Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Maids Teen Daughter

This incident happened in Delhi last summer. My maid is a middle aged woman - gray haired, quite fat. She had been working at our house for more than 2 years. She had a daughter, Pinky, who she had got married really early - at age 16 or so. She was now about 18. The maid used to keep complaining -

"Beti ki shaadi ke do saal ho gaye, bachche nahin hue.". I realized her daughter's husband might be sexually incapable.

I myself am 6'2". I am very muscular, dark, and have a 7.2 inch penis. I had never had sex till now, but I was always very horny, and used to masturbate a lot. Once, my family had gone away for 1 week. I was alone at home. The maid was doing her work when I came out of the bathroom in only a towel. I thought I saw her looking at me, particularly at my crotch. Obviously, I was uncomfortable as she is nearly 25 years older than me, and I quickly wore my clothes in another room.

The next day, she started complaining again about her son-in-law. I said "Mein kya karoon uske baare mein.". She said, "arre dekhiye, seedi si baat hai. Jab main jawaan thi, mera pati mujhe khush kar pata tha. Mujhe dar hai ki meri beti ki jawani khatam ho jayegi, par wo mazze mahin kar payegi. Wo to mere liye bahut pyaari hai, aur main use khush dekhna chahti hun. Aaj kal wo ek pados me rehne wale ladke ko dekhti rehti hai, aur mujhe dar lag raha hai ki kahin.

Aur phir mohalle me badnaam ho jayegi..Mein to chahti hun ki koi mard usse khush karein, aur baad me koi dikkat na hon..After a while, she said to me "Dekhiye, aap to bade hatte katte lagte hai. Kya aap meri beti ko khush kar sakte hai?"For a moment, I was shocked.. But I said "Haan, kar to sakta hun, par..."She said "Arre, bahut sundar ladki hai. Aap khush rahenge usse"
I thought, here's my chance.

I said "Achhca theek hai. Par kuch mere bhi shart hai.. 1. HIV/AIDS test karao aur mujhe certificate dena 2. badan pe kahin baal nahin hone chahiye.500 rupiye tak mein de dunga, beauty parlour le jao usse. 3. Usse ek tight choli le ane ke liye bolna, aur pink colour ki bra aur panty - mood me aane ke liye.

She said "Yeh sab to ho jayega. Par ek cheez yaad rakhiye, Pinky thodi shy ladki hai. Mein kal usse kaam pe bhej dungi, aur aap hi ko use approach karna padega. Woh maan gayi hai aapke saath sone ke liye, par woh khud nahin aayegi aapke paas - aapko thoda pataana padhega."

I agreed, and she went away. That night, I bought some banana flavored condoms.The next day, Pinky came. She was really very beautiful. She was about 5'4". She was a little dark, but had really good skin. She had long hair, and a voluptuous figure. She had big breasts, round ass and a slim waist. She was wearing a red sari, but not the choli yet. She had a small bag with her - i guessed it must be in that.I closed the door. Now it was just the two of us.

She didn't make eye contact, and looked away from me shyly. She started doing the work. First, she went upstairs. I followed her up. As she was sweeping, I removed my shirt, pants and underwear. I came out dressed in a small, thin towel and tight banian only. I said "Kitni garmi hai aaj". It was actually very hot. Her blouse had already become wet with sweat.
She: "Haan ji..I: "Tu choli jo layi hai, wo pehan le.. khubsurat lagegi, aur garmi bhi kam ho jayegi..She blushed, and went to change.

She came out wearing a tight red backless choli, with short sleeves. I could see her pink bra under it, and she had worn her sari really low. My pulse began racing. Now it was only a matter of time.I now started plan 1: to establish body contact with her. I asked her to help me keep some suitcases in a high loft. I told her to climb onto my shoulders, and keep the suitcases there. She put her thighs on my shoulders. Her abdomen was nearly in my face now, as I lifted her up. With my arms,

I held her naked back tightly, and pressed against her boobs with my thumbs. I got an instant erection.After I put her down, I saw her looking secretly at the towel where my penis had made a bulge. She looked very astonished.A little later, I applied oil on my body, especially on my penis till it was shining black. I then asked Pinky for help in doing my exercises. I asked her to stand on my feet as I lay back on the bed to do sit ups.

