Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Journey To My Mom's Ass - Part I

Hii every1 this s kishan. This s my 1st story in ISS.. I’m working as an engineer in a reputed age s 25 and I wanna share my real story how I seduced and fucked my mom 4 yrs back who looks like angel wid well maintained figure I have ever seen.

It all happened when I was in eight class. One fine day one of my best friend came 2 my home in the evening and took me 2 internet cafe, I thought he may check some mails or he may browse some useful matter but suddenly he opened porn websites and I got shocked after looking at them, he was just enjoying and having fun with those kind of pics and videos, then I left that place by saying I got headache. From the very next day I too thought of watching them and wanna enjoy them..

Now coming to my family..I live with my dad and mom. My dad s a businessman and he’s always busy with his busy schedule. He hardly stay in home twice a week and spend all time moving here and there with business activities...Mom s a housewife with good figure around 36-26-39.She regularly goes to gym to maintain her figure. She looks sexy and looks like Amisha Patel..

Coming back to story…After my eighth class I to became strong in all and got some idea about adult movies and sex..After that I always fantasize my mom in different ways..She used 2 disturb me a lot in my dreams…sometimes she troubles me even when I concentrate on anything…1 day when I was in 10th class my dad and my mom planned to go to tour for a week. Then they asked me where I will stay..i said my friend will accompany me and I m not feared of any..Then they asked me to eat outside and gave me some pocket money for a week…on that day when they left I was alone in home …it became around 11pm and I thought of sleeping but I couldn’t get I went 2 my parents bedroom 2 just check in what is there …I just looked at some photo albums and den suddenly wen I opened 1 rack I found some porn DVD’s and some condom packets…actually my parents forgot 2 lock that rack which contains there sexual treasure…den immediately I went to dvd player and played 1 1 movie 1 man fucked a lady in many positions by tying her hands and legs and there were many such videos in it…

From den I watched all dvd’s and kept them all in the same rack as they were. I used 2 masturbate daily by thinking that lady as my mother and the hardcore rebel as me. After a week my parents came 2 home and they were very tired after a long tour...on that day of their arrival my mom and dad slept so soon by 9 pm..i was watching movie up to 10pm and I also slept soon…den after a nice sleep i woke up around 1 am to drink water…den I heard some sounds coming from my parents bedroom…I just went near and I peeped into bedroom…

I was shocked and stunned after looking my parents who were enjoying sex. My dad who hardly stay at home(already I mentioned) get fewer chance 2 fuck my mom…Today he's enjoyin her a lot..and my dad was fucking my mom so hard and tearing my mom’s pussy….my mom who has good well maintained gym figure couldn’t bare his jerks and moaned louder and louder like “ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh uiiiii maaaaaa uiiii maaaaaa chod dalo..aaj meri chooth ko phad daloo…ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh”(means fuck me fuck me harder and tear my pussy today)..i was just hearing all my mom’s moans and after 1 hour 1 masturbated in my chaddi and came back 2 my bed and slept silently….the very next morning I saw my mom and she was very happy and was doing her works happily…on that afternoon after coming from college I was very tired and I was relaxing on mom came with orange juice and came to me…I always felt my mom as my girlfriend as she looks sexy with sexy figure and no 1 can leave her without tearing her pussy hard if chance comes… den after drinking juice I told my mom that I wanna sleep..den I slept soon In my bedroom….then after an hour I woke up for bathroom and as I was stepping out I got shocked again…wow what a scene….

My sexy mom was watching porn dvd and was rubbing her pussy with the I went 2hall immediately den my mom changed the channel and adjusted herself as she was looking some bhakthi channel…den I thought in my mind that my mom needs a hard sex life but she couldn’t get it and she s satisfying her desires by watching porn dvd’. Den as soon as I stepped in hall ,I also acted like she was watching bhakthi channel and I too continued to watch tv. Then my mom asked me to get a glass of water ,as per my mom’s order I brought a glass of water to her but while I was giving it the glass fall on mom and mom became fully wet. She scolded me a lot and then went into her bedroom later. I too felt sorry for that and went to her for apology. At first she was in anger but later she accepted my apology and asked me to press her legs as her legs were in pain. I started applying ointment over her legs and within few minutes she slept off , but I continued pressing her sexy legs.

I was feeling as I was in heaven and I moved over her thighs and den I pressed her ass. I took deep breath as that was the first time I m touching a women body and that too she is my mom who gave me birth. For a few minutes I continued to press her ass as she was sleeping on stomach, after few minutes my mom started moaning with pleasure and she woke up suddenly. As soon as she woke up she asked me to get away from her with her cute angry face. So I went to hall and started watching tv. After 10 minutes my mom also came to me and asked me what I was doing when she slept. I was silent for a while and then told her that I was pressing her ass and thighs. Then she liked my honesty and she began to stare at me for 5 minutes. I was in shame and I even don’t know how to react to her. Then she suddenly grabbed my collar and took me towards her and then kissed on my lips for 2 minutes. I got stunned and lost my consciousness and was in heaven. Wow I didn’t expect this kind of reaction from my mom towards me. I jerked all my cum in my panty and she noticed my bulge and then our conversation went like this:

Mom: Beta kya mai tumhe pasandh hoon??(Oh my dear son , do u like me)
Me: Haan amma tu mujhe bahuth pasandh hoo aur mai tumhe kabhi bhi maa kin ajar se nahi
Dekha!!!(Yes my dear mommy, I didn’t see u as my mother in my lifetime)
Mom:……..The rest of the conversation I will continue in my next part..thx for reading my story. Don’t forget to rate this if u like.