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Guy having sex with four slutty friends - I

Even before writing a single word, I would like to tell all of you that I am 100 percent sure that readers will not believe that all this can really happen, even then I am writing down extra ordinary sex experience of my entire life and there is only one reason for that, that I want to relive those moments.

Although at that time in the beginning it was not that pleasant experience for me but on later stage I really enjoyed that and now after few months I am cherishing that unpleasant experience too which really took my life at that time. This incident is not very old rather I can tell you it happened when winters in north India were yet not over completely climate was very pleasant and I remember each and every incident and word spoken very well,

further I will say that at present I am still into this sex affair but it was really very weird when it started. Anyway without wasting much time in intro, I would say that right now I am living thousand miles away from my home in a very decent flat in very good apartment in one growing city of U.P. which is touching capital of the country.

Say after around one month of living in that flat I realized that there is a female of nearly 36-37 is living next to me and like me she is also alone. Fortunately one day I stayed at home in a week day and saw her going inside the flat in evening. In appearance she was not that beautiful but she had sharp features and a luscious body on a heavier side.

We had few words on the door itself when we saw each other first time and had basic introduction, her name was Gunjan (not real) and she was working in a call centre. From her basic gesture I could see that she was confident girl as after knowing my name and where do I work she invited me for a coffee in her flat on the very first meet and later while having coffee I came to knew that like me she is also living alone in the town.

Anyway that day our coffee ended with a casual conversation, like from where I belong and exactly what I do. Being a sexually experienced male I could not stop myself staring at Gunjan’s body, moreover she was having kind of body by which I was obsessed from the very beginning of my teen age.

As I said earlier Gunjan was not beautiful rather average looking female with bit of wheatish complexion but she was having a heavy boney structure, with thick fleshy thighs and big breasts but because of her good height she never appeared fat to me. Though I was unaware of her past but from her body structure I could make out that she was sexually well.

Gradually while living beside each other within month’s time Gunjan and I became good friends, although we use to meet each other mostly on weekends because of our odd working hours and like that on one fine Sunday Gunjan revealed her past to me and told me that she is divorcee, living alone in this town with a decent job earning almost half a lack.

Things moved casually for nearly one more month and gradually I found myself getting sexually attracted towards her and at certain places I found myself caught staring at her fleshy assets but I was comfortable even after getting caught because I could see that Gunjan is also in more or less in same mind frame as far as our friendship was concerned.

Anyway all in all it was a good friendship and we use to address each other by name although I was nearly 6-7 years younger than her and hardly bit more than half in physical structure. Though physically I am in good shape because of my work out but still Gunjan was much heavier than me and sometimes I use to feel that I will not be able to satisfy her sexually as from her gesture and physical assets she use to look really very horny and sex loving female.

Anyway gradually some more time passed and things between we two got better and one fine Sunday I decided to give her treat of my birthday which was few days back on a week day and without telling her anything I got the Chinese food packed and took it her flat in the evening around 7 and told her that I am celebrating my birthday.

Gunjan wished me and we dined together and had food and in between she gave me compliment that in overall view I am a good human being and she is happy to have me as her friend. I accepted the bow and thanked her for the compliment, after few minutes of casual conversation she spoke that now she has to think about the gift she can give to me as a birthday present.

I gladly reacted on her statement and replied casually saying, “Ok…then when will I get my gift”? Gunjan smiled and said “bahut jaldi” more or less that day we ended there only, I came back to my flat as she was suppose to go out with her friends for a movie. Anyway I remained in pleasant mood throughout the week as I could see things moving in my favors and I was sure that sooner or later I will have sex with Gunjan.

Truly speaking friends my intuition was absolutely right, I had sex with Gunjan on the same weekend but in the weirdest way one can think of. It was Saturday evening and since morning I was out of my house and by the time I came back time was 6. In morning around 12 when I went out Gunjan was not home as her flat was locked but when I returned, door of her flat was open and lights were on, on full swing.

I looked in, one female with a petite body wearing Salwar Kameez was sitting on the couch with a remote in a hand and as she saw me she called Gunjan by addressing her name bit loud saying “Gunjan……aa gaya”. I could make out that she was talking about me and from the word “Aa gaya” she meant that I am back.

