Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ravished By Strangers In Her House

Neelu’s voluptuous body was used by a stranger inside the Cinema Hall for masturbation. He touched her, fondled her, squeazed her and even used her beautiful hand to stroke him and did not even hesitate in making her a Whore by massaging all his cum on her Titties. Neelu resisted in the beginning but enjoyed later and during the course of time She had almost taken it as a pleasure dream that had once occurred to her BUT all she forgot was that the Stranger had taken out her mobile from her purse and had made a call on his phone……..

It was Monday Morning. Aditya had gone to his office and the Kids were in school. Neelu was a bit relaxed now after sending them all. Suddenly her Mobile Rang. She went to the table and picked it up. It was an unknown number. She picked the phone and said, “Hello.” A male voice came from the other end, “Hello Meri Jaan…kaisi hai tu .” Neelu said in a harsh tone, “Who the hell are you.” The person on the other side said, “Arre itni Jaldi Bhool Gayee….us din Cinema Haal me to bahut Maze se mere Lund Ko apne haath me lekar sehlaa rahi thhi. Maine to kaha bhi thha ki jaldi yaad karunga tujhe, for kaise bhool gayee tu. Ohhhh Galtee meri hai, Bahut din ho gaye naa tujhe apna Lund diye hue, saali tum aurten hoti hi aisi ho. Chal ab zyaada din tak nahi tarsaaya karunga tujhe..theek hai?” … “SHUTTTTT UPPPPP….AUR DOBAARA PHONE MAT KARNA SAMJHE.” Neelu said and hung the phone. After some time again the phone rang. Neelu saw but it was the same number. She didn’t pick the phone. The call from the same number came several times but she did not pick up. But she was perturbed……feeling uneasy.

She took bath and came out. Looked at the phone. There was a message in the INBOX. She opened it and as she read it she started trembling. It read, “Meri Jaan, ab tum yeh mat sochna ki yeh message tum Police ko dikhaaogi. Kyunki Police agar mujhe poochhegi to mujhe picture hall waali poori baat bataani padegi, aur tum kabhi nahi chahogi ki tumhaare husband ko yeh sab pataa chale. Waise tumhaare ghar ka address pata lagwaa liya hai maine, aur tumhaare husband tak pahunch paana bahut mushkil nahi hai. Isliye meri baat maano, maze lo aur hame bhi maze do. Chalo ab phone uthao aur mujhe jaldi se phone karro warna iske baad waale saare messages main tumhaare husband ko karunga” Neelu was trembling with fear. “My God, I am Trapped…but what to do.” She tried to think all the options but the best option required urgently was to call the stranger. She called the number.

The stranger picked the phone after a few rings and said, “haan yeh hui naa baat. Kaisi ho meri jaan.” Neelu said, “Kya Chahte ho tum.” The stranger replied, “Chahte to hum tumko hain meri jaan. Bas ek baar tum fir se aa jaao. Tumhe Bas yeh Bataana hai ki aaj dopahar me 3 baje hum tumhaare ghar aayenge. Zara acchhi tarah se khhatirdaari karna hamaari…..Aur haan…Mere saath mera ek dost bhi hoga.” Neelu Screamed, “Aisa kabhi Nahi Hoga….samjhe tum…you Bloody Dog” The stranger said in a cool voice, “Chalo naa sahi… fir to tumhaare aadmi se hi baat karni hogi.” Saying this he held the phone. Neelu was breathing hard now. She was not in her senses, entire Universe was rolling in front of her eyes, she could predict the disaster in her life if Aditya came to know about it. She took some water and fell on the bed, still panting hard, with sweat all over her body. All she could decide in next few minutes was that she had to stop the stranger from reaching her husband Aditya, ANYHOW!!!!!!!!!.

Neelu dialed his number and as soon as she picked up the phone she said in a husking voice, “Dekho, Main ek Shaadi shuda aurat hun. Agar tumko thode paise chahiyen to le lo, par yeh ulti seedhi baaten mat karro ” The stranger replied, “Arre Paise kaun chahta hai meri jaan. Hum to tumhaare liye aa rahe hain. 3:00 Baje, ready rehna…aur haan us din Cinema Hall jaisi sexy bankar” Neelu tried to negotiate her best with him but it all failed. Neelu was restless. She thought for an hour and reached the conclusion that the stranger would not agree on anything less than having her body. “OHH…how would I deal with it.” Stroking the stranger inside the Cinema Hall was different and just an accident but now he was eying on her body. She thought and thought and finally she got in her mind that she had to keep her kids and Aditya out of the house till the stranger is inside. That’s the first step required.

