Saturday, June 1, 2013

How Susi Became Pregnant

I am Raju, working in a nationalised bank as a caretaker of their guest house in the outskirts of the city. I am aged 25 and with a good physique. I am fair in colour 5' and 11" tall. It is my job to get the guest house cleaned and to keep the bed linen in good washed condition.

Many time bank officers, auditors etc come in search of the guest house at odd hours from the airport or the railway station and I have to allot them room according to the availability. Though there was no cooking facility in the guest house, I can place order over phone and order for any kind of food from the nearby hotel according to the requirement of the guests.

There is a fixed tariff for rentals and they pay it Other employee in the guest house is the cleaning lady, Susi who comes in the morning and cleans all the rooms and premises and washes all the dirty bed linen. Susi comes from her house about 20 km away from the guest house and goes back in the evening. She is just a normal type of woman, a good workers.

If the guests want their clothes to be washed she obliges. In off season when there are no occupants I will be just remaining in the guest house and spending my time. The cleaning lady was a woman of about 30 and her husband was working as a driver of an autorikshaw. He was a drunkard and used to beat her for silly reasons and extract money from her.

Everyday she will open up her heart and tell me the stories harassment of her husband. She had no children and when asked she will put a counter question, how children would be borne with a husband like him. Some guests used to give her plenty of tips. After finishing her work she used to sit and talk some local gossip.

She used to wash my own clothes without any extra payment. Such a mischievous person she was that one day she took my underwear and was taking a careful look at it. I asked her what is it she is looking. She said the content of the underwear must be at least 7 inches long and that is what she was looking.

She will drag me for a conversation, if in limp condition it is 7 inches long how much it will be when it is aroused. I pretended angry otherwise she will go on talking endlessly. It so happened one day there was a bundh and there was no public transport. Poor Susi was running here and there to find means of transport to go to her home. But there was none.

Her husband telephoned and told her that he is having heavy work and he cannot come to pick her up and she can remain in the guest house for the night and come home the next day. Susi came running to my room and asked me what to do. I told her that I can give her a small spare mattress. She can sleep in the floor in my room and bathe in my bathroom. She agreed.

She had a spare workdress and she said she will take care of herself. In the night I prepared some food for myself. Susi said she will help me. We both ate whatever was prepared and I slept on the cot in my small room and she slept in the floor. In the night there used to be telephone calls and I had to rush to the office to attend to the telephone.

To attend the call I had to get up and step over the mattress of Susi and rush out. Most of the occasions Susi will be in semi nude condition and my lungi also would have loosened. I had to hold it with my hand to rush to the phone. I knew Susi would not have slept. She just keeps her thighs exposed so that my attention may be drawn.

Light in my room used to be insufficient and on one occasion I had to keep my foot right in between her legs to go out. When I return I found she was in the same condition of semi nude. I used to wake her up and ask her to cover herself properly. Seeing her naked thighs I used to get erection. But if I flirt with her she will take undue advantage of me. Hence I controlled.

Her thighs and her exposed boobs used to be nice. I used to go to the bathroom and masturbate.. If I want to fuck her she will readily agree, but she will start to boss over me which I dont like. One day Susi had taken away my underwear and vest for washing and my lungi also was wet. I had to wear a small towel while sleeping.

It was summer and hence there was no problem. Susi announced that she will spend the night here in the guest house. As usual she prepared food for both of us and then while going to sleep, I found that she too was wearing a small towel around her waist and another towel to cover her chest. As usual there was a phone call and I got up and was searching for my towel.

when I saw on the floor, Susi was sleeping totally nude since both her towels have gone astray. I rushed to the phone finished the call and then returned to my room. Susi was in the same condition. I could not stand the sight. I just sat near her in the mattress and took her boobs in my both hands and squeezed them.

Susi opened her eyes and seeing me extended her hand and took hold of my cock. Oh my raja, how long I have been waiting to get hold of you. Today you are in my hands, I will not leave you, Susi was blab-erring, and she just turned in the bed and took my cock in her mouth. I just managed to get us and come to my cot and stretched in my bed, totally nude and Susi
was keeping my entire cock in her mouth.

I extended my hand and was squeesing her boobs. I lifted her and asked her to come and sleep near me in my cot. she came and stretched near me. I opened her legs and saw her pussy full of black hair. I opened her cunt lips and saw her glistening clitoris. Her cunt was moist and fluid was flowing out.

I wiped her pussy with my towel and licked her cunt and the clitoris. It was giving a peculiar smell. I asked her to go and wash it well in the bathroom and come. She came with a glow in her face. I pushed her in my bed and took my cock and inserted it in her cunt. It went smoothly and Susi gave a gasp. She said how long she has been waiting for this opportunity.

Raju dear, fuck hard give it deep inside. I fucked real hard and it went in and out with a sound. She reached her orgasm first. She would her legs around me and hugged me tightly. She said she never had such a good fuck in the last six months. My orgasm filled her cunt with fluids. I am happy that I will have your son in my stomach.

MY husband cannot give me a child, his cock will not rise. Give me one more fuck dear, she said. I said ok. She straddled me and inserted my cock in her cunt. Her cunt was banging against my abdomen and within five minutes she got her orgasm. Raju dear, fuck me daily till I get your child in my stomach. Please fuck me daily. I said ok.

I fucked her every day and after three month she told me that she has morning sickness and that the trick has worked. She told me she made her husband put his cock inside her cunt and ejaculate so that he may think that this is his child. Thus Susi became a mother.