As expected Gunjan appeared to the door on very next moment and invited me in her flat while saying, “andar aa jaao…..aaj mere yahan party hai and you are invited”. I entered in the flat and before I would have thought anything two more females appeared in front of me and Gunjan started to introduce me with them.

Female who was sitting on the couch wearing Salwar Kameez, who called Gunjan as she saw me was Chhaya, and rest of the two females were Chaitali and Shilpi and all of them were Gunjan’s friends. I have already detailed physical appearance of Gunjan and if I have to detail rest of the three females then I would like to start it from Chhaya, Chhaya was little shorter than me,

fair in color should be counted in beautiful girls having luscious body with not much but little heavier breasts in proportion to her body. Having smooth and slender waist and right amount of flesh on her assets she could be considered a perfect female to arouse anybody on a very first sight.

From her makeup I could make out that Chhaya was married, she was having small dot on her forehead called Bindi, 5-6 bangles in one hand and a wrist watch in other, Chhaya was wearing few fingerings and a gold and black beaded necklace around her neck which is mostly known as Mangalsutra which only married females wear.

Wearing bright color Salwar Kameez with high heel sandals Chhaya was looking stunning with a smile on her pleasant face. Second one was Chaitali, average looking female with pleasant features, and just like Gunjan, Chaitali was also having wheatish complexion with same sort of fleshy body structure, heavy thighs and big round ass and it was more prominent in the outfit she was wearing.

Wearing black color full sleeve t-shirt till her waist and blue color body line denim jeans Chaitali was looking really very chubby, though she was having almost all her assets equaling to Gunjan, like her heavy breasts and fleshy ass mounds with ample flesh on arms and thighs but she was shorter than Gunjan and almost equal to me.

Unlike Chhaya, Chaitali did not had any mark of her marriage on her body as she was wearing just couple of fingerings of some stone, which did not looked like engagement ring. And now last but not the least Shilpi, I can say in collective perspective she was the female who was good looking as well as having perfect body, wearing typical Indian outfit,

Sari with a matching blouse she also seemed married to me with same sort of ornaments Chhaya was wearing, same sort of gold and black beaded Mangalsutra with lot of glassware bangles and a gold bracelet, having few fingerings and a red color dot in the middle of the forehead called Bindi.

Among all Shilpi was tallest, may be couple of inches more than me, having fully ripe fruits as a breasts of the size of musk melons followed by nice waist which was bit exposed at that time as she was wearing Sari and in spite of the fact that Shilpi had bit of belly she was looking great fuck on the bed for the whole night and the reason for this was her perfect ass.

After appearing in front of me Shilpi instantly took the seat on the couch and settled down on that keeping one knee on another and in that posture I could see the width of her bottom and I must say that it was really one of the finest piece of buttocks ever made by god, with a perfect amount of flesh on her ass cheeks and thighs.

Her hips were nicely widened when she was sitting on couch straight with a smile on her face. Gunjan who was standing beside me was introducing me with them, she herself was looking like a sex bomb wearing casual outfit of bit long t-shirt covering half of her heavy and erotically spread buttocks and on lower half she was wearing tight stretchable leggings which were giving clear impression of the flesh she was having on her massive thighs.

Anyway far from my lustful perspective, all four females seemed from good and educated class to me, rather two of them, Chhaya and Shilpi were looking from sophisticated class, just like ladies neat and clean, as far as character is concerned. For Chhaya and Shilpi I was sure that they must be married in some higher class family, it was evident from there outfit, they were in formal Indian ethnic wear with proper marital makeup and ornaments.

Anyway after formal introduction Gunjan told me that they four are very close friends, together more or less from the collage, though Chhaya who was having petite body was little younger then all of them she was little junior to them. In continuation Gunjan told me that nearly after around every two or three months they do this get-together somewhere and spend night together, drink and eat together and have fun.

Though I was feeling really happy that they invited me in there get together even then I formally tried to avoid to getting into their party by saying that it’s female get together, what will I do in this saying in casual Hindi words “ye females ki get together hai, main yahan kya karunga” in response Gunjan spoke that usually they have two males as well in get together but this time they have avoided calling them.

I took that statement casually and somewhat accepted their proposal to join them from my gesture. Gunjan asked me what would I like to take, she was having two options Vodka and Beer, I opted for bear and in a fraction she handed me over one can and I took a sip. Gunjan was making something in kitchen so soon she went back there, I was settled on the single sitter, stool sort of a thing which was not having anything to rest my back.