Neelu made a phone call to Adi telling him that she would be going for some shopping leaving the kids at her friends’ house. She usually did this so it wasn’t a surprise for Aditya. Adi also told him that he would be late today evening due to some meeting in the office. Neelu took a sigh of relief. By this time Neelu had prepared herself because she knew that now there was no other way else than of surrendering to the Blackmailer. She took Bath and wore her cream saree with matching blouse and wore light make-up. She didn’t want to show the stranger that she is at all interested in him, may be that would distract him from her. She looked in the mirror and she felt a kind of twitch between her thighs, a sensuous feeling, of encounter with the stranger whom she had stroked once. She didn’t know what happened all of a sudden that she dropped the pallu of her saree and opened her blouse and removed her cream brassiere.

She took out a netted see through black brassiere and wore it. Then she again wore her cream blouse. She even lowered her saree and tied it below her belly button. She inspected herself in the mirror. Her black brassiere was visible from the thin cloth of her blouse and her milky breasts were even visible from the nets of her brassiere. “OHHHHHHHHHH what the hell I am doing…..why am I getting dressed for that bastard blackmailer??” Neelu thought but something inside her persuaded her to be like that. As the kids came back from school she served them lunch and then dropped them in the house of her friend Mamta who lived nearby telling her to take care of them as she was going to the market.

Exactly at 3:00 the bell of her flat rang. Neelu’s heart started pounding. She was trembling, with an unknown fear or may be with the lust inside her. She went and opened the door. Two men were standing there. Both of them dark colored, wearing pant and shirt. One was tall more than 6 feet having a muscular body with broad shoulders. He looked like a hunk. The other one was short. His body was totally de-shaped with a bulge in his belly. Both of them looked at her with lust in their eyes and though unintentionally, but a smile came on the lips of Neelu. The tall man said, “Arree waah Meri jaan, Aaj to Badi sexy lag rahi hai. Mera Naam Rafiq hai. Us din Cinema Hall me main hi thha. Yeh mere dost Ali hai.” Saying this both of them stepped in. Neelu gave them the way and as they came inside Neelu again tried to negotiate, “Dekho, Mujhe lagta hai tum dono ko paise ki zaroorat hai. Tum jitne paise chaho tumko mil jayenge..lekin yahaan se chale jaao.” Both of them looked at each other and the short man said to the taller one, “Rafiq bhai, tum sahi keh rahe thhe, Saali Nakhraa bahut karegi.” and they laughed loudly. Neelu didn’t know what to do next.

Suddenly Rafiq came near her and said, “Hame jo chahiye wohi lene to aaye hain meri jaan.” and saying this he bent down and lifted Neelu in his arms and threw her on the sofa. Neelu tried to get up but till then Rafiq was on his knees and pinned her down on the sofa holding both her hands. “Saali bahut Nakhraa kar rahi hai. Ali chal Saali Randee ko iski asli Aukaat bataa dete hain.” He bent his face and put his lips on Neelu’s Neck and opening his mouth he took her milky white flesh between her lips and sucked it hard using his lips and his teeth. Neelu turned her face left and right and tried to get out of his grip but she failed. His strong hands held her so tight that she could not move even an inch. He lifted his face up and said, “Le dekh le….teri Gardan par ek laal nishaan hai. Raat ko tera Aadmi dekhega isko. Ab soch le, Agar aise hi hamko Zabardasti se karne degi to aise bahut saare Nishaan padenge tere is Gore Shareer par aur Apne aadmi ko samjhaati rehna ki yeh Nishaan kahaan se aaye. Isliye Maan le hamaari baat aur chup chaap Mazaa le aur Hame bhi mazaa de de.” Neelu thought for a while. Rafiq was correct. If these bastards rape her body then she will have to give reply to Aditya for all of them.

