Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Encounter With Sister Sindhu

Hi ISS readers, first of all i would like to thank ISS to know that there are people like me who loves to make love with their sister. I gone through many stories in this website, i dont know how many of them are true, but gave me some kind of boldness to write this true story which happened just few weeks back. Thanks to ISS. first of all let me tell you about me n sindhu. i m sri doing my final yr from visakhapatnam ans sindhu is doing her 1st year from vizag as well.i really dont know about her figure but she is cute,fair, n 5'4'' with little more weight that she need to be at her age.

friends give your feed back , i know this story is little lengthier and forgive me for the mistake, as i dont know how to write a story, n this is a real story

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sindhu is my aunt's daughter, they stay at steel plant which is near vizag, her parents are too strict so she used to cal up when ever her parents are not there at home, but avoided as i thought she is too young, she always talks about her school things which makes me bored. i usually dont attend any family functions but she called up one day and said that tomorrow is my birthday and i want ur presence, then i went there with my parents and i saw her after 2 years and i was shocked to see her, she was dam gorgeous. i said to my parents that i will park my car,then she said i will also come with you, then my parents went in, we parked it, i got down n before i wish her she hugged me and said i am soooo happy to see you brother, that time her boobs touched my chest which passed electric shocks, then i also hugged her and we went in, from that day i dint see her like my sister and i saw her like my girl friend

she passed her 12th n got a very good rank in eamcet, all of sudden she came to my house with luggage, i asked her " what happened " then she said i had some problem with my parents, i asked her lets go in first ,when we went in everyone is laughing at me and said she got a seat in your college. I asked her , i scolded her as she got a very good rank n joined in our college , then she said i know that and i want to be with you that's why i took , that time i was sooo happy, n from that day she is staying at my place

this incident has completely changed my feeling towards my sister, one day she was changing her dress in my room n unknowingly i went into the room and i saw her naked, omg she is like a sex goddess, and the very next day she asked me take to a temple in a plce called bheemili which is 30 km from vizag, my parents dont know that we are good friends and we talk to each other ani, she told me that you wait at the street end i will come in a while, i waited for her and climbed my bike for the first time, while coming her boobs touched my back , i was enjoying that act, i moved a little back then she said move forward, after some time i again moved back then she got to know my feeling and said " brother , this is wrong, you shouldn't behave with your sis like this, if you do this again i will get down ", i said sorry and i dint talk to her for 4 to 5 days and even she dint speak.

as my semester exams are a head, i decided to study but i couldn't study , my mind is filled with lust , i feel like touching her, i want to see her naked and lot me. so at last i went to her room with books, when i entered her room, but she dint speak, i was pretended to study but watching her, she saw me, then i asked her " how are you ? " she slapped me hard and said what happened to you, u dint talk to me from five days, i told i felt guilty, she came to me, hugged me and said sorry , then i started to study

in the night she slept beside me. i woe up around 2 to drink some water, when i came back i could see her in that dim light , she wore a t-shirt and mini jeans , dam she is so gorgeous , then the evil in me woke up and said to me this is the right time to fuck her

i slept on bed went near to her n placed my hand on her tummy , she dint move, so i got courage and moved my hand on tto her boobs over t-shirt , then i got to know that she removed her bra, i started to press it then i immediately she woke , then i dont know what to do so i closed her mouth with my one hand and sat on her and she is still leaned on bed facing the roof and i slapped her on her cheeks

i dont know what i am doing at that time, she tried to get rid of me, but she dint have that strength, and told her i will take out my hand only if you assure me that you are not going to shout, she dint say anything , then i take my hand back , but all of sudden she shouted i closed her mouth again and slapped her on her cheeks, i was sooooo sorry about my little sister , but i couldn't do anything , then i again slapped her and i started pressing boobs with right hand and my left hand is used to close her mouth , i could she tears coming out from her eyes.