Initially all three females except Gunjan were sitting in the living room with their drinks but after around 10-15 minutes Chaitali the fat ass female, excused me for a fraction and went inside the bedroom and addressed Gunjan from there. Next moment Gunjan followed her from the kitchen.

As such nothing was looking odd to me as soon Gunjan came back and after picking up her drink from kitchen she joined us and settled down beside me on the same sort of stool and started chit chatting with me. Chhaya and Shilpi were sitting exactly in front of me and I could not decide that which one is more seductive,

as Chhaya was fair and beautiful among all four and Shilpi was having the best body, neither she was thin like Chhaya, neither she was fat and chubby like Chaitali and Gunjan, she was just perfect and her long legs seemed mend especially to get wrapped around man’s pumping buttocks while fucking her wet and hot fucking cunt.

For me everything was going great I was enjoying company of beautiful ladies, can of my bear was almost half and effect of that was evident on my gesture, nerves of my brain were getting relaxed.

Suddenly things really changed, I heard voice of bedroom getting opened, Chaitali came out, and I glimpsed at her but turned back straight as Shilpi was saying something to me. Before I would have understood what Shilpi has asked me Chaitali seized my nose with some cloth, Gunjan who was sitting next to me reacted instantly and held me,

but both the fat females Gunjan and Chaitali were not enough to hold me as the cloth which was seizing my nose was smelling very pungent, just like a hell and I was trying to get away, there was no way I could tolerate that smell. Within a fraction Chhaya and Shilpi reacted too and came forward and blocked movements of my legs too and Chaitali kept on putting that filthy cloth over my nose till I got semi conscious.

What I managed see and at that time was that all four were holding me tight from my arms and legs, I was unable to move at all, Gunjan was on my right holding my head tightly with one hand so that I cannot save myself from that cloth and holding my arm with other, Chaitali was holding my other arm and shoulder while pushing that stinking piece of cloth in my nose.

Both Shilpi and Chhaya were holding my thighs very tightly. I could hear Chhaya saying “lekar chal issko andar” Chaitali replied her saying “abhi nahi…pahle behosh hone de issko”. It was half conscious state when I felt that all of them were carrying me to somewhere, I don’t know who two were holding my legs and how they managed to hold my both the arms while seizing my nose with that smell.

I was thrown on the bed very badly, then again there was that smell, more powerful and intense as Chaitali was sitting beside me and continued to keep that filthy piece of cloth into my nose rest of the females were holding my body tight. After a while I got unconscious and could not feel anything happening to me.

When I regained I was in the dark room, and I was tied with a rope, both the hands together on the upper side, and my legs were spread and both of them were tide separately, I was still feeling heaviness in my head and I was feeling cold too as it was just my underwear which was on my body. It took me around 2-3 minutes to recall that exactly what has happened.

It seemed like a nightmare to me that I am lying almost naked at unknown place. I tried to get off the ropes by pulling it 2-3 times with my full force, but it was useless. I rested for a while then I realized that there is some movement in the room. I screamed in anger “Kaun Hai”. There was no reply, and suddenly somebody switched on the light. There was too much of glair for my eyes.

It was Chaitali standing on the corner of the room, near switch board. Shilpi was sitting very far on the chair in the same posture, keeping one knee over another. Chaitali opened the door and addressed Gunjan by saying, “Gunjan…aaja….hosh aagaya issko”. Very soon Gunjan came in and Chhaya too followed her.

I was lying almost naked in front of four females and now all of them were looking thirsty for sex. “Gunjan ye sab kya hai”? I asked Gunjan in frustrating fashion and in response she smiled and moved closer to me. “remember…maine kaha tha…jaldi hi tumhe birthday present milega”?... “yehi hai tumhara birthday present” she spoke again after a pause, and then she spoke again and asked me,

“you wanted to fuck me….hai na”? by now she was standing beside me closer to the bed I was tied on and she spoke again in continuation “aaj ek(one) nahi,… do(two) nahi,….. teen(three) nahi…tujhe chaar ladkiyan meelke chodengi…….samajh le aaj tera gang zabardasti hone wala hai” Gunjan was really getting weird with her words and it was really very shocking for me when she said