She thought it to be the best opportunity to negotiate with them. She said, “Acchha agar aaj main tum dono ko sab kuchh kar lene doon to tum wada karro ki phir kabhi yahaan nahi aaoge.” Rafiq looked at Ali and they smiled and Rafiq said, “Chal theek hai meri Raani. Aaj Mazaa de de Hamko, Fir Kabhi tujhe Pareshaan karne nahi aayenge. Lekin aaj poora Mazaa dena hoga Hame, Who bhi ek Randee ki Tarah. Hum dono aise rahenge jaise hum tere kothe par aaye hain aur tu aaj raat ke liye hamaari Randee hai……bol Manzoor hai?” Neelu had no other option left so she decided to become a Slut for these two bastards today and said, “ Manzoor hai….Aaj tum dono ki aisi pyaas bujhaaungi ki hamesha yaad rakhoge.” Rafiq left her hands and Neelu got up. She had decided to behave like a dirty SLUT for them because that was the only way for her to get rid of these Bastards after that day.

She got up from the sofa and holding hands of Rafiq she made him sit on the sofa. She was looking into his eyes. Rafiq sat on the sofa. Neelu went to Ali and held his hands and bent his lips towards his face. Ali’s eyes popped out in surprise and he bent his face towards Neelu and Neelu planted a soft kiss on his lips. As her soft lips touched his lips Ali felt as if he had got an electric shock. He planted another kiss on her lips. Neelu took his hands and guided him towards the sofa and made him sit near Rafiq. Both of them were looking at Neelu. Neelu got up and sat in the lap of Rafiq and placed her lips on his lips and started kissing Rafiq. She took his upper lips between his lips and started chewing it. Rafiq was in heaven. He also pushed his lips against hers’ and started kissing her passionately. In the meanwhile Neelu took the hand of Ali and placed it on her naked stomach.

Ali started caressing her naked stomach. His cock was erect now. Neelu could feel Rafiq’s cock on her ass cheeks. Rafiq was kissing Neelu madly, his face moving right and left. He pushed his tongue inside Neelu’s mouth. Neelu was aroused by now. She had started moving her tongue on Rafiq’s tongue. Their tongues were playing with each other like serpents. Neelu was hot now. She was kissing Rafiq madly. Somehow she was loving the tongue of this stranger inside her mouth and her mouth was giving his tongie all the opportunity to explore it. Meanwhile Ali was squeazing her boobs over her blouse. He was kissing her white stomach madly while moving his hands all over her breasts. Rafiq started moving his hand on her smooth back and his fingers were trying to enter the band of her patticoat now. Neelu was getting mad. The very feeling of being with these two cheap strangers was making her go wild. She was in need of a wild sex now. She wanted sex with these two strangers desperately.

She got up from the lap of Rafiq and looking at them she said, “Abhi itni Jaldee kya hai, abhi to poora mazaa doing tum dono ko.” Saying this she opened her saree and dropped it on the floor. Then she opened her blouse and took it off and threw it in the air. Rafiq and Ali were looking at her amazed. Neelu came and sat between both of them and lifted her arms high. Rafiq and Ali were looking at her armpits with popping eyes. They brought their faces near her armpits and a lovely fragrance of her sweat mixed with a rich perfume entered their nostrils. Their eyes closed, they could not resist and started licking Neelu’s armpits like dogs. Their long rough tongues were moving all over her armpits and she was moaning hard. Two srtangers, never known to her were now licking her body, but she was now enjoying, she was getting pleasure in becoming of a Cheap Slut now.

She turned her elbows and started caressing their hairs. They had gone mad till now. Their tongues were moving right from her armpits to the sides of her black brassiere and with every lick Neelu was in heaven. They were growling like beasts. Slowly they expanded their area of licking and their tongues started moving on her shoulders, her neck and her chest. They moved their hands and started fondling her breasts over her netted brassiers. Neelu was going mad with the feeling of two unknown strangers’ hands touching her breasts.

Neelu’s eyes were closed with pleasure and she was moaning loud, “ufffffffffffffff……ahhhhhhhhhhhhh……yessssss………….lick me mannnnnnnnnn….uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm……….aaaaaaaaahhhhh” Rafiq lifted his face and placed his lips on Neelu’s. He pushed his tongue deep inside her mouth again and started kissing her. She could feel the pungent smell of tobacco from his mouth but it was giving her more pleasure now. She also pushed her tongue inside his mouth, kissing him desperately. His hand was squeezing her right breast. He took her breast in his hand and pressing it like a rubber ball his fingers turned her nipple like a radio button and pulled it with her bra net. She lifted her chest high every time Rafiq’s hand pulled her nipple with her brassiere net and moaned hard, “ummmmmmmmm……….aammmmuahhhh……..ummmmmmmm.” She was moaning but her voice wasn’t able to come out because Rafiq’s lips were tightly placed on hers.

