Saturday, June 1, 2013

Guy watching wife getting fucked by mechanics

Hi I am Surendra (Name Changed) I am a regular reader of these hot stories and sometimes these are very hot. Here I would like to share a strange sex experience of my wife who had this encounter two year back, although I am not in good in writing. She is a good looking female with 36 30 34 figure and she is very sexy in looking.

We were married ten year back and having three issues. She is very demanding in the bed. Actually I lose interest in her on my first night as I noticed that she is not virgin although I didn't tell this to her and on enquiry I found that she had in relation with physical education teacher (Thats another story ) in her girls college.

But I am keeping this relation as we are living in society where these incidents are not disclosed. I think that she has noticed this all that's why she didn't visit her in laws house in last ten years so I was satisfied that may be its her past and she has forgotten that. We use to see porn films in our bedroom together and analyzing their acts and tried also for her satisfaction.

Now come to this incident which happened in last August. On my company tour I suppose to visit one district near to our place and tour was planned for whole day. I left my house around nine in morning and I was going alone in my car. As I started my journey I got a call from district authorities for requesting the postpone this visit as they have called by higher officials.

So I postponed it and I decided to give my car for service to service center. But mean time I got call from home and she said that our Dish TV is not working as she is alone in house as our kids are in boarding school so she said that call the mechanic. I immediately called the engineer and asked him to sent mechanic and he said Mechanic would be there by 10:30.

So after giving my car over their I came in an Auto and get down to near my house lane. I saw from distance that mechanics have arrived there, they are two guys in their early twenties with strong muscular body, I don't know why but my sixth sense said that lets watched them from distance. They rang the bell without knowing that My wife in Bathroom.

When she heard the ring she said from Bathroom to wait for a minutes, she came out by wearing Salwar and KAmeez without undergarments and she was looking very hot. She enquired from inside whose there when she came to know about mechanics she opened the door and went inside.

They kept the door open I entered in house and stand behind curtains in a way that nobody can see me. They asked about problem and they immediately start to resolve problem and that’s solved within minutes. She asked their names One was Rohitashav and other name was Indar Kumar.

She said to tem "Tum log satisfied sewa kyon nahi dete ho"(Why are you not giving satisfied services) When she uttered these words I noticed lust in her eyes as they are string musculature boy and I remember that during Porn watch she always admires musculature body of men in action.

Than she asked "Kuch piyoge" and they say as you wish mam our work is finished please sign these papers we have to go for other calls. She said "Aaj kaffi Garmi hai main Paani lati hoon" (Its very hot I will bring water for You). she brought water in a tray and she bend in such a way to serve the water that her all breast and naval area was visible and she stand there for a while till they drink the water.

I could clearly see the movement in their jeans but they said we have to leave. Than she asked them to stay back as she has already put tea for preparation and within five minutes she retuned with tea and some snacks and she again served the tea in same fashion as she served water. and she also took one chair near ti them.

and all started drinking tea and she suddenly said "are aap log to kuch kha hi nahi rahe"(You are not eating anything) and she took biscuit plate and offered them and during this she purposefully put her one hand on jeans near private area and she bend her body in front of other guy to show. I don't jnow why but instead of stopping them I was enjoying that.

When one guy refuse to take she put her in mouth and said you should respect host and don't afraid. That’s was the clear signal but still both guys in fix. She took all utensils and went in the kitchen and asked that "could you one guy come here help me to bring that box down" One guy went to the kitchen and asked Kaun sa she pointed towards one box.

when that guy climbs up on stool and she offered her shoulder and said take support of mine otherwise you may fall. That guy has give that bix to her but she dropped it and sit down on the floor. I can see that guy was not able to control himself but not having courage she said Ok you get down with cautions and when he was getting down she slightly pushed stool

and he falls directly on wife she immediately picked that opportunity and locked her lips, hearing that sound another guy came in kitchen and see them in that upside down position. He said let’s get up and go than she said don't be afraid and clearly shown her desire to get a threesome.

After getting signals in no time both guys start to rub her body by their hand she start moaning and said lets go to the bedroom. On the way to bedroom she was kissing one guy in his lap. In bedroom one guy was kissing her very gently on her lips and she was responding to him and another guy was kissing her neck and back from back and she was moaning

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOHHHHHH, she took out shirt of front guy and guy who was standing behind has taken her kameez and salwar in one shot she was totally in birth suite in fron of two guys. In no time both guys also came in their birth suits and on this side I was enjoying from distance.

Guy from front was kissing her on face and guy from back fondling her nipples and breast which are becoming erect and hard. Front guy slowly and gradually kissing to downwards and reached to her groin area when he kissed her in around her groin she moaned very loudly IIIIIIINNNNNNNDEAR AAAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA,

that guy has sit on his knee and start licking her fuck hole and he was doing it in style by using his whole tongue suddenly he bites her at fuck hole gently and she moaned IIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDEEEEEEEER and put his head towards her hole.

Guy from back also sit on the knee and he started to lick her ass hole and she closed her eyes and juice start flowing from her cunt and both guys are tasting that one by one. Suddenly she pushed both guys and sit on the floor and her body was shivering as she has her first orgasm she asked them to stand and they follow her instruction like a slave.

She hold their penis by her both hand start to giving them hand job and also start blowing them one by one suddenly one guy whole body shivered and he said I am Cumming she immediately took his tool in her mouth and drink his com to last drop and soon second guy also cum and she drunk that too (Although she never oblige me by this in bedroom).

She pushed them on bed and start playing with their tool by hand and mouth again in no time both guys have again hard and she said to them your dick is not as big and fat as my hubby but I will manage my desires. ( As I have 9" long and 2" Thick pole on erection and both guys dicks was average sized 5-6").

She asked Rohitashav you have a nice tongue and that guy immediately bend and start licking her cunt and she was moaning and pull another guy dick to her mouth and start blowing it. After few minutes she changed her position and ask to One guy to sleep and she immediately ride him and put his toll in her cunt and blowing another guy same time and guy was moaning

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMM AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Then she ask to that guy to enter in her ass hole he tried and successfully entered in her ass in few stroke by that time guy below her was stand still so that she could adjust. Now both guy start pumping her simultaneously and she closed her eyes and moaning very loudly

AAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAh OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MARO meri choot pha do meri gand mein aur ghusao AAAAAAAAAAAAAH aur jor se aur andar IINNNNNDEDRRRRRRRR RRRRRRROHITAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH maaro aur jor se and they increase their speed suddenly both guys shouted

CCCCCUUUUUUUMMMMMMMING her body was also fully arched which shows that all three are coming at a time and she asked them to sum inside holes and suddenly with loud moan both guys discharged their juice in her hole and collapsed. After few minutes they get down from their position and wear their cloths and went away.

But she lying over there for few minutes and slowly getup and went in bathroom. She came out of bathroom in a Gown and closed the door and she didn't noticed that I am there, she throw that gown on bed laid on birth suit and closed her eyes and start rubbing her cunt I understand that her desire is still not filled.

Then I decided to walk in bedroom in birth suite and very slowly I entered in bedroom and very gently get into the bed so that she should not realized my presence. I slowly start licking her cunt (I am in master in That) she opened her eye and saw me in birth suite she was surprised but in eyes contact I told her let me continue and then I have a very nice fucking session with her.

After that session she asked me how you entered in house than I told her whole story than she start say sorry I couldn't control myself but I coolly ask her about her premarital encounter she denied on first hand but on my insistence and my first night experience sharing she told me about relationship with teacher. That’s another story which I will narrate on later date.