then i said i really love you ra, and told her what happened till date, she was quite convinced and moved her head , but i still dint take my hand back , then she started to kiss my hand , then i got to know that she actually accepted me , n take my hand back , then she slapped me and cried and told me that even i loved you but i thought it is sin , so i dint move on with you in that manner

then i said shall i continue, then she asked me , do u really love me or u want my body, i said i really love you ra, but the problem is that i cant marry you know. then she dint say anything

then i came close to her and placed my lips on her lips, this is my first kiss to a girl (doesn't mean that i am a gay ), as this is winter her lips are dry at the beginning , then after some time with our saliva they become soft and we kissed passionately, but she is not kissing well , then i stopped , then she immedietely said y did you stop , that excited me a lot

i said i wanted to kiss you outside the room, then she said noooo brother plzzzzzzzzz no plzzzzzzzzzzzzz , if some one sees us it will be a problem , then i said nothing will happened , actually her room is in first floor and der is balcony attached to that , i took her there and made to sit her on the wall facing her legs outside and kissed on her neck from back , then she moaned with my touch like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. this is excited me a lot more , then she tried to kiss my lips.

then i i placed my boths hand on her boobs from behind and pressed her hard she is moaning louder ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and she told me plzzzzzz anna we will go in, i am afraid of this , then i said i am not gonna leave you tonight

she said , dont leave me , but we will go inside anna plzzzzzzzzz , i told i will soon fuck you hear, then she said what ????? , waht are you speaking anna ??? you gone mad ????? i am your sister, you cant do this to me , ohhhhhhh come on sister dont say that again you are no more my sister, i love you sindhu , i really really love , by saying this i reached her boobs and pressing it , omg they are sooooooooooooooo soft

she said , ok do what ever you want , but plzzzzzzz, we will go in , then we went in , to my surprise , she grabbed me to the bed and pushed me on to the bed,and she sat on me and we kissed each other for some time

then i was over her this time i opened her t-shirt and and kissed on the right boobs,they are hard now, then i bite her nipple while she was holding my head and pressing towards her the i started to take other boob in my mouth and one hand is pressing other boob , in between she caught my dick n said i want it

then i immediately opened me zip , she said y are you in a hurry , i will do it for you , by saying this she slowly opened my zip and took the dick out, and asked what should i do now, i said ake it in your mouth , she said chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii no i wont take it , i again asked for that , she said no borhter plzzzzzz no, then i immediately played a blue film in laptop and showed her, this encouraged a lot ,i dint say anything , she placed her hand and moved that layer up and down as showed in the movie, i pained a bit , by i enjoyed a lot,,then the scene came the girl in the film took his cock in her mouth , then my sister looked at me and said, anna even i want to take it , i was so happy and ask her go on, she is still hesitating to take it, then i guided her mouth towards the tip of my dick

she took a bit and told me its nice and took it again she swallowed it half in the next time , i guided her to move up and down by holding her hair , she is moaning and i am moaning she was with varying pace, n i was loving it she spit on it and and swallowing it , i said you bitch take it , youuuu bitch i will fuck u soon ,then she said brother say some vulgar words like that its making me even hotter, i said you brother fucker , n made to fuck like that,

then i said shall i fuck you at the balcony, she said yes, i made her to hold the balocny railing with her hand n she faced opp to me, i dropped down her short and her ass is like two small balloons and slapped her hard on her ass and stopped all of sudden she turned back n said you fucker y did u stop you blooday ass hole, sister fucker, this gave me energy then i tried to insert my dick in doggy style, but i couldnt, i pushed it hard finally it went in and she was crying in pain and asked me to stop, but i dint stop and start to fuck her ass hole , later she started to enjoy and pushed her ass back .

then i turned her towards me n inserted two fingers and she is moaning a lot ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck fuck fuck u bloody ass fucker, you sister fucker , u idiot, then i pushed my dick in the started to stoke in and out she is moaning louder, and after some blood oozed oout , she was frightened , i said it will common for a virgin to ooze blood like this , then i took her to bath room and fucker her there also , we came out and fucked many times at least 5 to 6 times that whole night

i fucked her pussy with my mouth ,which was excellent

from that day she became my girl friend, we dint miss even a single chance , when ever i find a chance i caress her , tease her and lot more

we fucked in many positions, i will let u know in the other part