs together and rolled over, not
wanting her to stare at the protrusion my hard
cock made in the bed clothes.
"You don't have to turn away," she said. She took
a few more steps into the room and stood beside
the bed. She was wearing that short little robe,
and I looked at the large expanse of creamy smooth
thighs. She reached down and undid the tie at the
waist, letting it fall open.
"You can look all you want," she said.
My eyes widened. I had never expected this. Where
her robe parted at her crotch, I could see a long,
narrow stripe of dark brown hair running down each
side of her pussy. Her pussy lips were full and
swollen. The part in the robe didn't show her
nipples; all I could see was the edge of each
round breast and the cleavage down the middle.
"Damn, you're beautiful, Aunt Tasha," I said.
She pulled her robe off. Seeing my aunt standing
there naked like that, I nearly came. I reached
out and gently touched the pubic hair at her
crotch. It was soft and downy. I moved my finger
up to her navel, then traveled slowly up to her
Her nipples were hard and dark red. There were
blotches on her breasts and neck, probably from
sexual excitement. I touched one hard nipple with
just the tip of my finger, and she closed her eyes
briefly and took a sharp intake of breath.
"Gee, that's good, David," she said.
I took the nipple between my thumb and forefinger
and pinched it lightly, watching it lengthen and
harden even more.
She reached out with one hand and tugged at the
bedclothes. I turned over, and let her see my hard
cock throbbing against my belly.
"Well, I guess you do like my body," she said. She
touched the head of my dick, sending thrills
through me. I had never expected her to touch my
cock that way, and the touch really turned me on.
She suddenly turned and looked at the open door.
Moving to the door, I watched in fascination as
she walked toward it, her ass cheeks tightening
and loosening with each step. Then, she closed the
door and latched it, and turned back to me.
"Move over," she said.
I moved over, and she lay on the bed beside me.
She twisted, putting her crotch in my face as she
bent over me. Suddenly, I felt her hot mouth on my
cock, and her hands began touching and pulling at
the skin of my balls.
Her hairy pussy was right in my face. I flicked
out my tongue, moving it up one side of the lips,
and then down the other. I reached up and touched
her ass hole. There were swirls of hair poking out
around the ridge of it, and her little pink ass
hole looked tight. I stuck my tongue in it gently,
and her moan made my dick vibrate. She tasted
clean and sweet, just fresh from the shower. I
loved the smell around her pussy.
I moved my tongue back to her pussy, sticking it
in, licking at the juices flowing from it. The
sight of her pussy so close, and the feeling of my
cock at the back of her throat was just too much
for me, and I could feel my balls rise up toward
my body.
I shot a load of cum into her mouth, and she began
to moan and writhe as my tongue touched her
clitoris. We both came, at the same time, our
mouths full of each other.
She pulled her mouth away and lay on the bed
beside me. I couldn't believe that this had
"Next, I'll show you how to fuck, if you want."
I nodded. "Yes, Aunt Tasha, I'd love that."
She gave me quite an education, and we both still
use what we learned