Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sex With My Crush

Hey guys after reading so many stories here I wanted to share a sex experience of my own. Im Vicky 22 years old from Punjab and this incident took place few months back with a hot aunty in my lane. My dick size is 7inch tall and 3 inch fat.
Her name is Shilpa(name changed) shes 42 years old and she is a hot , shes married and has a kid in school. let me tell about her assets she has figure size of 34-32-36 and she was a very friendly lady. Every evening she would go to aerobics class and I would never miss a chance of oogling at her during that time, she would often visit my house.

I had fantasized about her a number of times and a great desire to sleep with her.i was very passionate about her and wanted to seduce her. One day she came home as she wanted some reference books from me for her son, she did not ask me but she asked my mom about it.
She was wearing a hot yellow salwaar and I was drooling seeing her. I just wanted to grab hold of her and take her to my bed. i gave the books and she went away. After a few days she came to my home again and was talking about her broken laptop and wanted someone to fix it and she asked if I knew anybody. I felt this was my chance to get close to her me being a computer geek, offered her to fix it myself she obliged it without any hesitation.

Next evening I went to her house she was alone, she was wearing a black and red saree and was looking damn sexy.she gave me the laptop and I started to find out what was the problem. She was in kitchen working, I could see her from where I was seated.
her fair sexy waist was inviting me to hold them and her ass was just staring at me I so badly wanted to hug her from behind I fixed the lappy and was about to leave she asked me what if the problem occurs again I said gimme a call I will come and fix it. this was where things started to work out exchanged numbers and I wanted it.

That night I sent her a message saying good night I got a reply saying thnx for fixing the lappy gudnyt. i said its ok u dont need to thank me it was my pleasure. The next day I was bored so sent her a text saying hi she replied we were just chatting about random stuffs this continued for some days. Then one day while texting her I wanted to know what was she wearing but was confused if I could ask her o not but I did ask about it she replied that she was wearing a salwaar and why I asked about it. i told I was just curious she sent a winking smily for that.The next day I was out and got a msg from Shilpa asking me if I was free I said yes she called me over to her place I went there.

She had called me coz she was alone and bored her hubby was out of town and her son was at school. we were just chit chatting  and then she went to prepare coffee I was sitting in the hall and could see her in the kitchen, Again I got the desire of  hugging her this time I went in she was wearing a cream saree I went behind her and put my hands on her tempting waist and hugged her she was shocked she said "what r u doing" and she pushed me aside I felt ashemed and I just came from there after I came back I sent her a message saying I was really sorry for what I did and please do not tell anybody about it.

I get any reply the next after noon I got a reply from Shilpa she said she felt very bad for what I did and did not expect such sort of behaviour from me I apologised she forgive me after that we got really close and would frequently text and talk on the phone. One day I asked her saying how did she feel when I hugged her she was hesitant to talk about it but I persisted then she gave the shocking reply she said she felt somewhat good. i was like wounder then I asked why did she scold me then she said she scolded me coz she was not into anything like that and she asked me why did I hug her.

I felt it was time I tell her the truth I said her that I have a big crush on her and she very attractive she started blushing then she asked a very bold question "do u fantasize about me?" I was stunned I din no what to reply but I had to tell her the truth if I had to get her to my bed I said yes I do. She said she knew it she told me that she had seen me oogling at her assets when she was around. I said I wanted to make love to her she replied saying we have a big age difference and its not possible I persisted her again then I again asked what was she wearing.

she said saree I got a bit bolder and asked what was she wearing inside the saree she replied naughty boy dont u know what il be wearing I got the the hint and asked her if we could have a sex chat she agreed after lots of persuasion. We had an awesome sex chat and I shagged twice after that and could not stop thinking of it she also told me that her hubby’s least bothered abt sex we had sex a few times but I wanted her for real then I got an oppurtunity where I was alone at my place I invited her to my place and told her to wear that black n red saree she came to my place at around 12.

I welcomed her in and offered her coffee she was feeling a bit shy I sat next to her and was talking abt dos chats den I slowly placed my hand on her waist and wow it was damn smooth and silky and she jumped up went I did that then I kissed her on the neck while my right hand was explaing her waist she pushed me aside and said we should not be doing it again I had t persuade.

Then o kissed her on the lips she din respond I kissed again and slowly she opened her lips and we were kissing passionately i kissed her for some time time then I made I her stand in front of me while I was sitting I moved her saree on the stomach region to a side and it exposed her fair smooth tummy I kissed her tummy she hissed she was enjoying it den I started sucking her navel while my hands were squeezing here ass she was holding my head and pressing it on her tummy. i said "lets go to my room" I took her to my room and hugged her from back I was kissing her neck holding her tummy den my hands moved up to her blouse and I started pressing her boobs.

I removed her pallu and I slowly unbuttoned the hooks of the blouse which revealed her succulent boobs held up in a pink bra i was pressing them and my cock was high between her ass i laid her on the bed and slept on her and kissed her again then I turned her around and started kissing her back I unhooked her bra and massaged her back I removed her bra and turned her towards me oh man she had the best boobs I started kissing them and biting her nipples she was moaning in pleasure my other hand lifted her sari till her waist and rubbing her pussy over her undies i could wait to see her naked so I undid her saree and removed it her petticoat she was wearing a black undie.

I removed it and she had a clean shaven pussy before I could do anything she got over me she removed my jeans and started rubbing my cock she went down and removed my jockey and kissed my erect tool I said "Shilpa aunty plzzzzzzzzz suck it" she obliged and started to suck it I was on cloud nine she rolled her tounge on my dick head and was a good sucker I cummed in her mouth but I wanted to cum in her pussy den I started playing n kissing her boobs while I was fingering her she was moaning in pleasure then my cock was up again she could no longer wait and said "fuck me zak fuk me like u mean it I want ur tool in my hole" i slept on her and she held my cock and guided to her love hole and when I went it damn it was so soft and warm she said aaaahhhhhhh went I entered I started moving to and fro I was clasping her boobs and she had locked her legs around my waist I increased my speed and Shilpa was screaming "faster faster hmmmm yeah baby fuck ur Shilpa hard" i was getting her more n more horny seeing her naked and she saying such things.

After 10 mins we I felt her pussy walls tightening and she held me tight and I knew she got her orgasm even I was at the end I was about to climax I asked her "baby can I cum in you" she was still in her orgasm mood and said yes I reached the climax and released my cum in her i slept on her like that only then she said she really enjoyed getting fucked by me we smooched and we got up n got dressed she had to live I hugged her again we kissed and she said "luv u and the way u satisfied me baby" and she left i had my mission accomplished of getting Shilpa aunty no we have sex whenever we feel like and are enjoying every bit of it