Saturday, June 1, 2013

Delhi guy having sex with ex girlfriend

Hi, this is my experience with my ex-girlfriend about 7 yrs back.. i'm from Chennai and my gf was from delhi, that's part of the reason why it didn't workout for us to continue our relationship... Anyways, coming back to the gf was a very sexy lady and was a year elder to me.. she is slim and has a great body.. we worked together in delhi for a year and were good friends..

I moved back to chennai and were constantly in touch by emails and phone.. she went to singapore on an assignment and I visited her for couple of days.. we fell in love and she expressed her love when I was abt to board the flight to chennai.. so we never spent time together in the same place after we became a couple..

I was on an assignment in the US and she was in Delhi when this happened.. we were trying to convince her parents for our marriage.. I took a two week break and travelled back to India to meet with her parents.. so she booked a room for me in a hotel in Delhi.. the plan was for me to stay there the night and the next day morning she would take me to meet her dad at his office..

We used to do some dirty talk whenever possible.. As soon as I reached the hotel I called her abt my arrival, we started talking and the topic slowly drifted towards sex.. She was horny and was being very saucy than usual.. I was just explaining what I'm going to do to her when she meets me the next day.. we've not had sex before.. so there was always this sexual tension between us..

I told her that I had bought some kinky stuff from US.. I had some whipped cream, real ribbed condoms and cock ring.. I was explaining how I wud use them on her.. she had an orgasm while we were on the phone and we dozed off..

I got up early, got ready to meet my darling and was waiting.. she came around 8.30 am in a black skirt and a light sandal color tops.. the moment I opened the door, she threw her hand bag inside the room and jumped on me.. I didn't expect it.. I just held her and cud feel her body was hot and she started sobbing..

I took her inside and sat on a couch.. she was on my lap still hugging me tightly.. I just let her be and was caressing her hair.. she settled down and started hitting me saying she hates me becoz she misses me a lot and that I'm not with her to take care of her..

Then she got up and went and sat in the bed.. she was acting like a baby and said "Don't come near me and that's ur punishment for leaving here in India".. I knew she wanted me to put some effort to pacify her.. I went and sat next her and told her that I missed her very much and read her a limerick I had written for her.. she cooled down and looked me in the eye and said

"How long would you take before you kiss me".. I slowly brushed my lips against hers and started uttering sweet nothings in her ear.. she pulled me close and started smooching me real good.. we were exploring each others mouth with our tongue for abt 10 mins.. we were really lost in the kiss..

I moved my right hand behind her back and slipped inside her tops.. found her bra strap, unhooked it and caressed her back.. she raised my T-shirt and I helped her remove it..She pushed me in the bed and sat on my tummy.. she bent down and started kissing my nipples and started tickling it.. I slid my hand in her thighs and reached her crotch..

she said "Don't spoil my dress I have to wear it to meet my dad".. she climbed out off the bed and removed her skirt and tops and placed them neatly on the couch.. this is the first time I saw her in her undies.. her bra was undone and she just removed it and gave a sexy look cupping her breasts with both her hands..

I came to the edge of the bed, she came near me and I grabbed her tits and started sucking them one by one.. she started moaning and enjoying the act.. her tits were very soft and pinkish nipples.. I took the strawberry flavoured whipped cream and applied it on her boobs and sucked them.. the cream got stuck all over my face and she pushed me in the bed and started licking my face..

she came down kissing and licking my upper body and went down.. she pulled my pants down and grabbed my dick in my undies.. looked up gave me a wink and kissed it.. I handed the cream to her and immediately she knew what I wanted.. she pulled my undies and stroked my dick a few times and applied the whipped cream all over it..

I'm usually clean shaven down there and she started licking and sucking my penis like a lollipop.. that was a great feeling..After few rounds of sucking she came up and just lay over me gazing into my eyes.. she asked me if I really wanted to go ahead with this.. I said "You won't stop now even if I say so".. she slapped me playfully and asked me if I had a condom..

I took out the condom and gave it to her.. she rolled the condom over my erect dick and removed her panty.. she was clean shaven and I just wanted lick her pussy as soon as I saw it.. I got up and made her lay on her back and went to lick.. it was very soft with no stain of hair.. I looked up a little puzzled, she said she got a bikini wax a couple of days back..

I thought it was kinky.. went down and started licking her pussy.. she started moaning and breathing heavily.. I used my tongue and tried to insert my finger.. she twitched and squeezed my head with her thighs.. I wanted to fuck her right away..I got my dick closer to her pussy and rubbed it against her clit.. then slowly pushed it in.. her pussy was wet and tight at the same time..

with couple of strokes I was fully inside her.. she held out her hand and I bent down to kiss her.. while I was kissing, I slowly increased the pace.. she said its a little painful and asked me to slow it down..I stopped stroking and just kept my penis inside her and started sucking her nipples.. she became a little comfortable, and moved her groin in a circular fashion so I picked up my pace..

after a couple of mins, she lifted her legs and wrapped it around me and squeezed my back.. she started breathing heavily, I pulled a pillow and kept it below her ass, that gave a good angle and the penetration was deeper.. I was slowly going to the point of no return and increased my pace.. she gave out a big moan and I knew she had an orgasm.. immediately I too came in the condom and that was a great feeling..

After a minute, my penis was limp and came out of the pussy.. I rolled over and she hugged me tightly and kissed me on my cheeks and said if you want to do it again today, get up and get dressed soon to meet my dad..We took a shower together and went to meet her dad.. we came back and did it again.. that was kind of our breakup sex.. I didn't see that pretty face again after that fateful day..

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