“char ladkiyan meelke tujhe chodengi” which means four girls are going to fuck me, CHODNA is a Hindi word for fucking which usually guys use and Gunjan seemed really comfortable in using that slang. “please mere haath kholo….jo karna hai kar lenge…mujhe koi objection nahi hai…I am ready to do it”

I spoke while looking at her and instantly got ready to have sex with them “objection humen hai…..itne aaram se tujhe ye sab nahi milega……usually gang ladkiyon ka hota hai….aaj pahli baar ek ladke ka gang zabardasti hoga” Gunjan replied casually to my statement and sat down on bed beside me, there was lot of space as I was tied in the middle of the double bed.

“Have you gone mad….tumhari problem kya hai….I am ready to do it…..” “problem kuch nahi hai…usually hum apni get together pe do(two) call boys ko hire karte hain…..aaj teri wajah se humara wo kharcha bhi bach gaya” As Gunjan said that usually they hire two call boys for there get together I was shocked to hear that.

Before I would have said anything else Gunjan spoke again, “you know I am divorcee,…. Chaitali ka husband Dubai mein rahta hai…so hum dono to sex ke liye genuinely starved hain….Shilpi nymphomaniac hai…iska ek mard se kaam nahi chalta…aur Chhaya, ye Call boys se khud ko fuck nahi karwati….sirf apni Chut Chuswati hai…lekin today she wants to get fucked …..tu hai hi itna cute…kitni cutely mujhpe line marta hai hmmm…. Mujhe pattane ke liye Chinese food khilata hai”.

With that Gunjan extended her hand to my crouch and it instantly went inside my underwear. “ohh…God” I moaned loud I was already hard and as I felt female hand fondling my erect rod I felt like heaven. “Wow….tera size to bahut achha hai….ab dekhna hai ye humare andar kitni der tikta hai…..raat bhar mein hum chaaron tujhe poora chus lenge” Gunjan spoke again and with that she entered her other hand as well into my underwear and tried to take out my monster.

My Hard penis popped out and came in vision to all four of them. I cannot brief exactly what I was feeling, it was really very strange, it was certainly not first time I was getting naked in front of any female. In past I was having couple of passing affairs, and in one of them I was sexually involved but for the first time I was naked in front of four horny females at one time and at that particular instant all of them were enjoying my condition.

Once again Gunjan spoke while jerking my rod up and down with one hand and somewhat asked me while taking her other hand to my balls and fondled them nicely “pahle kabhi kiya hai kisi ladki ke saath”? pleasure was incredible for me and I moaned as she played with my balls and replied in yes in puffing pleasurable voice. “good….” Gunjan replied back.

I don’t know when Chaitali took out set scissors from somewhere and came to bed and started cutting my underwear, within a minute she pulled out my jockey into pieces and threw it away. I was lying stark naked in the middle of the bed between four bitches and did not had any idea exactly what all is going to happen with me, certainly I was aroused,

it could be seen from the size of my monster rod as it was at its full size and it got even better when Chaitali, the fat ass female started playing with it. She took it from Gunjan’s hand and after jerking it for a minute Chaitali leaned over my pelvic and took my rod in her mouth and started sucking, I was expecting that too and I could not stop myself from moaning in bliss of getting sucked.

That was first time I was getting sucked, my ex girlfriend never agreed to do that. Chaitali mouth was wonderfully warm and she was really very gentle over my cock tip but still it was paining. I cried in pain as it went beyond my bearing power and spoke “please…..mujhe dard ho raha hai” Gunjan somewhat laughed on that and spoke, “abhi tujhe bahut dard hona hai….” With that she took off her t-shirt and her huge milks packed in tight bra came in my vision.

Chaitali was still sucking my rod and I was moaning in pleasure while looking at Gunjan in half naked state. “sab log apne kapde uttar do..aur bed pea a jaao….” Gunjan spoke again, this time to her friends and with that she stood up on bed and pulled her tight leggings down to her feet. Wow….Gunjan was just in her bra and panty and her fleshy assets were exploding sex,

her thighs were massive, juggs were huge and above all her erotically spread ass was really very heavy. I was dreaming to see her naked from very long and when it really came to me I was not in state to see her properly as Chaitali was still sucking me vigorously and I was crying in pain and pleasure, more of pain and less of pleasure.

