Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Sexual Saga Of My Family & Me - Part I

This is the story of Me, a strapping young guy of 23 years started on my sexual journey. My name is Avi and I live with my mother in a spacious house in a well to do area of our city. My father had died a few years back and my brother had got married and lived with his wife a few miles away. Now it was only my mother and me who lived in our house.

My mother, Sheela was 49 years old and she kept herself well groomed and presentable even after the death of my father. We had a roaring trading business which my father had created so there was never any dearth of money or any change in our lifestyle after my father.

My mother still went to her kitty parties and still dressed the same way as she did before she became a widow. She was about 5 feet 6 inches tall, fair, heavily built. She had huge mango shaped boobs and large ass. When she would walk and sway her ass, everyone would turn and look at her from behind but no one had the guts to even approach her because of the way she would carry herself. I loved her and respected her and we had a good mother-son relationship. I had never seen her with lust filled eyes.

Let me now come to the incident on how it all started.

I had just broken with my girlfriend and was missing the kissing and fondling of her boobs. We were both virgins and had not gone beyond just peeking at each other’s private parts and fondling them. I was a novice where sex was concerned. Now since my break up, I was moving around with what seemed like a permanent erection. I had an average body but a well hung cock. It was seven inches long and when it bulged it became apparent to anyone across me.

I had sex on my mind 24/7 and to ease it I was masturbating well over 5-6 times a day, but that kind of gave only a temporary relief. I surfed porn on the net till I came across a site with sex stories on it. Till then the word incest had only popped up in a few books I read and I had a vague idea on what it meant.

When I finished reading most of the stories in the general section, I saw there was a separate section titled “Incest”. Now I was horny and for me anything would do till I masturbated. So I browsed through the site and the first story that appealed to me was about a boy who fucks his friend’s mother and then his own mother. I was quite turned on by the language and the story and started masturbating when the images of my prim and propah mother started replacing the mother in the story.

It was quite an erotic though to me and I came, more than usual too. I was quite amused by the fact that my mother had turned into a sex object for me, when her soft lilting voice broke into my thoughts “Beta, if you are free can you please come to the living room for a minute?”

“Coming, Ma” I stammered as I zipped up my cock, shut down my laptop and went to the living room. Mom was sitting and chatted with her best friend Mrs. Neeta when I asked her “Yes Ma?”

“Beta, where are your manners, Say hello to Neeta Aunty first.” She said pointing out to her friend. Now I didn’t like Neeta Aunty at all. She was a divorcee, 43 years old and was very outspoken. She smoked, drank and was rumored to be having and affair with her younger brother in law was 33 years old. But she had been a strong pillar of support for my mother when my father had died, so I kind of tolerated her.

“Hello aunty” I said making a face.

“Hello beta” She said sweetly “How are you? How is your studies going on?”

“Him & Studying?” My mother snorted “All he does nowadays is roam with his friends. I don’t know when was the last time I saw him with a book in his hand”

Neeta aunty smiled and said “Arre Sheela, that is common in all the kids today. Its ok”

“Beta” my mom said to me “Neeta Aunty does not have her car today and she has to go to buy some stuff. I have told her that you will take her on your bike and make her finish her errands, drop her home and collect my bag from her house. Now can you please do this for me?”

“Aww Ma” I protested “I had promised my friends I will go for a movie with them.”

“Sorry beta” said Neeta Aunty in a husky voice “I know I am inconveniencing you but I promise I will be done very soon.”

I made a face and said “Ok Aunty, I will go and get my bike keys” and went to my room. On returning I found Neeta Aunty’s face was glowing and my mother was grinning and on seeing me my mother said “Jao Beta, Don’t hurry back.”

On hearing such confusing instructions I had a puzzled look on my face and on seeing that Neeta Aunty burst out laughing and told my mother “Hushh Sheela.” And got up to leave when she bent down to pick up her phone her sari pallu fell down and exposed her huge cleavage. She had worn a red sari and a matching red low cut blouse and when her pallu I was rooted to the ground staring at her boobs with wide eyes.

She looked up at me, gave me a sly grin and picked up her pallu and adjusted her sari.

“Chale beta?” she said again in a deep husky voice

I stammered “Yessss Aunty” and said by to mom and went out to start my bike. My cock was throbbing in my jeans and I somehow sat on the bike when she came and sat behind me. To steady herself she held my shoulders and adjusted herself to sit in a comfortable position.

I kick started my bike and rode it out of the building. Her hands had now slipped to my waist and she was holding me quite tight. In fact tighter than necessary. Her warm touch and the sight of her exposed mangoes had already created a storm in my jeans and I was very uncomfortable. I was constantly adjusting my bulging crotch when she said “Arre beta ride the bike with both hands or else we will have an accident. What are you doing?”

“Sorry Aunty” I answered “But my jeans are a little tight and I was feeling uncomfortable that is why I was adjusting my jeans.”

“Here beta” she said at once taking one hand off my waist and putting in on my thigh “I will do it for you, you concentrate on riding.”