Meanwhile, Ali had raised her patticoat and was kissing her thighs madly. His lips were moving rapidly putting a kiss everywhere between her knees and her thighs. He was going mad with the smell which was coming from her panties. With every kiss on her thighs Neelu was going wild. She was breathing hardddd now…….her moans could be easily heard even as Rafiq had placed his lips tight on hers. As Ali kissed her thighs she lifted her Ass high in pleasure which made Ali bury his face inside her thighs. The smell of her juices were making him mad. Rafiq was still kissing her. His tongue was going deep till her throat and moving all the way inside it encircled her tongue.

The smell of tobacco from his mouth was now making her mad. She had held his face in her hands and was pushing her own tongue deep inside his mouth. Their saliva were mixing as they kissed each other desperately. Rafiq’s hand had moved inside her black netted brassiere. His fingers were now moving on her large brown nipples. He moved the tip of his index finger round on her aerole and then tightly held it between his index finger and thumb and squeazed it hard. Neelu’s mouth opened wide with pleasure and pain but as she opened her mouth Rafiq pushed his tongue deeper inside. She tried to stop Rafiq by putting her hand on his but her hand was too weak to stop the hand of this Hunk. He was shifting his hand between her right and left nipple. Every time he squeazed her nipple, she opened her mouth in pain but Rafiq pushed his tongue deeper inside her mouth. All she could do was that when Rafiq pulled her nipple high, she lifted her chest along with it to get maximium pleasure. She was enjoying being their slutt now.

Ali was busy kissing her thighs. He pushed his hand deep between her thighs and Neelu spread her thighs and Ali burried his face between her thighs. As his nose reached her inner thighs, he experienced a nice fragrance of her juices and that made him mad. He started rubbing his nose on her wet panties and smelled it like a dog. He used his finger to put aside the elastic band of her panties and having already gone mad, he placed his lips on her cunt. Neelu moaned loudly, “UMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Muuuuuuuuuuu…. Miiiiiiiiiii…ammmmmmmmm” and lifted her thighs as if she wanted to give her cunt to Ali. Rafiq left her mouth and moving her brassiere down took out her large 40D breasts. He bent down and took her right nipple in his mouth and started sucking it. Neelu was wild by now. She had no control over her mind and body. She started moaning and saying, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh My God……….Yesssssssssss.Saalon Haraamzadon, ahhhhhhhhhhh………Chooso mere nange shareer ko……ahhhhhhhhhhh…..Hawaiian…… uffffffffffffff le saaale choos meri chooot ko………Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…..uuu maaaaaaaaa……choos saaale choosssssss.” and holding her left breasts pushed her nipple with her own hand into the mouth of Rafiq. Rafiq took it as if he was a small child and started sucking her nipple using his tongue and lips and was squeazing her other nipple with his fingers. Ali was eating her cunt. He had used his fingers and opened her cunt and now his tongue was inside her cunt, licking her juices.

Neelu’s eyes were closed and she was screaming, “Haaaaaaaaaannnnn….Chooso Rafiq…….pee lo meri choochiyon ko……Ahhhhhhhhhh aaj inse DOODH Nikaal kar piyo meri japanning. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Chooso mere Raja……Piyo mera Doodh Aaaaj…….Hfffffffffffffffff. Ufffffffffffffff Ali……Saale Khha le merii chooooooooooot aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh……….uuughhhhhhhhhhh…..Uiiiiiiii maaaaaaaa..” Both Rafiq and Ali got up and started removing their clothes. As they shed their clothes Neelu’s eyes got popped up with amazement. Inside the Cinema hall she had jerked Rafiq and she knew the size of his cock. It was around 7 inches long and jet black in colour. Neelu always hated black cocks. They somehow created an awful feeling in her. Ali’s cock was around 6 inches but it was too fat, like that of a thick cucumber. Its thickness was enough to tear off her cunt. They were both cut and she could see the rough blackish brown heads of their cocks shining with their precum. By all means their cocks were dirty, even they had not cared to shave off their pubic hairs. Its seemed as if they had a jungle of hairs around their cocks and even on their balls. The region around their cocks was black and seemed as if it was not washed for a few days.

