Sunday, June 30, 2013

Awesome Foreplay

I am an 18 year old boy living in Ahmedabad. My residence is on the 2nd floor of an apartment building. The first floor of the building opposite has been occupied by an apparel showroom owner's family. The man has a young son from a beautiful wife.

Since weeks I had been admiring her awesome curves. Particularly, a black dress she wore nearly made me cum in my pants. I even fantasized about her a few times. I was sated. But she had other plans. I'm sure she had caught me staring at her a few times.

I couldn't help but stare at her perfect figure, the rounded ass and the full but firm boobs. The way she carried herself made her all the more desirable.

One evening I was all alone at home. My parents and brother had gone over to my uncle's place to spend the night.

I had been visiting a friend Sapan who stayed on the top floor of the opposite building. I had gone over to Sapan's place to copy some notes of his.

I finished my work at about 8 pm. While leaving, Sapan asked me to return a few wildlife magazines that he had borrowed from the aunty staying on the first floor.
"You might even get lucky" he said, "she's all alone tonight."

Oh yeah, I faintly recalled having seen her family leave in their car that morning.

My mind started racing, spinning far-fetched fantasies.

Regaining control, I replied "I hope so too buddy!"

Apparently, my fetish for her hadn't exactly remained a secret.

After the customary goodbye, I hopped down the stairs to the first floor.

I rang her bell twice. The door opened revealing her in that sexy black dress. The dress today seemed to accentuate her curves.

"Hi" I said "Sapan asked me to return your magazines".

"Oh, okay...come in" she replied.

I obliged, following her into the living room. I sat on the sofa, putting the magazines on the corner teapoy.

"Could you lend me a hand moving this table?" she called from the adjoining bedroom.

I entered the room and saw her trying to move a huge mahogany desk to the side. Her back was towards me. I couldn't help but admire her perfectly crafted ass.
"Wait" I said, and moved the desk aside with one push.

"My my!" she exclaimed "muscle man, huh?"

"Yeah, sort of...I go to the gym regularly."

"Wait, I'll get some lime water for you"

Out she goes, swinging her ass all the way.

5 minutes later, she came back with a tray containing two glasses. I took one and started sipping. It was nice, but some vodka would have been nicer. To get me in character.

She spilled some lime-water on to her dress. I think she did that deliberately.

"Would you like to help me wipe this off my dress?" she asked in a husky yet seductive voice. "Better still, let me just take my top off, the heat today is unbearable"

Saying this, she stood up and in one swift movement, took off her top.

I was amazed by her boldness, and speechless seeing her figure. She had a wheatish coloured skin. I had an instant rock solid hard on.

Suddenly I stood up and took her in my arms and started kissing her tenderly on the lips. I felt her responding in the same way. Then, I hugged her close to my chest, all the while fumbling to unhook her black silken bra and took it off.

We kissed for about 15 seconds and then broke off for breath.

I took off my shirt and made her lie on the bed, all the while eyeing her assets.

I started kissing on her throat, kneading her boobs.

The nipples responding to my touch, were now hard and erect. I rolled my tongue over her boobs. My rod-like erection was poking her pussy.

I kissed her belly, moving on to her navel while my hand kept sliding downwards. She gave a little moan as my hand broke the final barrier, caressing the folds of her wet pussy.

She unzipped my pants and released my straining cock.

Her first touch sent a jolt of electricity through my body. Slowly she moved her hand on my penis.
I was barely holding my cum in. I lay down on the bed, then put my hands underneath her ass and hoisted her up onto my legs.

Them we kissed some more. . .yeah, it felt like heaven. She continued caressing my cock. Then she bent down.

The realization hit me. She was going to give me a blowjob!

She took me in her mouth. . .I was experiencing intense pleasure and pain as my cock strained.

I could hold no more. . .I warned her of the oncoming load. She took her mouth away. I quickly went to the adjoining bathroom and shot my stuff into the basin. I came out then, wore my shirt.

We shared one last kiss and then off I went with the hope that next time we'd graduate to better things.