What I could see from there by raising my head was unbelievable; her pretty face was inflated with the size of my swollen penis. Chaitali was average looking female with wheatish complexion, physically bit chubby but specifically at that time she was looking stunning while taking my hard penis in and out of her mouth again and again.

Gunjan stopped her by slapping her shoulder lightly and Chaitali got aside instantly and looked at me into my eyes and smiled lustfully. “tu kapde uttar apne…” Gunjan spoke to Chaitali and sat down on bed in a posture to suck me and looked at Chhaya and Shilpi, I too looked at that corned of the room, oh…god Chhaya was already in bra and panty and Shilpi was done just with her Sari still wearing blouse and petticoat.

“pahle kaun andar lega”? Shilpi asked while unhooking her blouse, “I knew it….tu yehi pucchegi….” Gunjan replied her, “pahle isska hila hila ke paani nikalenge….uske baad dekhte hain……” Gunjan spoke in continuation by that time Chhaya was on bed and like Gunjan she was still wearing her bra and panty.

What would I say about Chhaya, as I said she was the fairest and most beautiful among all four bitches, her breasts were bit heavier in proportion to her slender body, though now I could see that she was not that thin she was looking in first glance rather she was having good amount of flesh on her thighs, but still she can be considered as female with a slender figure and her scoring point was her skin color and beautiful face.

“Bra aur Panty bhi uttar de apni….sabse pahle tu hi Nangi ho isske saamne….” Gunjan Spoke to Chhaya as she was standing beside her on the bed. I was looking at her beautiful body and pleasant face, she seemed mad in lust, next moment she extended her hand to her back and unhooked her bra.

Wow her luscious breasts were hanging in front of my eyes, I could not believe, they were so white and seemed full of milk, her dark brown nipples were fully erect in excitement. Chhaya did not wasted any time and instantly took off her panty too and her clean shaven fuckhole appeared to me, she was wet and dripping smelling erotic.

Chhaya rubbed her fuckhole with her finger to get eyes over her cunt my as I could see that I am already looking at her without a flick of an eye and she inserted her finger in her fuckhole and moaned sexily and spoke while looking at me “Mujhe apni chuswani hai iss se” and with that she sat down beside me and came across my mouth and bought her fuckhole to my mouth.

On a very next fraction Chhaya’s fuckhole was over my lips and she was rubbing her pussy lips over my mouth, “hmmmmm…… chus issko achhe se” Chhaya spoke again with gasping tone and on very next moment I felt my hard Penis which was in Gunjan’s hand, went inside some one’s mouth.

I could not see the bitch who was sucking me as Chhaya was sitting around my mouth but certainly it was none other than Gunjan. Chhaya was continuously rubbing her fuckhole over my mouth but I was not willing to open my mouth to lick her, but Chhaya was going mad to get it sucked and she pulled my hairs to force me and spoke in puffing voice,

“Chus issko” I screamed in pain and opened my mouth and started sucking her luscious cunt, Chhaya was oozing out endless stream for her love juices and I was bound to gulp them. Down there I was getting sucked very badly and I could make out Gunjan and Chaitali talking, Chaitali was off with her clothes and now she wanted to suck me, after her words to Gunjan “mujhe chusne de”

I could feel that mouth over my cock has changed and now once again in Chaitali’s mouth. It was strange feeling which I cannot be described Chhaya was getting mad in lust her moans were rising and down there I was getting sucked like hell one by one in turns by Gunjan and Chaitali. After around 2-3 more minutes Chhaya stopped, I heard Shilpi saying “Chhaya hut, ab mujhe chuswane de”

oh..god what were they doing to me, Chhaya got up slowly from my chest but I did not get much rest as Shilpi took her place, by now Shilpi was also stark naked and like Chhaya she also clean shaven and dripping wet too. I did not got much time to look at rest of her body as like Chhaya, Shilpi instantly started rubbing her fuckhole over my mouth.

This time I opened my mouth before she would have pulled my hairs and I could hear Shilpi’s pleasure moans as they were much louder than Chhaya’s erotic gasps. Down here my hard penis was getting jerked, the bitches Gunjan and Chaitali were somewhat tired of sucking me, they wanted to make me cum but I was nowhere near exploding my load because of pain.