I moaned silently in pleasure as her warm hands were almost caressing my thighs and was in seventh heaven when she got her lips very close to my ears and said “I think we should stop.”

Without thinking I blurted out “Aww no Aunty, why?”

She burst out laughing and said “Beta I meant you have to stop the bike here, we have reached the mall. Why what did you think I was meaning??
I didn’t have any reply to give her and blushed. I rode my bike to the parking lot and parked it in a corner.

“Aunty, you finish your shopping I will wait outside the mall for you” I told her.

“Don’t be silly beta, I cant roam about in the mall all by myself, please come with me” She said firmly and gestured me to come behind her.

I was looking at her swaying ass when she walked and was wondering how to ease my erection when she stopped suddenly outside a shop. I was lost in my dirty thoughts about her and me on a bed when I bumped into her from behind. I am sure my hard cock must have poked her in the ass. She looked behind and smiled and said “Lets go into this shop”

I was so high with the touch of her lovely ass that I didn’t even see the name of the shop and just followed her. On reaching inside I saw it was a shop selling bras & panties. I looked pretty embarrassed and told her “Aunty I will wait outside.”

“No Beta, I need you to hold my purse while I try out something. The last time I was here I lost my purse in one of the ridiculously small changing rooms. Come with me and sit here.” She said pointing to a bench just outside the changing room.

I sat down glumly thinking what kind of I mess I had put myself into when she came with a few silky panties and went in the room.

After a few minutes she called out to me saying “Beta can you please tell the salesgirl I need a bigger size than the one he has given me and get it for me please?”

I groaned and answered “Yes Aunty” and went to the counter.

I was blushing when I told the giggling sales girl that my Aunty needed a bigger size than the one she had tried. She checked and handed me a few panties still giggling. I was wondering what was so funny when I saw that the panties I was holding in my hand were quite kinky. In fact one or two were crotchless too.

I was fully turned on now and walked awkwardly to the changing room and knocked and said “Aunty, here I got the sizes you wanted.”

She slid the door open for just a few inches and handed me the ones which were small and took the ones I had got for her. She told me from behind the door “Beta the ones I gave you I have tried and they are small for me, can you please return them?”

“Yes Aunty “I replied and immediately put the panties to my nose. Mmmmmmmm it was a very musky odor and my cock was now posing a serious threat to my jeans.

I was still lost sniffing at her panties when she came out and saw me before I could put them down. Again she gave a sly smile and said “Chale beta?”

I nodded my head and went out the shop with her. She bought quite a few panties and bras and then turned towards me and said “I am done now, can you please drop me home now? I have to give you a bag to which belongs to your mother.”

“Yes Aunty” I said and we went to the parking lot and sat on my bike.
She was catching my waist quite tightly and was pressing her body on my back too. I could feel those soft mounds of mangoes crushing against my back. It felt so gooood. Unfortunately it had to end soon as we reached her house.

I followed her in her living room and she asked me to sit down. By now my cock had been throbbing for more than an hour and I had to do something about it. I thought to myself “This MILF has been teasing and flirting with me all day long. Lets see if she really means it.”

“So Aunty did you buy anything good today?” I asked her

She turned towards me and smiled “Haan beta, but that is what I was just thinking. I have brought all that stuff, but I don’t have anyone in my life to exhibit it too. I am a divorcee and no one even looks twice at me. I think that time has gone by when men would turn and look at me twice or ogle at me.”

“Jackpot” I thought and said aloud “Aunty how can you even say such a thing. You are an amazing looking woman and any man in his right senses would fall head over heels for you. Why all my friends also think you are very sexy.”

She looked at me in a strange manner and said “All your friends say that but what about you don’t you find me sexy??

I smiled at her and said “Aunty how would I know? I haven’t seen enough of you to say that, na?

She laughed and immediately raised her pallu and let it drop to the floor. Her magnificent boobs which were caged in her tight bra were heaving up and down. I was dumbstruck and my mouth was open in delight.

“Now what do you say” she asked with a naughty smile on her face.

“Ummmmm they look beautiful Aunty, but I cant say for sure till I touch them.” I leered and told her.

“Bastard” said she and came and sat on my lap “Touch, press, squeeze, do what to want to do with them but do something fast because since morning I have been ogling at your tight cock in your jeans and I cant wait any longer.

I kissed her lips as I put my hands on her boobs and started feeling her nipples tenderly. She put her tongue in my mouth and asked me softly “Pehle kisko choda hai or are you still a virgin?”

I blushed and replied “Aunty Pehle baar hai. If I do something wrong please teach me. I have seen a lot of porn movies but its so much better in real.”

She continued kissing me and asked me to press her boobs harder and said “This is called foreplay. You must arouse a woman before having sex with her.”

“Mmmmmm” I replied “Lead on Aunty, I am all yours.”

Still kissing me deeply, she said “Now unbutton my blouse first and then my bra”

I did as she told and was about to remove my lips from hers when she said “Don’t stop kissing. I love the way your tongue is flickering in my mouth. The more you kiss a woman the more she gets turned on.”

