Sunday, June 30, 2013

Got Interested With Mommy - Part III

Dad was traveling for 2 days on election duty. So Mom and I were to be alone at home for two days from now. I had holiday too for the college as our college had been taken for polling. Mom said, 'Good Sunder, make best use of the holiday and study. Don't allow dirty thoughts bother you. Any trouble ask me'

I said, 'Okay Mom'. But I was lazing out in the morning, waking very late. Mom called me out once she knew I was awake. My coffee was ready. But things at home had changed drastically. I couldn't help looking at Mom from her back, at her beautiful buxom bum bum bum. Her breasts were juggling freely under her partly covered pallu as she had been working on kitchen chores.
She knew I had taken longer time to leave after picking my coffee. She turned to see what was happening and said, 'umm what Sunder?'
But she had caught me looking at her back. I nodded, 'nothing' and left the kitchen.
I sat in the leaving sipping coffee and reading newspaper.

'Sunder if you want you can go to my room and next you know what. Once you relieve yourself you can work on other things. So feel free at my room. I can come there if you want', she said from kitchen.

I said, 'Ok' meekly. But got excited at once by the openness of Mom.

Went to her room and looked for a saree whose texture is soft enough to arouse me. Found a nice white lacy bra. The tough of these two aroused me at once. Took off my shorts and the underwear. The erection had been to the fullest length. It was breathing like a snake. Started rubbing and teasing myself looking at myself in the dressing mirror of Mom's room. What can arouse me better, my own Mom asking me to go to her room to sexually relieve myself, when she is just a few feet away in the kitchen.

I soon heard Mom's footsteps, she was coming into her bedroom. Oh my god what is her intention? Firstly she asked me to go to her room to masturbate using her clothes. Then she said she'd join if I want.

'What would she do coming here', I wondered.

'Oh Sunder the very look of your Dick can arouse any woman and I am no exception. Now to help you masturbate better I have an idea. Come here and undress me yourself slowly.'

Saying so she removed her pallu of the saree exposing her big and shapely breasts.

Whatever encouragement Mom gave me I could never come out of my shyness and be bold. I just turned to her slowly.

'Don't be shy anymore, how many times have you seen me nude, come on go ahead', Mom said.

And when I went close to her, she again said, 'Ha come remove my blouse by unhooking'.

I started from top and gently tried removing hook after hook. And Mom again said, 'You my shy cat nothing will happen if your hands touch my breasts when you are removing the blouse. It's ok pa'.

She was wearing green cotton saree with traditional patterns over it and similar kind of a blouse. I had now removed all the hooks exposing her black lacy bra. She always wore sexy lacy bra. I have seen them when she spreads them on the terrace to dry. Many times I had appreciated her sense of choices.

'Ha' she said lifting her arms indicating me to take it out. I removed the blouse.

Her breasts stood out majestically now. She asked me to remove the bra also. But I had been already aroused to the fullest. My dick was going up and down as though it was breathing. I went to her back to unhook the bra. As soon as I removed it saliva in my mouth started drooling as though I have a festive food in front. As i told you Mom's breasts are moderately large and the extraordinarily large nipples point away, the left towards left and the right towards right. They are so inviting it's difficult to be there without sucking.

Now without Mom's instruction, i unrolled her saree sideways to remove it, and put my hand on the petticoat knot. It wasn't easy to remove it. Mom laughed at me and helped me herself. Mom rarely wears panties. I hardly find them on terrace.

My Mom stood completely naked once again. This time I had time and courage to appreciate her shapely thighs.

Mom saw my dick and said, "Ok now, start your job while I do some demonstration for you. After this session I'll go for bath and you have to help me with my back.

I said, 'Fine Mom'

I started rubbing myself looking at Mom. Mom went on top of the cot and stood there as though someone goes to the dias for a show.

She asked me, 'Have you seen a pussy properly boy? Without waiting for my answer she spread her legs and opened her pussy to show me the pink insides. As I told you she had large pussy lips.'

I was dieing with arousal, it was difficult control ejaculation. And soon I ejaculated.

Mom cheered and said, 'ha ha very good, now let me go to the bath room, I'll call you after few min'

She threw her used petticoat towards me to wipe my dick. 'Use it I am going to put it for wash'.

She went into the bathroom while I watched her beauty from the back.

We have the whole afternoon, evening, and night and, the whole of tomorrow. I don't know what's Mom got in her mind.