After say 2-3 minutes Shilpi too got aside and I looked around, all four sluts were sitting on the bed and by now rest of two, Gunjan and Chaitali were also naked. There massive breasts were sagging and big dark nipples were fully erect over big round wrinkled areolas, there thighs were thick and very fleshy and bottom was really very huge, wide and bulky.

Now I was just getting jerked, they desperately wanted me to cum but I was not feeling like cumming, though I was very aroused and could not stop moaning. “Gunjan… andar daal issko apne….abhi chhod dega paani” Shilpi spoke to Gunjan in her soft sensual voice. “nahi…..andar nahi daalna..Chaitali ko isska paani peena hai” I was moaning loud as I heard that Chaitali wants to drink my cum my excitement went double.

Gunjan was jerking me really hard and things were going out of my tolerance, I was crying in pain and pleasure together but they were not bothered about my screams, “apni Chut pe ragad isska Lund…tab Chhodega ye” Chhaya spoke from my left, she was sitting on bed near my chest.

Oh..god.. Gunjan instantly followed what Chhaya suggested, she got up and came around my waist and in half standing posture rubbed my cock tip over her fuck opening 2-3 times but did not inserted it into her fuckhole. I cried in strange sensation, suddenly I started reaching to my peak and my moans got changed, they got shriller and they could make out that I am about to burst.

All four were eager to see my cum and pressure was rising in my body, Gunjan was doing her job very well, she kept on jerking my rod and suddenly I felt volcano inside me climbing an I started banging my bottom on bed in rising excitement, all other three sluts, Chaitali, Chhaya and Shilpi held me tighter to stop my movement which made me cry even louder,

I wanted to burst but Gunjan was not ready to stop jerking my rod she was masturbating me continuously without any halt though she could see that I am about to cum, but she did not stopped, my movements were getting out of my own control and I tried to get up and but failed, all sluts held me tight. Instant of moving my hard Penis up and down Gunjan started rubbing my rod between her palms and because of that, pressure inside me increased tremendously,

I felt as if I am going to die in this pleasure, I wanted to cum massively but they were not ready to leave me, I was trembling and shouting and within next five six seconds everything was getting so bizarre that I can say that was going through a real sexual torture, blood of my whole body was running through my penis and surly within next few seconds it would have busted but just then Gunjan stopped so that I can cum.

I was at my worst, crying and shouting over these bitches and my body was arched like a bow in excitement and I was shivering and screaming like anything while cumming, my eyes were shut when I felt that I have released my cum with sudden jolts through my rod.

All four bitches were looking at my condition without a flick of an eye and they enjoyed my cries and were somewhat waiting to see my cum coming out of my rod, and as it was about to appear, Gunjan spoke again, this time to Chaitali “Chaitali ready ho ja, aane wala hai” Gunjan was aware my state as she was still holding my rod and could feel my pulsation.

Finally while sticky paste came out of my rod and Chaitali instantly took it in her mouth and licked my cock tip to take out more which made my whole body tremble in fever, as I said Gunjan was still holding my rod and she jerked my cock up and down couple of times to take out more of my white sticky Cum for Chaitali and her every jerk while releasing my load made my body shiver erotically and I gasped with a broken breath.

I was spent but all four bitches were heavily charged, sitting stark naked around me they were eager to eat me with a proper fuck. Shilpi was looking awesome, she was on her knees and along with her perfect size succulent breasts I could see her fuckhole too, I looked at her perfect shaped mounds for a fraction, her nipples were not big, neither small, they were just perfect, her Mangalsutra was resting on her bare breasts, and it was arousing me further.

Rest of three sluts were sitting on bed and just there sagging breasts were exposed to my vision and among rest of three my eyes got stuck on Chhaya, as I said earlier she was also wearing proud symbol of her marriage and looking stunning with a smile on her beautiful face and like Shilpi her Mangalsutra was also resting on her luscious fruits.

As I said Gunjan’s breasts were very heavy nothing less than a full ripe watermelon, she was wearing silver chain with a divine figure around her neck and it was shining on her wheatish skin, Chaitali was also having very heavy breasts equaling Gunjan, she was wearing a black thread with a spiritual locket but it was short, hardly an inch below her neck and her nipples were biggest among all four sluts. All of them waited for me to regain and continued looking at my condition with lustful eyes with a smile.

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