Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bus Travel Or Sex Travel?

Dear ALL,

My name is Sankar, age 27. I am working in MNC company, Bangalore. This is a real story which happened 3 years ago. Finally I managed to buy some time to put it here. Hope you will like it... Let’s jump to the story.... :)

My native is Madurai and it was a normal weekend. I usually reserve the seats whenever I go to my native. This time also I reserved the seat but fortunately hardly few people were there. And they were also scattered here and there except two couples. My eyes were searching for the proper seat and finally found a seat which 3rd row from the back. Bus started from Majestic at 9:30pm, as it was almost empty they stopped in almost all the places before they leave Bangalore city. But no one boarded. It stopped in Electronics City and only one girl boarded in the bus. I just had a look and continued listening to the songs in my MP3.

To my luck, hmm hmmmm… not what you think, she dint sit in the same seat, instead she sat behind me (2nd row from the back). And no one else at the back… After a while I started to feel sleepy and I closed my eyes. I woke up suddenly as someone was tapping my shoulder, she asked me whether I have some water. I gave her the water bottle, she drunk and gave the bottle back and said Thanks. Then I couldn’t sleep, I was simply watching the moving trees in the moon light. Till now I dint have any sex intentions, I thought her as some co-passenger only.

But I felt something on my ass and tried to adjust myself. Again I felt something and realized that it was her leg through that small gap… she was moving her leg fingers up and down. Just to make sure that she is doing intentionally, I moved little front and still she managed to touch me again. I caught her fingers in my hand and bent down, gave a kiss on those fingers. It was not so clean but still I started to suck it. Her sweat between the legs smell was like aroma.

Then I stood up and saw her, I couldn’t see her properly but moon light helped me as both of us had opened our windows. She was very down to the seat, still closing her eyes and enjoying whatever I have done. I checked if anyone is noticing me, everyone was busy in watching some Vijay’s movie. I went back and sat next to her. Now she sat on her seat properly and turned her face towards windows on shy. Even though I sucked her leg fingers, I also dint have courage to do anything at all. I just sat very close to her and both our shoulders were touching each others. I took her right hand on my left hand and started to rub.

In the mean time, bus was stopped for dinner. So they switched on lights. Then only we both saw each other properly and got introduced. Her name was Kritika (name changed) and working in software company. Her native is also Madurai. She was not so beautiful but for me she was really good. Her figure was 36, 30, 34 with long hair, fair, sharp attractive eyes, morning lipstick, a small dollar chain on her neck. And she was wearing T-shirt and Jean. I asked whether she wanted anything, she said just water/juice and she told me that she wanted to go for loo. She took her bag and left the bus. I went to buy Juice and water.

When she came back from toilet, she had changed her dresses to Churidhar. Now we both sat in the same seat only, bus started… lights were switched off after few mins. I put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her towards me. She was leaning on my shoulder, I took her chin and started to kiss on her forehead. She hugged my waist and came close to me very tightly. I moved down, forehead to eyes… cheek… ear lobes… inserted my tongue inside her ears and started to lick it completely. My tongue was rolling around her ears… one of my hand was pressing her boobs and other one was on hairs. She kept her hand on my cock and started to rub on top of my jeans.

Then we both started to taste our lips. Her lips was really big like Actress Bhoomika. I tasted her both upper and lower lips… inserted my tongue into her mouth and tasted her saliva. Pulled her tongue out and made her to close her mouth. Then started to suck her tongue only. She was also damn hot and agreed for everything I did. I spit on her tongue and started to suck again. Then she took her tongue inside, I started to lick those lips with both of our saliva. This kissing and licking went for 10 mins, and in the mean time I lifted her churidhar tops and started to feel her naked waist and navel. Inserted my fingers into her navel and rolled my fingers around that too.

We moved away from each other to take fresh air, as our face is full of our salivas and its smell. Then I laid on her right boobs and caressed left one. Inserted my hand from her waist and lifted the tops. To my surprise, she dint wear bra… when I asked her, she told me that she removed her inners when she went for loo. I cupped those those boobs and gave massage, after checked whether anyone is noticing lifted her tops more and began to suck those nipples. Then started to suck both the boobs and bit those hard nipples. Went down kissing her body and inserted my tongue into her navel. She began to moan a little… inserted my hand into her pant and grabbed her pussy. It was not hairy but seems like she shaved it few days ago. There was very little hair, which made me more horny.

When I was rubbing those hairs, she moaned ahhhh… ahhhh… I suddenly grabbed her head and kissed on her lips again. Then rubbed my fingers on those pusssy lips, inserted my fingers into it and begun finger fucking. Whenever my finger was going inside she shook her body and gave me strong kiss. Then I inserted the second finger and third finger too. She was really enjoying the finger fucking, I took my hand after a while and tasted my fingers. It was really awesome… after seeing she immediately gave me a lip kiss. I stood up to check others and took a cloth from my bag.

I told her to remove the pant till her knee and by leaning on the window, and her legs towards the center of the bus. I sat on the seat, her right leg is behind me and left leg is on my lap. Her pussy is opened for my eyes… I went down and begun to lick. Licked her pussy completely, and fucked her pussy with my tongue also. She was moaning as hmmmm…. ahhhh… couldn’t control…. ahhhh ahhhh … I inserted my fingers in her pussy, then licked those fingers and gave to her mouth. She started to suck it. Within few minutes she reached her orgasm and I drank her cum completely.
She adjusted her dress, I moved to the window seat and she came to the center of the bus. She started to rub my thighs first and removed my jeans and boxer till my knees. My cock was standing 90degree facing the sky. She went down and licked the precum on my rosehead and told me that my precum is very tasty. Then she started to give me a blowjob, my god her lips and tongue on my cock made me to feel like I am in heaven. I sucked my cock like lollipop… I couldn’t control myself, so grabbed her ass which was very comfortable for me. She loosened her pant a bit, so I could insert my hands inside her pant play with bare ass.

When she was giving me blowjob… I rubbed her ass, caressed those ass cheeks and found her ass hole. She adjusted herself so I can play with that hole… I took my hand out and spit my saliva on it and tried to insert those fingers inside her asshole. It was very tight, so tried again. Finally managed to insert only a little, she told me that it is paining. I dint bother tried further inside and it went inside. Then started to finger fuck her asshole too. She was playing with my cock balls and sucking my cock. I reached climax and ejaculated the sperm on her face with force. She started to drink it, and some cum was dripping on my cock. She licked it like icecream. Then we sat on our seat properly and shared lip kiss for a while.

This continued till morning 4:30am. In between wherever the bus was stopped, we had a break. As it started to get bright we went to sleep for a while. Bus Reached Madurai bus station at 8:00am, we were awake at 7am and had some oral sex without others notice. Then we shared our numbers and promised to meet in Bangalore. Did we meet in Bangalore? If so, where? Did we have complete sex in Bangalore? If so, how long? Did I cum in her pussy / or in asshole? Please wait for the next story…