Ali lifted Neelu in his hands and they both started taking her inside the bedroom. They took her inside and threw her on the bed. Neelu was hot and shouted at them, “Saalon Kutton, kitne Gande ho tum dono.” Ali laughed and said, “Aaj to tujhe in Gande logon ko hi mazaa dena hoga meri jaan.” Saying this Ali kneeled down near her face and started rubbing his cock on her lips. Neelu turned her face in disgust but next moment Ali held her face with his hand and turned it towards his cock. He brought his cock near her lips.

A pungent smell entered her nose and she wanted to remove her face but she heard Rafiq saying, “Aaj mazaa nahi aaya to fir se avenge hum dobaara….samjhi??” Neelu was helpless. She had no other option but to satisfy these filthy dogs. She opened her lips and took the head of Ali’s cock inside it. It was certainly awful having such a dirty cock inside her mouth but she started sucking it slowly, moving her tongue all over the head. Ali closed his eyes in pleasure.

Meanwhile Rafiq spread her legs and pushed his face on her cunt. His broad lips were now pressing her pussy as if they wanted to milk out her juices from them. His cunt was moving all over her clit like a serpent. Neelu was losing her control again. Her mouth opened wider taking Ali’s cock inside it. She was sucking it now with her tongue and her lips. Her tongue moving all around his cock and with her hand she started squeazing his balls. Ali was in heaven, he was screaming with pleasure, “Ufffffffffff Rafiq Bhai…..Kya Maal chuna hai tumne….ahhhhhhh…… Masttttt Randee hai saaali……ufffffffff….hushhhhhhhhhh ……aaaahhhhhhhh choos saali… aaahhhhhh….kya choosti hai Lund ko Rafiq bhai………aaaaahhhhhhhh.. Meri Jaaan……..tu bahut massst maal hai….. Ufffffffff choos saaali ahhhhhhhhhhh,” and he started squeazing Neelu’s boobs while screaming in pleasure.

Rafiq was moving his head up and down, growling like a wolf, sucking Neelu’s cunt. His tongue was inside her cunt now, licking juices from inside. Neelu was moving her waist up and down and moaning slowly she was sucking Ali’s cock like a whore. She took his cock deep inside her throat and then brought it out. It was wet with her saliva. She groaned and started moving her hand all over his cock. She massaged her saliva on his cock and then again took it inside her mouth. Ali threw his head back in pleasure, “Ahhhhhhhhhh……….. Meri jaaaaaaaaan…… aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh jaan le legi Saali tu, choooos ahhhhhhhhhh chooos Ahhhhhhhhh choos Saaali………ufffffffffffff ahhhhhhhhhh……..mmmmmmmaaaarrrr Gayaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhh………. And he pushed his cock deep inside her mouth and with a jerk exploded inside her mouth.” Neelu’s mouth got filled with his thick cum.

She tried to spit it out but her mouth was choked with his cock and he was bent over her. Her eyes popped out but she gulped his cum down. Ali took his cock out and fell down on the bed. Tears were flowing from Neelu’s eyes as she was gagged with his cock and cum and she was taking heavy breaths . Suddenly she felt Rafiq’s tongue going deep inside her cunt and she closed her eyes in pleasure. Rafiq squeazed his fingers and grabbed her ass cheeks and she felt a violent gush inside her stomach and her head banged backwards and she had an orgasm, “Ouuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………… aaaahhhhhhhhh.. Uuiiiiiii Maaaaaaaaaaaa….. Hushhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssss…. Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” she took the bed sheet cloth in her hands and squeazed them. She tried to close her thighs but Rafiq had spread them with his strong hands. She was cummming in his mouth and he was licking every drop of it with his tongue. Moving his tongue all over her clit, her cunt and her pubic hairs, he ensured to lick every drop of it with his tongue and lips. Neelu was exasperated, she was taking heavy breaths. No doubt these two filthy dogs gave her the best orgasm of her life.