I kept my lips pressed on hers as I unbuttoned her blouse. Till then she had unbuttoned my jeans and was fondling my cock before she removed it. It flared on her touch and she gasped in delight “Its so big and hard. Ummmmm its been ages I held a nice cock like this in my hand.”

I unclasped her bra and her lovely breasts shook in freedom and I grabbed at them. Squeezing her nipples I broke my kiss with her and told her “Aunty I cant wait any longer I have to kiss these milky boobs of yours. They are irresistible.”

She laughed and said “Suck them baby. Suck them nice and hard”

I bent down and started sucking on her breasts one by one like a hungry child. She was moaning in pleasure. After 15-20 minutes she said “Bas karo ab. Now come with me to the bedroom. What we are going to do next we need more place than this sofa.”

She was in her petticoat only since I had thrown her sari, blouse and bra on the floor while I was just in my Tshirt. We went to her bedroom like that half naked. On reaching her bed side she said “Now lie down on your back. I will turn around and suck your cock while sitting on your face. And you beta will suck my hungry pussy. Do you know what this is called?”

“Yes Aunty” I responded “Its called 69. But I have never eaten a pussy before. I… “ I didn’t know how to tell her that I thought it was dirty.

“She looked at me kindly and said “Don’t worry. Everyone thinks it is dirty for the first time. But once you will get a taste of a pussy you will never stop. Trust me.”

I thought that if this is the only way I will get to hump her pussy then I might as well do it for I was super horny and I wanted to shove my cock in her hot pussy any how today. “Ok Aunty” I said I will do as you say.”

I laid down on the bed on my back and she came and sat on my face while leaning forward to suck my cock. She put my cock head in her mouth and it felt so warm and wonderful that I immediately started moaning in pleasure.

I thought that if this feels so good than if I lick her pussy then even she will feel as good. So I buried my face between her legs in her hairy pussy and sniffed at first. It was smelling like sex. I got more turned on and started kissing her thighs and her hairy bush. She guided her hips till her pussy was open in front of my mouth and I had no option but to open my mouth and slide my tongue in her pussy.

It tasted a little salty but on hearing her moans I felt I was doing something right and let my tongue loose licking and kissing anything and everything. She stopped sucking my cock for a second and said “Beta you are so good at licking pussy. You are a natural. I thought that I would have to teach an immature kid about a woman’s body. But you know what you are doing.”

I continued licking a pussy, developing a taste for as I started caressing her ass with my fingers. My fingers went near her asshole and I started to finer it. Her hot wet mouth started working faster on my cock and I realized she was enjoying it.

All this while I was eating her pussy and she was sucking my cock while moaning in pleasure when suddenly she stopped after about 20 minutes and turned around. She got on top of me and got her face inches away from mine.

She whispered to me “I cant wait any longer now. Put that hard leaking cock in my pussy. Quench my thirst. Please my body. I grabbed her face and smooched her hard. I slid my tongue inside her mouth and said “I have been waiting for this moment too, as eagerly as you are.”

She positioned herself on top of me and guided my cock to enter her pussy. She whispered in my mouth “Get ready sweetheart. You are about to break your virginity and get a taste of the most pleasurable act in the world” and without warning she sat on my cock.

On entering her pussy my cock felt a rush of blood and I grabbed at her tits squeezing them. I was pinching her nipples and shoving my cock wildly in her pussy.

She moaned loudly saying “Slowly beta. Not so fast. Push it inside and take it out a bit. Then again push it inside. Continue doing this and I will also move my body with yours.”

I was squeezing her tits and pushing my cock deep in her pussy. It was the most glorious feeling in the world. Now because it was my first time I came very fast.

“Ummmmmmmmm” I moaned “Aunty I cammmmmmmmeeeeeeee”

She smiled and said “You should control your cum a little bit. In the act of making love it is highly pleasurable if the man and the woman cum together. Now see you have cum and my pussy is still hungry. Your cock has become limp so what should I feed my pussy?”

I said “Sorry Aunty, but if u like I will lick your pussy till you cum”

She agreed instantly and sat on my face. I started licking her wet pussy again and after about 10 minutes of tongue fucking she moaned loudly “Ahhhhhhhhh I came”

After a minute or two when her body had stopped shaking she rolled off me and put her head next to mine on the pillow. She started caressing me on my cheeks and I kissed her.

“Aunty, I am so grateful to you” I said in between kisses “You were so good in bed and you taught be so much.”

She smiled in return and told me “Beta, you were good too. There is still a lot you have to learn for which I already have made plans for you”

I looked at her with puzzled look on my face and she told me “Not now. You will come to know when the time comes.”

I shrugged my shoulders and started kissing her again. We spent almost 30 minutes kissing and groping when I looked at the time and said “Oh no. Its getting late. Ma must be waiting for me for dinner. Aunty I will have to go now.”

She said “Go beta. Remember you are most welcome to come for more lessons whenever you like”

I nodded eagerly and got dressed. On the journey home I was thanking my good luck. I had spent the most memorable two hours fucking a sexy woman.

To be continued in part 2