I peeled off my sweaty banian, and she stared at my hairy, muscular body in awe. Then she also started looking secretly at the bulge in my towel. As I was doing my sit ups, my towel started getting loose. I pretended not to notice this, and closed my eyes, as if concentrating on the exercise. Soon, the knot came off, and my penis popped out. It was completely erect. I still pretended not to notice, but I opened my eyes very slightly to see her staring in shock at it.

Then I pretended to notice this for the first time, and covered my penis with the towel. She looked away in embarrassment. I asked her "Tujhe bhi pata hai wahan kyaa hai, mujhe bhi pataa hai. Itni kya dekh rahi hai?"
She: "Nahin nahin saab... bass mein to yuhin..."
I: "Kya tere pati ka nahin dekha tune kabhi?"
She: "Dekha hai par... wo to aise khada nahin ho jata hai... "
I: "Mera isi liye khada hota hain kyunki main ek asli mard hun. Tune sex to kiya hoga apne pati ke saath."

She: "Sex? Woh kya hai?"
I; "Tere pati ne kabhi tere wahan pe apna loda nahin dala hai?"
She: "Haan saab, dala hai... par andar tak sirf apni ungli dalte hai... unka woh to bahut chota hai, aur khada nahin hota hai aapke uske jaise.... woh sirf bahar ragadte hai..."
I: "Kya? tere shaadi ke 2 saal ho gaye, aur tune sex nahin kiya?"
She: "Nahin saab..."

At this point, I pretended to accidentally pull her onto the bed. She landed on top of me, and I rolled on top of her. I held her arms, and began kissing her in the mouth. She resisted me a bit initially, saying "saab, chodiye mujhe... jaane do...", but I was firm with her. Then she started reciprocating my kissing, and I pushed my tongue into her mouth, and rolled it there. I pulled her up into a sitting position, and passed my hands up her back while kissing her, and fondled her hair.

I groped her thighs and pinched her bottom, and she squealed with pleasure. I started kissing her on her neck, back and stomach. I licked her navel. This got her really excited. After massaging her and kissing her for 15 min. continuously, she had become very sexually aroused and horny. I pushed her back on the bed. I pulled her sari off and her lehenga also. I put my hand into her pink silk panties, and felt her clitoris as I kissed her. I pulled off her panties, and started licking her clitoris like a hungry lion.

I licked it for 5 min, till she had atleast 2 pseudo-orgasms. Now she really wanted it, as her clitoris had parted and was throbbing. But I decided to torture her more, till she begged me to put in my penis. I opened her choli and bra, and started kneading her breasts. I sucked her nipples and bit them gently for at least 5 min., until she finally shouted "Chod dijiye mujhe, chod dijiye!! Mein aur nahin ruk sakti"

I pulled of my towel, and lay her on her back. I put a pillow under her lower back, and pulled her legs apart. Her cunt was moist, and waiting for me. I pulled a condom over my penis quickly, and holding my penis, I thrust it into her with a roar of manly lust. She screamed as I broke her virginity, and almost had an orgasm even though I had only just entered her. Now I began thrusting powerfully into her, and held her in my arms as I did so.

She had a really tight vagina, and my penis barely fitted into her.I whispered her name and grunted as I did so, and she closed her eyes and moaned and screamed softly as the pleasure was too great for her. She had multiple orgasms. Finally after 4-5 min., I could not go any longer, and climaxed, ejaculating a huge amount of semen.

I was so horny that I was still erect. I put on another condom quickly, and flipped her over on the bed. Now I wanted to have anal sex.
She: "Ab kya...?
Gently, I introduced my penis into her anus. She screamed in shock as my massive organ entered her.
She: "Nahin ji..., wahan nahin..."
I: "Arre, bahut mazaa aayega."

Again, groaning, I started thrusting. She buried her face in a pillow and started shouting with pleasure. I pulled her up, and mounted her doggystyle.I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them as I thrusted. I slapped her butt. Finally, I climaxed again, and pulled out my manhood. She was now quite exhausted, and we rested for a while.

I got an erection again. I asked her: "Munh me legi?"
She:"Haan saab, aapke liye to kuch bhi karungi..."
I stood up, and she knelt down. She pulled the foreskin on my big black penis back, and put only the pink head into her mouth, and bit gently. Ahhh... I moaned. Then with ther hands, she started massaging my balls, and pulling and slapping them gently.

Then she took my penis into her mouth poperly, and started sucking it, and moving her head up and down faster and faster till I shot my semen into her mouth. She appeared a little shocked as she tasted semen for the first time. After some time, she put on her clothes, and went home, a happier, more fulfilled woman.