But it was not all over. Rafiq climbed up the bed and spreading her legs pushed his cock inside her cunt. Neelu had already cum so she banged her head and legs and tried to remove Rafiq, but the hunk was too strong. He was pushing his cock inch by inch inside her cunt. “Chhhhhhor do….Please……….. Main Jhar Chuki Hoon… Ufffffffffffff. Dard ho raha hai………… ahhhhhhhhhhh……Please Bheekh maangti hun……… Ahhhhhhhh. Marrr Jaungi Ahhhhhhhhhh….Please Chhoro…..Ummmmm.Mar Gayeeee….aaaaaammmmmm,” She pleaded but the beast was not ready to listen. He was holding her legs spread in air and was moving his hips in full speed. His massive cock was moving in and out of her cunt like a Piston. Neelu was banging her head left and right and he was fucking her cunt like an animal. Suddenly Ali got up and took Neelu’s nipple inside his mouth. Neelu tried to remove him also but she failed. He pinned down her hands and started sucking her nipple. It was paining but these two filthy bastards were fucking her as if she was a whore.

Rafiq moved his cock in and out of her cunt. Slowwwly Neelu again started getting aroused. She was feeling good now. Ali sucking her nipples and Rafiq fucking her cunt. She started mumbling, “Uhhhhhhhh Haaaaan….. Uffffffffffff. Ummmmmmmmm….. Chod……Chod Saaale Uffffffffff..Chod mujhe………… Faad de meri choot aaaahhhhhh… Aaaaj poora mazaa doing tumko…..aaaaiiiiii. Ummmmmmm……..uffffffff chid saaale chod ahhhhhhhhhhh….aaaaaaamm….chooso meri choochiyon ko………. Ahhhhhhh aaj mera doodh piyo jaise apni maa ka piya thha…….ahhhhhh.. Mera doodh nakaal kar pee Ali aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh….” ALi also got aroused and started sucking her nipples violently. Rafiq was moving his hips in full speed now and he gave ONE, TWO, THREEEE and FOUR heavy shots and arched his waist and exploded inside her cunt. Neelu pushed her head back with pleasure. She felt as if a volcano had errupted inside her womb. Rafiq left her legs and got up.

Till this time Ali was again ready. He moved between her legs and pushed his cock inside her cunt. Neelu felt as if a thick Iron rod has penetrated inside her CHOOT. “Ouuuuuuuuuuuuu Maaaaaaaaaaaaa …….Mar Gayeeeeeeeeeeeeee… Chhhhhhor Saale. Haraamzade………. Phaad deeee meri Chooooooooooottttttttttttt.. Maiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Mar Gayeeeeeeeee… Aghhhhhhhhhhhh.. Chhhor Saale Chhhor de Please…… Haath jod rahi hun tere Please Chhor deeeeeeee…… Please ahhhhhhhhhhh Aaiiiiiiiii Mainnnnnnn…… Chhhor Chhor Chhorrrrrrrr,” She pleaded and banged her head left and right but the beast was fucking her in full speed. His cock moved in and out of her cunt fucking it hard. Her cunt was spreading to its extreme as his cock fucked it. Neelu was again wet now. She was screaming, “Ahhhhhhhh….. Saale Bahut Mota Lund hai tera….. Phaad deee meri chooot……… Aur chod mujhe saale aur chod……… ahhhhhhhhhh…….. Yessss yesss yessss… fuck me harrrrrrrrrd babyyyy…….. Ahhhhhhhhh…….. Chod saale chod mujhe uffffffffffffffff.” Ali started moving his waist in high speed and his cock was moving in and out of her cunt rapidly and suddenly he pushed his hips in front and exploded inside her. Neelu screamed, “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. Main gayeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Uffffffffffffffff…… yyyyyyyyyahhhhhhhhhhhh… uuummmmmmmmm. Ufffffffffff.” Ali fell down on her and was Breathing hard. His sweat was falling on her body and she was just lying as if she was dead.

After some time both them wore their clothes and kissing on her lips Rafiq said, “Chalte Hain Meri Jaan……….Aaj sach me tumne humko Poora Mazaa de diya.” Saying this they walked off from her house. She was laying on the bed, still gasping hard, the thick cum of those strangers still dripping out of her cunt and dropping on the pink bed sheet of her bed.
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